My Two Mates

My Two Mates

By:  Lili Marques  Ongoing
Language: English
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Abby just wanted a job so she could pay all the debts and continue with her mother’s treatment. Until he gets a job to work in the werewolf house, the Alpha and the Beta of the pack. She never imagined that in the middle of our normal world there was a universe of mystical beings, much less that they were beautiful and dangerously seductive. Kai and Calian grew up together and learned to share everything, but not womens, they had never been attracted to the same woman, until Abby entered their lives. The twins discover that she is their mate and they were madly mad for the human. But no one had any idea that she was there as a spy, sent by her worst enemies: the vampires.

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14 Chapters
I - They Are Real
Abby "Unfortunately we don’t have any other vacancies in your area of experience." I took a deep breath trying not to lose hope, if I collapsed now I would not be able to stop crying. I had been unemployed for two months and was desperate for a new job. If my asshole boss hadn’t tried to get his filthy hands on me, I wouldn’t have quit and still be able to pay the bills and my mother’s treatment. Normally I wouldn’t freak out like that, but my mother was going through an expensive treatment and also couldn’t work, just like my brother who always had a fragile health, so it was just me paying all the expenses of the house. "Are you sure there’s nothing else? Can’t you take a look again?" I begged the clerk at the employment agency, I was desperate to get something. "Unfortunately not, just as I told you yesterday and the day before that. There was no vacancy for a secretary, administrative, or anything like that." It was stupid, I was too good for cleaning jobs and for what I wa
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II - Our Mate
KaiI opened my eyes with the morning light coming in through the window, but from the smell in the air and the heavy clouds I knew a brutal storm was coming today.Damn it, I forgot to close the curtains one more time. I was about to get up from bed, when I felt a weight on my waist, just one look was enough for the memories of last night to take my mind.Of course, another girl in my bed. It was nothing new for me, I thought throwing myself back in the sheets."Kai" the childish, sleepy voice made me jump right away."Denny, what are you doing here?" I rushed out of bed before he saw the naked woman next to me."Nightmare." I put on my underwear quickly and grabbed him in my lap before he climbed into bed.Another nightmare, Denny was having them more often now and it just made me even worried, seeing our mother being torn apart by vampires shouldn’t affect a three-year-old as much, I mean he shouldn’t even remember that, but since it happened he had started complaining about seeing
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III - The Perfect Twins
AbbyThat’s it, I was at the Hawkins' house, I’d gone there to do the interview and was hoping they’d say no to me, it was the only way that those damn vampires left me alone.Only not being accepted into that house would I be able to get rid of them without having to do anything crazy, like being a spy, also my family would be safe.It was still hard to believe that this all was true, that vampires and werewolves actually existed, my mind refused to process, I could not understand how it was possible, in my head it was as if I was being blackmailed by dangerous people and only, not supernatural beings.While the whole family thought that Olivia was involved with a thief or someone worse, but not even in a million years we would think that it would be a controlling vampire over a hundred years old."Good morning. What do you want?" a male voice rang through the intercom."I’m Abbigail, I’m here for the interview.""Oh yes, they are waiting for you." And quickly the gate with the famil
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IV - Keep Her Safe
CailanMINE! The word was repeated in my head countless times as I watched the human sitting there in front of us.My wolf struggled within me with the need for me to exclaim that she was mine. But I couldn’t do it yet, Kai was right to say we couldn’t scare her.Abby’s just a human who doesn’t know our world or his rules, she had no idea what it meant to be a mate, let alone an Alpha or a Beta, like me and my brother."I really need to go, the rain is not a problem for me." she murmured looking around, probably searching for a window."I won’t let you go out in this rain!" I declare before I can control myself, attracting her confused look.I just wanted to protect her, keep safely that beautiful and helpless woman, she was mine and I had the need to keep her safe.If I could, she would be in my bed, being claimed, calling my name as I buried myself inside her and planted my seed deep in her belly."What my brother meant is that we can’t let you leave with this storm, the roads get t
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V - Shining Eyes
AbbyI could feel that there was something wrong there, the twin’s expressions told me that, surely something had happened and they did not want to tell me.Little Denny had a lot of energy and after so many turns playing catch-up in the boy’s room, I had to go down and take some water, now I can say it was the right time, because I was able to hear Kai giving orders to the man who brought me into the house, clearly saying that he should gather the best men at headquarters for a meeting.This could only be something involving the vampires, Elijah insisted on telling about the war and how they were always in confrontation.If this meeting was to talk about a new attack I needed to be there and know what they planned to do, that’s when my job as a spy began.But how would I do that? They didn’t even want to let me travel in the rain because it was dangerous, how could I leave the house and follow them without them knowing anything?"Who can’t leave these walls?" I asked entering the kit
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VI - Blood And Death
KaiI didn’t want to leave the house for a thousand reasons, but the biggest one now was Abby. I’d just met her, but I felt like I had her by my side all my life, like I’d found the woman I belonged to, that’s how we felt when we found our mate.Not to mention the physical pain I felt from being away from her, we were still in our territory, the headquarters was not so far from my home, but I still felt like I was too far from her, far from my other half.And I knew it would only get worse, as long as we didn’t consummate our bond, as long as it would take me to get inside her, I would feel this pain inside me. It was mother nature screaming for the bond to be sealed at once and demanding that we start making babies.Fuck! It would be hard enough to do that without scaring her, imagine with my brother. It would be two wolves trying to control mother nature and not push our seed inside her all the time."What the hell happened? You got a expression like there’s something stuck in your
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VII – All About Her
Cailan She was there, in my room, in my arms, touching my face and seeming to have no fear of my eyes. I knew they’d be glowing in the dark in a strange way for a human, but she didn’t seem to care. On the contrary, Abby touched me and let me do the same with her. I wouldn’t miss the chance the gods gave me with that blackout. "Mine!" I declared with hunger and despair to have her at once. I knew that Kai and I had agreed to do things calmly, to go slowly so we didn’t scare her, but I couldn’t control it anymore. I’d Kiss her or my Wolf would tear my skin off, to declare her possession on her. I took her fleshy mouth in a calm kiss, keeping my lips pressed against hers, until I felt her relax even more against me so I sucked her lower lip, pulling it so she opened her mouth and let me slide my tongue in. And that’s what she did, Abby gave me passage separating her delicious lips and I stuck my tongue in search of hers. "Ohh" her moan reverberated against my mouth the moment our
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VIII - Attracted To Them
AbbyI was doing everything completely wrong, Elijah would kill me if he knew what I did today. I had just been accepted into the house, and had already kissed one of my bosses, handed over the location of the other and even caused a fight between the two brothers.As a maid I should be quiet, restrain myself from them, take care of Denny only and give the vampires what I hear. I needed to stay away from them, away from those two menacing, sexy wolves, who were a real danger to me.But I don’t know what was in those two that attracted me directly to them, especially when I touched them. It felt like I was paralyzed, hypnotized, and nothing else around me existed. That wasn’t normal, I had never felt that way with other men.Kai had been hurt when he was out and while I was getting the first aid kit all I could think was that it could be my fault, I could have caused it and while it was ripped by some vampire I was home safely.Taking blame I approached him and watched as he ripped off
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IX – No Other
KaiMy brother was right when he said it was very difficult and painful to have her so close, touching my body, surrendering to my gaze and not being able to just take her in my arms and take her straight to my room.I was in pure agony there, fighting everything inside me not to make a mistake and trying to hold on to the idea of conquering her before revealing more about us.But just because I couldn’t explain to her how a cut had become a simple scratch, I got even angrier, I wanted to be able to tell the whole truth and not leave any secrets between us.I told the truth when I said nothing would happen to her while she was in our territory, I would give my life if I had to. But what she didn’t know is that we wouldn’t let her leave our territory without us. She was ours and that meant that we belonged to her too!"And how was it there? The two colonies what happened?" Cailan asked after she ran out, clearly running away from us."It was perfect, we won! There is no vampire left in
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X - Them or me
AbbyI had a long conversation with Oli, but nothing I said served, there was nothing important in what I had observed. But I knew that after the attack that devastated two colonies they would need good information, big thing and I was not helping.I ended up waking up earlier than I expected, the whole house was silent, but I could have sworn I’d heard someone call my name. I opened the door of Denny’s room imagining that it could only have been him, but the boy was sleeping soundly.Then the voice sounded again, coming from my back and I left the boy’s room looking for someone, but there was no one there. Only when I was called again did I realize that it was Kai who was speaking my name.But why would he be dreaming about me? It didn’t make any sense that wonderful man was dreaming about me, I didn’t even come close to the blonde he was the other day. His brother kissing me was surprising, now that the two of them were attracted to me would be the end of the world.I went into Den
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