My Sweet Mistake

My Sweet Mistake

By:  J_P  Completed
Language: English
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Kristina and Angelo used to be childhood best friends, they were inseparable until Angelo suddenly became cold and distant to her. As they grew older, they had a chance to rekindle their friendship... that can turn to love?Can a mistake change their lives and make them realize something they never thought they will?After all, a sweet mistake is all you need to turn your life upside down.

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Talha Zafar
best book ...
2022-02-28 03:53:01
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Talha Zafar
best book ...
2022-02-28 03:52:35
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Ikupolokun Dolapo
2021-02-12 05:59:34
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The story is nostalgic and reminds me of my first love. Keep up the good work author ☺️♥️.
2020-10-29 16:51:20
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Interesting Novel! So much sweetness it makes me want to be young again. Good luck author-san!
2020-09-16 04:30:45
40 Chapters
Chapter 1: "How it all began... again."
It was a typical day, there was nothing special with how the sun shines that hot afternoon nor the way the clouds fleetingly drifts away from the skies.But little do they know, that it was a new beginning. Just as summer vacation ends, a new romance springs.
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Chapter 2: "Closer"
The next day, I woke up earlier than usual, I wore my most decent clothes and I wore some cologne.As I picked up the cologne with fresh fragrance of summer, a distant memory resurfaced my mind. It was Angelo from back when we were kids, I remembered how we were playing as the sun shines brightly on us, beautifully capaturing Angelo's warm smile, we were playing hide and seek and no matter what, he would
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Chapter 3: "Classmates"
He clenches his fist and says, "Your cologne." My heart skipped a beat. Does he remember? But why does
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Chapter 4: "Want to be with you"
I got caught up in the moment that I didn't realized what I said next, classic Kristina. "You're... laughing, genuinely. I'm glad." I smiled at him which caught him off guard and he replied, "Oh, was I? I didn't notice." "Uh, sorry for blurting out something like that, it's weird." "Well, you're my favorite kind of weird then." He smiled gently Wait... is this? Is this really happening? He doesn't hate me? He's actually smiling? He used to be so cold and distant towards everyone especially me but now he's...back. He's back to his usual self even if it was barely a moment. I get to see the Angelo I've always liked.I know he changed so much but now I also know that deep down, he's still the same Angelo I've known from before.But if he comes back to his old self, does that mean, he'll come to hate me again?  Angelo Cruz POV
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Chapter 5: "Feelings"
Our subject teachers came and go, they were discussing about the subject introduction and Angelo was barely listening to them at all but somehow, he still gets everything right. I heard Angelo was studied advanced courses in abroad, I guess he's in the STEM strand because he wants to be a licensed doctor. He always wanted to be one. Only the Biology class seems to keep him interested enough to actually write notes. I found myself smiling. It was a plan from our childhood. He was going to be a doctor of his very own patients and I was going to be a doctor of computers, I wanted to become a computer engineer.Our biology professor gives out his lesson plan and gave us an early break. I ate alone by the bleachers... I knew it, I should've accepted Angelo's proposal to eat together but I know his friends wanted to catch up with him as well. I'm just glad Angelo seem to have a lot of friends. Suddenly, someone approach
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Chapter 6: “Frienemies”
After a while, Kristina finally arrived... finally, I was waiting for her. She came in the room with her slightly messy hair and her fringe showing. She was wearing a jumper skirt with her pastel shirt and mismatched socks that she was trying to hide.She also had her glasses on as she searches the room for me. I was caught off guard when she smiled at me. She was searching the room and she smiled at me like that, she waves her hand frantically.I unconciously waved back at her but the moment I realized it, I took my hand down. She sat down beside me and said, "I made it just in time! I woke up really late. Ah, sorry I'm talking too much-" I cut her off as I fixes her fringe in place, "Your bangs look cute. Goodmorning." She turns red and shifts the conversation topic, "You don't have your uniform yet?" I lied, "Yeah, I haven't got my uniform yet.""Mine too,
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Chapter 7: "Mutual"
Kristina and I walked on our way home, I suddenly remembered the events earlier and I asked, "How are you feeling now? You seemed very scared earlier." "Uh, yeah... I'm okay now, it's just, I'm claustrophobic." she replied, "It's something from a long time ago that haunts me everytime I'm in an enclosed small space." "Is that why you stopped playing hide and seek?" She pauses and her voice sounded a little shaky as she looks at me, "Yeah, I just thought someone would find me no matter where I hide but that one day, I got stucked in the wardrobe and no on found me until the next day." I don't know why but her story seems to affect me to the core, my chest tightens at the thought of it. She feels like she was about to be down for the rest of the day so I opened a bottle of soda and placed it by her cheeks, I stated, "Next time, you can wear your awful cologne and that way I can find you." 
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Chapter 8: "Back to Normal?"
I can't believe that he said that? Am I still in bed and this is all just a dream? Ooh please mom, don't you dare wake me up right now! I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming but I wasn't. Then it's true? My long time crush just said he likes me? "Hey... I'm not dreaming, right?" I asked Angelo laughs, "It's pretty obvious, isn't it? I was pretty obvious towards it." Holy crap, I can die happy right now, oh wait don't kill me just yet, let me savor this moment. Before either of us says anything more, the rain started pouring heavily. Angelo grabs my hand as we ran towards some cover. Even as we reached shelter, he was still holding my hand, so I said, " can let go now." He looks at me a little longer then he lets go. He sneezes so I said, "That's what you get for going back in the rain and getting my lunchbox." Angelo mutter
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Chapter 9: "How he left"
 Kristina Valdez POVMy thoughts drift away to the past, back when we were kids and everything was okay. I saw Angelo running towards me, he playfully grabs my hand and take me by the mountain to see  the sunrise. I remembered Angelo's light brown hair with colorful and girly clips that I put on him. I remembered his chubby cheeks that hides his eyes as he smiles so widely. I remember how he would pat my head everytime I fell on my bike or trip by myself. I remember how he would grab my hands with his tiny and soft palms.  He says, "Let's stay here forever and ever and ever." I chuckled, "Wouldn't that be boring to stay in one place even if it's your favorite place." "But this isn't my favorite place." He continued as he smiled brightly, "You are." We climbed the trees together that day even though I knew how much he feared h
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Chapter 10: "Denials"
 Angelo Cruz POVI was catching my breath as I arrived at the karaoke bar near our school, I immediately went to the counter and asked, "Have you seen a girl here somewhere with brunette long hair, ah with fringe wearing a gray uniform, around this height? What else... ah, she seems shy and she has round deep brown eyes." The counter snaps his finger, "Ah the cute girl?" I blushed as I look away, " she here?" "Yes but she left just a few minutes ago with some guy... man, her head was bleeding pretty badly, I guess, he took her to the hospital." I felt a shiver down my spine, I was so worried, "What? Is she fine? What happened?" But the counter was clueless. I was about to leave and check which hospital Kristina was sent to when I heard the guys behind me snickering, "Damn it, we always had her too. That damn annoying guy just had t
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