My Perfect Place

My Perfect Place

By:  Ruphina Raphael  Ongoing
Language: English
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After a meeting at a fair in South Africa, Andrea Ruebens and Annalia Anthony friendship sparkled blossoming into something beautiful. Andrea was a troubled young teenager with severe anger issues and made some mistakes that she always wished that she could change.Annalia had always thought that she is imperfect because of the way she was being treated. After an accident which leaves her broken she and her parents drift apart.Shattered on the inside and feeling like the odd one, both have pasts that they hold on to, mistakes that they wish they could take back and relationships that need to be mended. Coming to Bayweach College felt like a new start for them, forming new relationships as they set out to find a place they can fit in..

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Love this book! But the book cover really confused me.
2020-09-01 11:34:14
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Ruphina Raphael
Update please
2020-08-29 19:14:04
21 Chapters
ANDREA’S POV"That little demon!". I scream and walk straight to Annalia's room with my favourite jeans in my hands. I open the door and see her lying on her bed. I throw the already shredded jeans at her. She just turns, lies on her back put her hands at the back of her head and gives me a cheeky smile. "Aww, darling don't you like the new design it's pretty, isn't it too bad you can't wear it anymore?". She coos looking at the jeans and then turns to face me.Ugh, I wish I can wipe that smile away from her face. "You tore my favourite jeans you idiot and you're smiling?" I scream into her face but I don't think it had any effect because then she starts laughing. I do the first thing that comes to mind, I drag her out of the bed by her legs but she is holding on to the sheets, that doesn't stop me.She screams. "No, no, no, Rea please stop you're gonna kill me. She pleads still holding on to the sheets and trying to wiggle her legs free, but I do not budge I continue to tug. "Nah, I
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  "Rea, hurry up or we'll be late". Annalia calls out to me angrily, from her voice I can tell she is anxious and slightly nervous. It is our first day of college so I can understand her. We had overslept this morning. I really wished that I didn't watch that late night movie.  "I'm coming, just keep your mouth shut for a while". I shout back still trying to style my hair while looking for my sneakers. No, I am not that disorganized, I am just looking for a particular one. Annalia comes barging into the room and I could tell she is really pissed.  "What the heck". She shrieks looking at my state.I give her my best puppy dog look, knowing fully well that she isn't going to fall for it and whisper. "I'm sorry". She just sighs and push me onto the bed softly. "Where are your shoes?".  "It's on top of the wardrobe, I want to wear the red one". I say softly. I finally remember where I put it. I am
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     "Do anything stupid and you'll be doing the dishes for month". I threaten. She still doesn’t say anything, she just gives me a smile. "Listen to me I'm serious d..."   Before I can even finish my statement she stands up and smothen the rumple on her skirt. I know she is going to do something quite mischievous but what I have no idea about is what she is really going to do. "What are you up to Andrea Ruebens". I hold her hand as she is trying to leave our table.She shrugs and pulls her hand away from my grasp. "Watch me". She walks away.I sigh, sit down and turn to watch her. My palms are getting sweaty. She is walking over where they are standing. She waves as she gets closer. From where I am sitting I can tell that she is exchanging greetings with them and then focuses on the stall owner and says something to him. I watch as the store owner goes in and comes out after a few minutes. He hands her a piece of paper and a pen. I
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I tap Annalia and give her a nod.  "Alright since you're insisting so much you can pay". Annalia agrees but I can tell she isn't really happy.He pays for the kebab and turns back to face us.    "Wow I didn't really think I'd see you again".    "Yeah me too, it's quite a surprise seeing you here. How many days? Uhm four right and you didn't even keep your promise". She rants.I chuckle inwardly, I thought she said that she's over him. I wanted to walk away and give them some privacy but that's until a certain voice stops me in my tracks.   "Hey man, where have you been?, We've been looking for you." I look over to the owner of the voice as he lightly slaps the back of the guy in front of us. My heart skips a beat as I meet a familiar pair of forest green eyes and dirty blond hair.I look at Annalia and her widened eyes are filled with amusement.
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ANDREA’S POV Adrian is about to walk away but I hold his shoulder, stopping him. “I'm sorry”. He turns around and looks at me.    “I'm sorry for the way I reacted at the cafe the other day, honestly it was really uncalled for and it shouldn't have happened and I'm going to say it again I'm really really sorry”. I say and avert my gaze elsewhere. I didn't want to look at his face.    “Nah, I'm the one who should be apologizing. I overreacted and poured the coffee on you, sure I was really angry but then again that was uncalled for”.  Whoa, that was fast. I actually thought that he wouldn't apologize for his actions at all. Okay so now that the apologises are all done, what's next. I thought. “Uhm, the girl that was with you, I need to...”   “Oh, you mean my sister, Mariquita. She's supposed to be here somew
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“You do know how to play drums pretty well". I say and nudge Matteo with my elbow. He laughs and tries to block it.   “And you Adrian, you're really bad when it comes to playing the flute. I think you made my ears bleed". I say and shudder as Annalia laughs beside me.   We were done playing the game and we are about going home. Group A won and the game was really fun. Matteo asked to take us home but we refused, we wanted to walk. It's not like the school is far from our apartment so then Matteo, Adrian and Mariquita volunteered to walk us to the gates. “You know I can play with some other thing that you would definitely enjoy". “Ha and what's that". Annalia asks. He smirks and says. “Your va...” Before he could let the word out Mariquita puts a hand over his mouth and smacks his head. Matteo just laughs and Annalia shrugs. “Come on let's walk faster Andrea I'm really hungry here". &ld
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ANNALIA’S POV      I wake up and as I sit on the bed I feel quite dizzy and I tiredly lay back on the bed, my hand touches something. I turn my head and see Andrea laying on my bed and then last night memories come flooding in.The tears fill my eyes again and I groan as I force my self back to sleep. I wake up again and the smell of pancakes wafts through my nose.I touch the other side of the bed and I find out that Andrea isn't there anymore. I stand up and go pick up my phone which is on the dresser. I check the time as I yawn and stretch. I grumble as I walk out my room and into the kitchen, as I get there I sit on the stool and watch as Andrea makes delicious looking pancakes.She turns around noticing me. “Ah, you are finally awake, here have some pancakes”. She says as she dishes it on a plate for me and then pours syrup. “Why are you up so early, aren't yo
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  “You with the brown curly hair, stop being goofy”. I hear my coach as I hit the ball again and I sigh. Seriously does this man thinks I'm doing this on purpose. We've been playing for close to an hour now, my palms and wrists are really hurting me. Damn, these girls do have a lot of energy, they play so vigorously and I fear that I wouldn't be able to make the team. I never knew a volleyball tryout was this nerve-wracking and exerts this kind of energy but then what can I say when there are ten girls trying out but only four gets picked. Two from each team.The ball comes to our side of the net again and then out of frustration I hit as I hard I can, scoring a point for our team and also increasing my chances of being on the volleyball team a little.I hear the coach blow his whistle, we stop playing and walk tiredly to where he is standing. “You girls did a great job today. I really wish you all could be on the team but that can't be possible”. Coach sa
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   “You’ve really got a big appetite Annalia, I mean you really eat a lot”. Levi tells me as we walk out the pizzariea after eating to our fill. The boys are still chatting about their upcoming basketball games. “Well you really didn't expect me to sit there and watch you guys wolf down that pizza while I don't get anything”. I look at him with my eyebrow raised. “You really know how to give the worst compliments Levi”. Matteo says. “Yeah, at this rate you'll never get a girlfriend”. Adrian shakes his head.I turn my head to them, I didn't know that they were listening to our conversation. “You guys should quit picking on him. He is being truthful, I do eat a lot”. I cover up for Levi when I understand what their statement means. “Bleh, we know but if he had said this to another girl who isn't you, she would have felt really offended, kind of”. Adrian is right not many people like being told that
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     “Help, Lia please help it's so hot in here”. She screams as I try to get to her. There is fire on both sides of where she is standing “I’m coming, just hold on and do not move. I'll be right there”. I tell her calmly as I prepare to cross the fire in order to meet her on the other side of the kitchen.I try to cross over but I can't. This place is so hot and I feel like I'm being boiled. I feel so dizzy and I can't think properly with the smoke clouding my vision and almost choking me. “Hurry up please, I am finding it quite hard to breathe”. She calls out to me again and I hear her cough. I let out a cough of my own. I look at her and see that she is huddled up in a corner as she clutches her shirt so tight. She is staring at the fire fearfully as she moves deeper into the corner not really realizing that she can't move backwards anymore. “Hey, listen, look at me”. I say to her with a
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