My name is Isekai henjiro I am not Thanatos

My name is Isekai henjiro I am not Thanatos

By:  Tboy  Ongoing
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My name is Isekai is a story about a man that transmigrated to an alternate universe, Takamatsu thought that since he transmigrated that he should have a more better chance, he thought that he should be the hero of the his new word just Like every other transmigrant but was left to be disappointed since there was even a greater Plot behind his transmigration That he was just a chess Piece in

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38 Chapters
Takamatsu old earth memories
        On a world that existed somewhere in the parallel universe sat a man as he looked at his fourteen year old son while remembering his past.Takamatsu Henjiro could only force a smile as he can't help wondering while his situation looks different from the situation of the rest of the people that he has read about on web novels.  He still remembers how he transmigrated to this world twenty years ago, twenty years ago Takamatsu was still a highschool students on earth..  ''Hey!! Takamatsu play that ball to me," Kazuki's reverberated as he beckons Takamatsu with his hand to throw the Ball to him.   Takamatsu who was only fifteen and still yet a highschool students got up as he walked towards the ball that was very close to his location and without minding lifted the ball and stuff it inside his bag.   "Hey, Takamatsu what are you doing". Kazuki said as he run towards Takamatsu.    "Nothing, go
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Takamatsu early life at the new world
On a world that existed somewhere in the parallel universe sat a man as he looked at his fourteen-year-old son, while remembering his past. Takamatsu Henjiro could only force a smile as he couldn't help but wonder why his situation looked different from the situation of the rest of the people that he had read about on web novels. He still remembered how he transmigrated to this world twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, Takamatsu was still a high school student on Earth. ''Hey! Takamatsu, play that ball to me," Kazuki's voice reverberated as he beckoned Takamatsu with his hand to throw the ball to him. Takamatsu, who was only fifteen and still a high school student, got up and walked towards the ball that was very close to his location. Without minding, he lifted the ball and stuffed it inside his bag. "Hey, Takamatsu, what are you doing?" Kazuki said as he ran towards Takamatsu. "Nothing, go play your ball," Takamatsu said with indifference as he kept on walking outside the school'
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Takamatsu early life adapting to the new world
Waking up early the next morning , Takamatsu looked around as he found a pile of wood, maybe I can start from there, Takamatsu said as he picked up an axe that he has guessed must be used for breaking the firewood. Holy Jesus the immaculate, what the fuck, hoe do they swing this, Takamatsu tried swinging the axe with one hand but find out that it is almost impossible, don't they teach the blacksmith of this world how to make things a bit flexible, I can't believe that with the way this world seemed to have copied everything from earth that they didn't copy that. Takamatsu took hold of the axe with both hands as he swing as much as he could, sure I will grow muscles just by swinging this, Takamatsu said. After breaking some firewood, Takamatsu saw the man he saw yesterday walk pass him, maybe they will let me stay if they find me to be of use, truly Takamatsu has never decided to stay because he wants to pay back, the reason why he wanted to stay was because after listening to
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The assassins
after thinking about all this, Takamatsu can't help it as a drop of tear drip down his face. it has been twenty years of him being in this world, he had married the only girl that makes this world worthwhile to him, though the girl was a demon but it is not as if he cares, he loved her like that. why! why! must they take you away from me, why! Takamatsu said as more tears slid down his face. after staying for six years with Asuka, he had got married with her but then after four years of them being together he had to loose her. a kid, you left me the kid, Takamatsu laughed sarcastically as he looked at his fourteen year old son. who told you i want a son, I only want you, why are you stupid enough to sacrifice yourself to protect us, Takamatsu said as he smashed his hand on the table thereby making his son to notice him. "daddy, are you angry? am I that bad, is it because i have no gift, I wish i could die for mummy to
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Gavin of the Dawn
though isekai was fast enough to use his finger to tip off the direction of the katana, it still left a small cut on his neck. after tipping the katana away from puncturing through his throat, isekai performed a quick roll making the net that would have caught him to miss by some inches. after the roll isekai took up the wooden katana that he has planned to use for training as he took a fast dash not ready to slow the momentum. bam! the katana connected to the head of the second man that have tried to catch him with the net as the man touched his head to feel the blood dripping down his head before slumping down, isekai has really hit him hard. you! the first screamed in rage as isekai saw him fade away only to feel a sense of danger after a short while. voom! isekai felt a katana missing him by an inch while cutting a bit of his hair. this is teleporting, isekai said as he immediately calmed his mind not trying to be rash like he was at
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Takamatsu's death
 after hearing this, isekai saw his father wave his, not trying to admit that.  "no he isn't, my son died ten years ago, this is not him, this person got nothing to do with me, he is just a clown that doesn't worth your time.  it is me you want, I am the one that is going against you just leave him out of this," Takamatsu said.  he has been planning for the last nine years to take even if it is a part of Dawn with him, he has even treated Isekai bad so as to make him not to feel bad when he is gone, right now he can't even think of the exact person that betrayed their brotherhood by giving out information. heh! heh! heh! heh! heh! mmmmha! ha! ha! ha! he! ha!," since he is not your son then i guess he is one of your stupid acclaimed brotherhood, well that's more good reason for me to kill him with you," Gavin said as he clenched his fist in the form of a punch.  After the man clenched his feet more blood was immedi
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First fight at the arena
 Isekai opened his eye, after hearing voices that seems to be chanting, where am I, isekai asked himself as he tried to have a more clear view of his surrounding. due to how hard isekai hit the wall things were still cloudy in his eye. "new boy you are finally awake," Isekai heard a voice speak to him as things became more cleared up. he was in a cell like room with five other kids, all of them where boys, Isekai looked at the boy that was talking to him, the boy was burly." I am the king in here and I think since you are already awake it won't be bad stating my rules, that place should be your position from now and on no occasion should you move an inch from there unless you got a match, the burly boy said with a sadistic smile, before continuing. rule two, you are not to drag food with me, you only eat the one I give you. rule three, you don't talk to that guy over there, the burly boy did not even wait for Isekai to say his th
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Am back
.meanwhile back on earth there was a celebration going on one hospital on earth as a boy that has been in coma for five years finally woke up. "what happened? am I back, am I really back," Takamatsu said as he looked around to see a familiar face. "mum," Takamatsu called as the woman that has a face filled with smile touched him on the face, though the woman was smiling at the same time tears were streaming down her face. seeing this tears streamed down Takamatsu face, am back, am really back, Takamatsu thought to himself as tears continued streaming down his face, he was not only crying because he was happy, he was also crying because he has endangered the life of his kid, I was not a filial son and at the same time not a good father, Takamatsu can't help stopping the tears in his eyes.big brother! Takamatsu heard a girl call his name as he slowly turned his face to look at the place the voice was coming from.Yinito, that should be Yinito, Takamat
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Second identity (thanatos)
 Isekai's has woken up from the blackout, he has blackout more than once after accepting his Master, if he was to remember he started training at the age of six so he has already gotten used to blacken out and thereby wakes more faster.  "not even five minutes and you have already woken up, i like you" Gavin said as he took out a penknife," i read about the hundred cut punishment and never thought i could try that one day", Gavin said as he made a little cut at Moses lower abdomen, "i want to see how many cut it will take me before you bleed out" cut after cut Isekai did not scream as everything started becoming more hazier to him, he has tried his teachers teaching of being one with nature since according to his master it can seperate him from pain.  after the sixty six cut, Gavin who has been humming his own little tune all this while can't help as he noticed that Isekai was no longer breathing nor his heart beating. "ah! too bad
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Magudo tribe
Isekai opened his eyes to see he was in a room. "i see he arranged everything ahead of time,"Isekai ( thanatos) who has reverted back to being Isekai.  He tried getting up but then saw a woman that seems to be in her mid fifties rush to help him up. "take it easy, your injury is severe" the woman said as she helped Isekai got up.  Who are you thanatos want to ask but instead found himself saying "where am i?" this,  thanatos thought as he clearly knew he was the one that said this, he knew humans normally process things in their conciousness before saying and he knew this seems to be processed by another different conciousness that seem to be sharing this body with him.   the woman helped him got up, he is slowly getting a thought but decided to wait more so as to confirm his thoughts, he has decided to not talk and wait for what will happen. " this is the wasteland and you are in the Magudo tribe," the wo
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