Breaking the Eye Wall

Breaking the Eye Wall

By:  Kat Thomas  Completed
Language: English
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This is the third book in the "Insanity series" with the story for Max and Deanna continues. The two have everything now in front of them or so they thought. They know there is more to the Watson family legacy but no one could be prepared for what they find and how the family's story comes to an end finally. David can not hurt anyone again. None of the Watson's can. Only Deanna remains standing and shows the world she was the strongest of them all. She knows though that she could only be that way because of Max by her side. They found the best in each other and they grew by twos. The Andersons won over the Watson's.

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61 Chapters
 Deanna Anderson stood in the front hallway of the house she shared with her husband of six months, waiting for him to come home from teaching at the local police academy. She was looking at the portrait of their wedding day that he had selected from the hundreds of photos that his cousin and her new company had taken. They had four albums from the day. Every one of the pictures was something special to the both of them. They had enjoyed the day for the new beginning in their life together as man and wife.It was a moment of peace in the house as the triplets and baby were taking their naps, and Deanna could have a moment to herself. It was a rare thing for her during the day. She looked at the photo next to it as well. It was the one taken on the day she had graduated from college, which was five months ago. There were two photos in that frame. One was just her, and the other was that of her with the family t
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   After dinner, Max and Deanna watched Tv while the four children played in the area they had made for them to play. It was just a corner of the room, but it held all the toys for the two older girls and Henry. Michelle sat in her bouncy car and would jump and get mad at the others if they took her plastic teething keys. They were her favorite thing to chew on and often her go-to thing to throw at her parents when they displeased her too much by not hurrying with her bottle.Michelle was the one of the four who had a temper. At least as an infant, she still had one when someone displeased her. Often the only thing that would get her out of one of her moods was either a bottle or Max talking to her. She would smile at him with her toothless grin, and her whole face would light up when he spoke to her and told her about the elves she must have come f
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  Deanna knew that over the next few days, things would be busy as the case was headed for trial in the next two weeks. Though it seemed like forever at some points, she knew it would fly by. No one that was involved with the case wanted to put any added stress on her. Not only because she was very pregnant or the fact her husband was one of their own, but it also was the young woman who was always front and center in helping to build the case was the shining star they all needed. She had helped at every turn without thought to herself or her own mental state. Though Deanna answered all the questions and anything that was asked of her, there was a block on some of the time she had lived in the house. It always seemed like it was right there, but she just couldn’t remember too much from her childhood.There was nothing that could be said about her family other than every one
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Max and Deanna had one more stop to make before they went back home for the rest of the day. They were enjoying the weekend for what it was as he didn’t have to work so hard now that everything was streamlined in his classes. The new academy bent over backwards to give him what he wanted or could possibly want to help his students. It was a vast difference from the university and how they had treated him with his simple requests that he needed fifteen forms for. He could focus on his family and himself more and he loved that. Everything was going well with the job and he loved it. The people he was teaching all wanted nothing more than to be in the class. It was people who actually wanted to learn from him and not try to pass the class with favors. That made him even more pleased as well that he didn’t have to dodge the efforts of sly teen girls.Deanna smiled at the reaction she had received from everyone at the station. He kne
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  People often asked Deanna if she had gone to see her siblings where they were being held. She couldn’t understand why people would try to defend them to her as well. It was their fault or the biggest one she hated to hear was that forgiveness was key in keeping herself happy. Deanna wanted to lash out at most of those people. Surprisingly most of her family’s friends had reached out to her at some point and they said the same things. That she should just move on, or that she should help cover it up, the idea that she could even remotely want to cover things up was beyond her. She hated the idea that people actually believed she was the driving force to getting David locked up and exposing the family’s secrets.She didn’t want them to be known. She wished she could hide them under a rug or in a closet and only have the people who knew them actually know t
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  They had to prepare for the meetings that would begin for the trial. Neither of them was looking forward to it. Max’s job knew what this was about and they had begun to prepare him as well. His classes had another professor stepping in to help with the class when he wasn’t there. Everyone knew this was going to be a long one. They wanted to show their support in every way and that was extended to Deanna as well. Max had to smile when they told him about everything they had planned to help out.The working relationship between the police who were involved and the lawyers was not even strained because of the hardships. Everyone had rallied around Max and Deanna as they moved forward. For the time being they had limited the amount of contact that David’s lawyers and the Anderson’s actually had. They had set up video calls and other things but it was nearing
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 Max’s turn in the room came the following day. Deanna had told him of the way the questions had gone in which wasn’t a huge surprise. They had thought of at least four different ways the legal team would try to spin this and David’s actions in it. So when the questions that were asked she knew how they wanted to handle this. Max had prepared her for that.“Max it was like you said.” Deanna said as she sat down at the table while dinner was cooking on the stove. The smells were starting to fill the air and draw the attention of three hungry little toddlers. Michelle was always hungry though she didn’t like baby food at all. She was already snacking on some puffed cereal in her bouncy car.“How so?” Max said as he looked up from the floor where he was sitting letting the toddlers jump on him.“They were tryin
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  Max found himself in front of the lawyers again the next day. Though they had begun the day before it was mostly bickering about him as a witness and an officer of the law. They had to figure out the best way to question him because he was both. He had a professional hand in this and he had a personal one. David’s lawyers made it plain to see they didn’t like him.  “Mr. Anderson, how would you describe your part in the cases and the overall part in this case?” One of David’s lawyers asked when they began the second day of pre trial questioning. The tone of the question set the stage for Max and how he would be answering all the questions from them.“To begin I believe that it was a personal issues well before it became a professional one with the first incident from this c
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 Deanna was happy when Max walked in the door. He knew the moment he saw her that this was going to be a good night. Though he had been through the wringer with the lawyers who he thought of as the worse then scum on a pond at this point. They had basically outlined their case to him with the types of questions they asked. It was plain to see how this whole case was going to go.Max looked over to his tiny wife and the three little goblins as he called them. They were all sitting on a blanket with Michelle in her exosaucer toy that she was bouncing in. He smiled as he watched them all realize he was home as he placed his briefcase on the kitchen counter. Poppy was the first to get to him.“Daddy!” she said as she nearly threw herself at him. It was quickly followed by Clover and Henry. Coming home to them was the best thing in Max’s life. He bent down and listened to
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  After they managed to get the toddlers down for bed and Michelle was dozing on his chest. Max started really thinking about the future. “You know when I bought this house three years ago I never thought I would have to share it with five other people and then add one more.” He was smiling as he thought about it. The more he thought about it the more he knew they needed something bigger for their growing family.“Max we already talked about moving.” Deanna responded without looking up from the article she was reading on the tablet Max had given her for a half year anniversary.“Deanna I was just saying.” He laughed.“I am looking at houses in the area. None of them really talk to me.” She said.“Then why don’t you have one built that does talk to
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