My Mate Has Two Wolves

My Mate Has Two Wolves

By:  Lana Mora  Ongoing
Language: English
7 ratings
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My name's Catherine. I'm wolfless. Five years ago, I got banished by my Alpha father and evil stepmother after being accused of fooling around a random guy. On that same day, I found my wolf Eva and she told me that I was pregnant. After living as a rogue for five years with my lovely twins, I decided to join a pack and settle down. On my way to the mating gathering in Shadow Forest, I ran into a guy Blake and got attracted, not because he was handsome but because I thought I'd seen him somewhere before...

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Sarah Nicholes
interesting story enough twists to keep me reading, the twins are super cute and sneaky. the plot is developed and fast-paced without feeling rushed. I can't wait to get some questioned answered as I finish the book
2024-03-24 03:06:44
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I like this book for the most part a few things could be better, but overall great read
2024-03-14 23:56:56
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Maria Martins
Love it the characters of funning the kids are so sweet and so funny it’s a good book not your usual werewolf, and Luna book. Always the same repeat over and over but I like this one. This is really good.
2024-03-01 01:51:10
default avatar
Nice book lovely book
2024-03-19 17:47:51
default avatar
I really enjoyed the Book ...
2024-02-13 23:12:26
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Gott Ryce
337 chapters in. I have given up. I love how the family dynamics are but i'm paying for this story and it's not providing any payback on plot. it's so slow. I don't want to get stuck in a story.That's over a thousand chapters.
2024-03-26 23:16:09
user avatar
Gayle Ecklund
Really? Don't do that again or I'll tell the kids? OMG, that's just too stupid ...
2024-02-28 13:17:57
350 Chapters
Chapter 1
  Catherine's POV  The sun stung my eyes, and I slowly sat up from bed and found myself in an unfamiliar room.  The clothes scattered on the ground were the ones I wore at the mating ritual last night.  Yesterday was a mating ritual in Shadow Forest.  It was a tradition that werewolves living in New Jersey held a mating ritual in Shadow Forest every year.  Alpha and Luna of every pack would bring their unmated werewolves here, looking for their mates at the ritual.  Of course, if one didn't find one, the ritual next year was waiting for him.  Once the ritual started, I strolled around with a drink, with no desire to find my mate.  Well, you must wanna know why, because I was wolfless.  As I was strolling around with a glass of raspberry juice in my hand, I saw my stepmother Elena Anderson talking to my stepsister Gina Wyatt under a tree in the corner of the square.  Although I didn't have a wolf, my hearing was particularly excellent.  Thus, I could still hear what they wer
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Chapter 2
  Catherine's POV  "Father... Alpha Wyatt..." I looked at his strange expression and suddenly had a bad feeling.  "Catherine, you're banished now." Troy said seriously, "You no longer belong to the Black Moon Pack."  "I am banished?" For a moment, I was lost for words. After learning that I would never have a mate in my life, I received another piece of bad news. I was banished by my father, by the Alpha of my pack.  This meant that I couldn't live in the Black Moon Pack anymore. Without the protection of the werewolves, I would become a rogue.  My eyes were filled with tears as I looked at my father pleadingly. Elena standing beside my father with a smirk on her face.  "Alright, get out of here now. Don't present a pathetic sight. It's not us who asked you to fool around with others here," Elena spoke without scruple after getting the answer she wanted.  That was who Elena truly was. She had been trying to drive me away for so many years.  I was filled with sadness as tears w
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Chapter 3
  ******Five years later******  Catherine's POV  "Miss, stop peeking at us, or I'll get angry." A cute boy said as he looked at the female werewolf who was leaning against a tree nearby to have a rest.  The boy was my son, Noah Wyatt. His serious look amused those rogues around us who were resting.  "Noah, relax." I gently stroked my son's hair and held my daughter closer to me.  Five years ago, I became an rogue after being kicked out of my pack by my father, the Alpha. Later, I found myself pregnant.  Fortunately, a friend of my mother, Mabel Erich, lent me a hand. However, I couldn't join her pack because of my father.  With Mabel's care, I gave birth to my twins, Noah and Hedwig.  "Mommy, are you tired? You can take a nap, and I will watch you with Noah." Hedwig looked at me with her big eyes.  Noah and Hedwig were very cute.  Noah was older than Hedwig. Young as he was, he was more mature than those of his age. He had a clever face with wise bright eyes.  As for Hedwig
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Chapter 4
  Catherine's POV  In the evening, I planned to leave Noah and Hedwig in the care of Mabel.  I wasn't worried at all because Mabel had helped me take care of them when they were just born.  A mating gathering would be held in Shadow Forest today, and my father's Black Moon Pack would go there, too. Thus, this was the best time for me to take back my mother's necklace.  I squatted to touch Noah's head and whispered, "Noah, take good care of Hedwig and stay at home with Mabel, okay? Mommy has to go out to do something."  Then I kissed Noah and Hedwig on the cheek.  Mabel looked at me worriedly and said, "Come back soon after getting your thing."  "OK." I saw Mabel's concerned look and nodded.  "Mommy, be careful," Noah spoke to me in a soft voice after he ran toward me and tugged my sleeve.  I squatted again and stroked his head. Then I smiled at him with a nod of my head before I got up and pushed the door open to go outside.  I gathered my coat around me. I knew Mabel was wo
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Chapter 5
  Catherine's POV  "I don't care who you are. I just want to take my thing back." I looked at Gina resolutely.  The necklace belonged to my mother and was the only thing she had left me. To me, it was priceless.  Abruptly, I noticed that Gina's eyes wandered from me to the place behind me.  I turned around in confusion and saw some guys standing not far away, but I didn't know them.  As I turned to look at Gina, she suddenly leaned closer to me and sneered, "I know where your necklace is, but I just don't want to give it back to you. Nothing will happen if you don't come here. But now you reminded me of those stupid things you've done. Do you want to take the necklace back? No way. Tomorrow I'll cut it up and throw it into the furnace to melt it!"  "How dare you!" I felt a chill all over my body and clenched my fists in anger.  "Why wouldn't I dare? Humph, let me tell you. Daddy told me a secret last time he got drunk. He said that you aren't his child, but just a bastard. You
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Chapter 6
  Blake's POV  This morning, I was working in the Sayreville branch of the Chavez Group.  After I officially succeeded my father as the new Lycan King, I changed the name of the company to the Chavez Group.  I didn't care about the opinions of those old fogies of the Council.  Just as I was looking at the report my Beta submitted to me about the company, my office door was opened.  I couldn't help but frown.  As the door was opened, a woman in a strapless dress came in. She had long wavy blonde hair.  The moment she saw me, she put on a smile that she thought was charming.  She held her long hair and deliberately put them to one side, revealing her fair neck.  The woman was Gina, whose father was the Alpha of the Black Moon Pack.  I slept with her five years ago, but I didn't like her at all.  However, in order to be the Lycan King, I promised to make her my future Lycan Luna.  I looked at her in annoyance and asked, "What are you doing here?"  "King Blake, there will be
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Chapter 7
  Catherine's POV  The next morning, I woke up early.  I sat up and found Noah and Hedwig still asleep beside me. My face cracked into a smile.  The two kids were my sunshine and my whole world.  I patted the two kids to wake them up.  Mabel had gotten the breakfast ready. After washing up, I helped Hedwig wash her face and brush her teeth. Noah was an independent kid and could do these things himself.  "Mommy, hug me." Hedwig blinked her beautiful big eyes sleepily. Obviously, she didn't get enough sleep.  I kissed her tender face as I got her into her dress.  Hedwig had an adorable expression and didn't avoid my kiss.  After Hedwig finished washing, I helped Noah get dressed.  Noah really cared about his image, so I dipped the comb in the water before I combed his hair.  As I combed Noah's bang back, I was astonished at the sight of his smooth forehead.  "How is this possible?"  The man standing with Gina last night appeared in my mind.  His hairstyle was the same as N
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Chapter 8
 Catherine's POV  I froze for a moment upon hearing their laughter and instantly tried to dry my eyes with some tissues.  But I was too flustered to find any.  "Mommy, are you crying?" Just as I was getting anxious, I turned around and met my kids' clear eyes.  "Who made you cry? Have you been bullied by bad people?" Noah walked over and looked at me worriedly.  I immediately turned around and wiped away my tears with my hand. I forced a smile and said, "No one bullied me. I just had a piece of grit in my eye!"  "Mommy, don't lie to me. Do you think we are still babies?"  "Right, we are four years old now!" Hedwig curled her lips and said seriously.  Mabel stood at the door, staring at me with a concerned look.  Perhaps because it wasn't proper to ask the reason for my crying in front of the kids, Mabel just comforted me softly.  Mabel asked, "Catherine, are you all right?"  "Yes, Mabel!" I answered with a guilty look.  If I had known that the two kids would come back so e
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Chapter 9
 Blake's POV  After returning to my residence in Sayreville, I lit a cigarette and stood in front of the window, enjoying the beautiful moon.  I suddenly felt a little irritable and couldn't help but pinch myself between my eyebrows. I couldn't remember how many times I had helped Leo solve his problems.  Now Leo was in Europe for a vacation, so I had to investigate the two kids for him again.  What a nuisance!  I cursed and then contacted Henry through Mind-Link.  "Henry." I sent him a voice message.  After a while, I received his reply.  "Good evening, King Blake!" Henry responded. Then he joked, "I'm so glad that I haven't met my mate. Otherwise, I might not be able to spend a night alone with her."  "Cut the crap." I snorted, "I want all the information about the two kids in the photo."  "Got it. I'll call Alpha Theo," Henry replied in a serious tone.  After cutting off Mind-Link, I put out the cigarette in my hand and went to the bathroom to take a shower.  Although m
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Chapter 10
  Catherine's POV  The man in Shadow Forest that night was actually the Lycan King. No wonder he would help Gina.  I couldn't believe that the Lycan King would choose Gina as his Lycan Luna.  I watched his back as he left, lost in deep thought. 'What’s he up to?'  "Mommy, the Lycan King is really impressive. If only he could be our daddy. He just smiled at me, and he is very handsome!" Hedwig grabbed my sleeve and said expectantly.  "Hedwig, how can you ask someone to be our daddy just because he is handsome? Our daddy is Mommy's mate. Not anyone can be our daddy!" Noah stared at Hedwig with a disapproving look.  Hedwig pouted and felt sad. She snorted, "Everyone else has a daddy, but we don't. Is it because we are rogues?"  Hearing this, Noah was lost for words.  Honestly, the last thing I wanted was to answer the question.  Although I had two kids and got back to a normal life, what had happened five years ago still left an indelible mark.  I squatted down and held the two
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