My Psycho Husband

My Psycho Husband

By:  Artemisia  Completed
Language: English
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"Qubool hai(I accept)," I said with great difficulty and a lone tear escaped from my eyes. I looked at my husband and found him smiling at me. His smile was so mysterious and unusual which created a shiver in my whole system. At the time of Rukhsati(sending off the bride), my mother requested to my husband," Please, take care of her." " Don't worry. I will love her and take care of her so much that she will forget her own family," He replied chuckling but I felt something fishy in his voice. Will he really love me and take care of me the way he is promising to my mother? Erina was just a 22-year-old girl when she was forcefully married to a stranger. She is doubtful about this stranger's intention behind marrying her. Will she ever come to know about her stranger husband's intention?

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80 Chapters
1) This book is a dark book. It will have 18+ scenes, some violent scenes, non-consensual scenes and some trigger warning scene. If you can't handle this type of scenes then kindly swipe past this book. You have been warned. If you don't like it then don't read it. Kindly don't pass any kind of hate comments.2) The whole book is fictional. Name, place characters, events and everything is completely fictional. It has no connection with real life. The writer doesn't promote any kind of violence. It's a work of fiction and kindly take it as fiction.3) The readers are allowed to have any kind of opinions regarding the characters. Kindly don't drag the writer for the characters any kind of actions.4) The writer owns the whole copyright of this book. It's prohibited to copy any parts of this book. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. So, don't copy the writer's hard wor
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Zayed Bin Qureshi A 31-year-old handsome politician who is the owner of 'Qureshi Corporation' as well. He is the only son of the late home minister. After his father's death, he became the head of his father's political party. He is 6'4" with a pair of icy cold grey eyes. The light brownish skin tone of him complemented his muscular body. In society, he is a very respectable person like his father. He does many charity works like giving donations to the orphanage, schools, colleges, woman organisation etc. For some people, he is like a God. He is very considerate to the poor people and helps them as much as he can. He is a very reserved person with a calm nature. He doesn't like to share his personal life with anyone. That's why his personal life is always being a mystery
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Chapter -1
Erina's p.o.v" Mujhe Sarab ki payse chahiye( I want money for alcohol)," Abbu(father) said angrily and we heard a slapping sound echoing through the whole room. We also heard Ammi's crying sound indicating Abbu has slapped Ammi very hard.We are listening to everything from the kitchen. We are crying for our mother and praying to Allah to stop all the tortures on her.I looked at my sisters who are already looking at me with their teary eyes.It's early in the morning and I am in the kitchen with my sisters. We are preparing breakfast for our father who is busy abusing our mother. It's not the first time that he is abusing her. It has become a habit for him to beat my mother like an animal. If we try to stop him then he doesn't bother to raise his hand on us as well." Hum apko ek futi kori bhi nehi denge. Woh payse hum Eshal ki college fees
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Erina's p.o.vI am sitting in the library of my college and studying attentively.I am in the last year of my college and will be graduating very soon.My final examination is coming and I have to do good on that exam. There are only six months left of the examination. After that, I will be graduated. My mother has struggled too much while educating me and my sisters. I can't let her hard work go in vain.After graduating, I will take a good job and show my father that girls are not burdens. They also can achieve everything if they are determined and do hard work.Moreover, as the elder daughter of my family, I have many responsibilities to take. I have to take my sister's responsibility as well as my mother. I can't tolerate my father's abuse anymore. I am determined to save my family from m
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After two daysErina's p.o.vI entered the orphanage gate and found that the whole orphanage is surrounded by police and many bodyguards.I became confused seeing all this. It's the first time that I am watching so much security in the orphanage. I noticed my surroundings and found that media is also here. What the hell is going on? Why the media is here? I am not understanding anything.I step afoot to enter the orphanage when a constable blocked my path. Before I could say anything he asked me rudely," Who are you? Show me your id card? Without permission, you can't enter."" I am here........." I couldn't complete my sentence when I heard the familiar voice of Zarina Khala(aunt). I turned my head behind and found her coming forward.Well, she is the caretaker of this orphanage. And, I work as a teac
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Author's p.o.v[" I beg you, don't kill him," A young girl who's age wouldn't be more than 18 pleaded in front of a man who is in his late 20s. The man isn't bothered by the girl's pleading. He is looking angry and clenching his jaw tightly. He is holding the girl by her hairs. Some men who are looking like some kind of rowdy are beating a young man who's age wouldn't be more than 25. The young man is almost on the verge of death." Leave............her," the injured man said with his faint voice which fueled up the angry man's anger more.The angry man ordered those people who were beating the young man," Crush his every single bone. I will make a powder of his bone and then make tea out of it. Then, I will feed it to his bitch."Hearing his psychotic words, the girl lost all the colours from
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Erina's p.o.v" I have fixed your marriage," Abbu said without any emotion and the glass fell on the floor from my hand.Hearing the glass breaking sound, Ammi and my sisters came running. They entered the room and looked at us with their questioning eyes." What happened?" Ammi asked worriedly.I am just looking at Abbu with my shocked eyes. What does he mean by fixed my marriage? Without my consent how can he do that?I have many dreams to fulfil. I want to complete my studies. I want to do something productive. I am not ready for marriage. Moreover, I love Amaan. I can't imagine someone else as my husband. I will never be able to accept someone else as my husband." Zayed Bin Qureshi, one of the richest man wants to marry Erina," Abbu informed Ammi dropping another bomb inside my head.I haven't recovered fro
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After two daysZayed's p.o.vI am getting ready for my engagement ceremony. Today I am going to engage with Erina. Well, my Erina.The moment I have seen her I understood that she is the only one for me. Looking at her innocent face I understood that she is perfect for me. Watching her doe-like eyes I understood that she will be the perfect wife for me which I have always wanted. Even if she isn't perfect, I will make her perfect just the way I want because I own her. I have bought her from her father. I am the owner of her.Yesterday, her father came to meet me and I have finalised the marriage date. Well, I have to give him 25 lakhs cash and the remaining money will be sent into his account after my marriage with Erina.I am now combing my hairs when I remembered that betrayer. Fuck! I haven't shared the good news with her that I am getting
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After two daysAuthor's p.o.v" Api, stop crying. You will ruin your makeup," Eshal said fixing the dupatta on Erina's head. Then, Eshal helped Erina to wear jewellery. After all, today is her wedding.Erina is looking breathtakingly gorgeous in her red Sharara Kurti with golden colour dupatta. The jewellery suited her perfectly. Her milky white hands and feet are covered with beautiful Alta( red dye which many Indian brides use while wedding). Her honey brown colour waist length hairs are combed in aside. Moreover, she is looking like a perfect bride.Her outer shell is glowing but she is shattered from inside. She is feeling like to leave everything and escape from here with Amaan. She tried her best to not remember Amaan but she couldn't. Amaan's thought is always flashing in front of her making her more broken.Erina wiped her tears and st
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Warning- Mature, trigger warning and very sensitive scene ahead.🔞🔞🔞🔞 If you are uncomfortable then kindly skip this chapter and head towards chapter-9. Erina's p.o.vI looked at him with my astonished eyes and found him looking at me smirking. What kind of wedding gift is this!!! And what does he mean by proving loyalty and love!I looked at the plate which is filled with green chillies. There are approximately 20 green chillies on that plate. I am now looking at him with my questioning eyes. What does he want me to do with these green chillies?He took away the plate from my hand and placed it on the bed again.Then, he asked me," First tell me, do you love me?"I became frozen in my place hearing him. At least he should have that much brain that we just got married. We hardly know each other. Then, how can I just fall in love with him without knowing anything about him? Moreover, I st
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