My Professor's Obsession

My Professor's Obsession

By:  AdicQueen09  Ongoing
Language: English
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A Professor named John Gatchalian is secretly obsessed with his student named Myraquel Gonzaga. Prof. John intentionally dropped Myraquel grades. The only way she can pass and graduate is to have with her Professor.

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37 Chapters
My Professor's ObsessionPURE ENGLISH VERSION Written by: AdicQueen09 Genre: Romance/ Adult Fiction 18+ This book is a work of fiction , Names and Characters , Some places and incidents are products of the author's imagination and are used factitiously , Any resemblance to actual events , places or persons , living or dead is entirely coincidence. WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURED CONTENTS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. ************************* This story is about Student and Teacher relationship.  Synopsis A Professor named John Gatchalian is secretly obsessed with his student named Myraquel Gonzaga. Prof. John intentionally dropped Myraquel grades. The only way she can pass and graduate is to have sex with her Professor.  
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Chapter 1
The BeginningJust starting my day with my routine. Everyone has a daily routine, Right? And Mine? Just a cup of coffee and listening to my favorite music.Our first sentence is classy. I just feel rich. Actually we're not.* Phone Rings *"Hello? Ma?" I answered the phone."Daughter, I'm sorry I forgot to leave you a money. I'm early here in the market to have a sale immediately" Mama said from the phone.I just smiled. Knowing that even though we were poor, My mother never neglected me."It's okay Ma, I still have money left here from yesterday" I said."Don't worry my child, I'll pay you back later- All right and I already have a customer" Mama said."All right Mama" I said and turned off the call.I drank the coffee I was drinking and took a shower.This
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Chapter 2
Myra's P.O.V.Today, I stare at my report card. I gasped in frustration. Although I passed all the subjects, I wondered why I was only three of my other subjects. The rest are 2 Something. 
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Chapter 3
Myra's P.O.V. "Daughter? What did your professor said?" Mom asked me and smiled. I don't want my Mom to be disappoint me. She is happy now and I don't want to ruin it. It'll be better tomorrow.
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Chapter 4
Myra's P.O.V. When I entered the school I could not look into Sir John’s eyes again. I did not tell them what had happened. But I wonder if Sir John is a fuck boy? What if he has flirted with many women? Or have sex like he did to me. Shit! Really?! I regret that I lost my virginity but I will be
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Chapter 5
Myra's P.O.V.I'm excited for next week! Do you know why? Because it is finally the Graduation day! I am happy because I am sure that I will graduate, and in June I can start teaching. "Besty! We're beautiful!" Cass said happily and we took a selfie. 
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Chapter 6
Myra's P.O.V.Today is what we have been waiting for. Because it’s our graduation day! "It feels so good to know that we have already graduated!" Hazel said and smiled, one of my classmate. 
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Chapter 7
Myra's P.O.V "Mom, I'll go with you to help you sell in the market" I said, smiling. "Myra, just rest. You used to vomit in the sink, didn't you? As I said. Maybe you ate something bad, is there some part of your body that is in pain? Tell me, We’ll immediately" Mom said and held my arm.
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Chapter 8
Myra's P.O.V I'm happy for my soon to be child. Of course this is my child, I will have a child... But the guilt is still in my heart that I know it is wrong and a mistake. But no, like My Mom, I will also love my child like how my Mom loves me.
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Chapter 9
Myra's P.O.V I arranged my belongings because I would be gone for a long time. "Mom, just text me if you need me here, then always be careful. Lock the door immediately after all you are here alone" I said while folding my clothes.
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