The Snow Storm

The Snow Storm

By:  Morgan Dawson  Completed
Language: English
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The Williamson family sets out on a road trip to reach their family for the holidays. Along the ride they run into bad weather, multiple accidents and unnerving strangers. When a near accident forces them off the road, they meet a man who befriends the father. He tells him of this motel not too far up the street, in case they need a place to wait out the approaching snow storm. When the family is forced to find a place to stay, that motel seems to be their only option. Everything seems normal at first, but the longer the stay the more sinister things become until the family is forced to fight for their lives.. will they make it through the holidays? Will the survive this snow storm?

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Julie Dawson
Very intriguing.....keeps you on edge! I love this!!
2022-06-10 13:54:21
default avatar
Holy crap.. what a story!! So excited for the sequel!! Good job author!
2022-04-14 21:46:49
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Anna Powell
Amazing! Love all of the authors books! You're doing amazing sweetie <3
2021-10-12 07:34:36
user avatar
I love the plot of the story!
2021-10-02 23:23:53
35 Chapters
  December 23, 1997   The hunter green 1995 model Ford Taurus was finally loaded down with all of the family's luggage, including the decorative bags and boxes of Christmas presents for the children from Santa, as well as for all of the numerous family members that would be gathered together to celebrate the joyous season. From where she was standing Lacey Williamson could hear her husband Andy's small sigh of annoyance as he closed the trunk of the car with a slight snap. He had not had an easy time of cramming all of the parcels and suitcases into the small space. He couldn't imagine that all these much stuff was needed to make the holidays special.
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“I have really, really, really got to go pee! Like really, really bad! I don't think I can hold it any more!” Sunny announces loudly to everyone in the car. She is holding her pants and squirming in her seat, with her legs crossed tightly. Andy rolls his eyes at his daughter's antics and Lacey smiles widely. Jack had to stop and pee about fifteen minutes ago on the side of the road because he was 'about to explode'. Pulling into a deserted road lined with towering trees for privacy, Andy had let the boy out to do his business. Sunny had been adament that she was fine, she did not have to pee. Besides, she informed them, she was a big girl and she could hold it in if she needed to. Now they are back on the highway, two hours into their trip and she decides that she does, in fact, need to take a bathroom break. L
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And Jinx it is exactly what he did when he uttered those few fateful words. Because it has not even been twenty minutes  yet that the kids are in the back seat fighting like cats and dogs. “I am not touching you..” Jack taunts his sister, his finger hovering less than a centimeter away from her arm. Sunny moves her arm away from him and he follows it with his finger, just to be annoying.  "I am still not touching you..." He breathes out in a sing song voice.  “Stop it, Jack! That is so annoying! Mom! Come on! Will you make him stop already!” Sunny screeches at the top her lungs, making Lacey wince at the loud noise. The girl smacks her brother's hand away from her arm and Jack howls as if she had taken a flame thrower to his skin. He clutches his hand tightly and gives his sister a f
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  “Oh, hey there, honey.” Andy greets her when he notices her approaching them. “I would like for you to come over her and meet someone really quick. This is Nate Matthews. Nate, this is my perfect wife, Lacey.” “Oh, sure..” Lacey says, as she reaches the passenger side of the car. “Um, hi. It is nice to meet you, Mr. Matthews.” “It is really nice to meet you as well, ma'am.” The man says in a pleasant enough tone accompanied by a friendly smile. “Please, though, call me Nate.” Lacey looks him over and at first glance, he appears to be normal. He is wearing a pair of straight leg denim jeans and a maroon sweater beneath an older style black leather jacket, that looks like it has seen better days.. He has neatly combed
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  Andy jerks in his seat, pulling his head away from her to stare at her in complete and utter shock. She knows that it was the use of the foul profanity that actually managed to get his attention, but she does not care. If cursing like a sailor is what it takes to get him to pay attention to her for a moment and to get him to take her seriously, then she will say any damn word that she has to, without even a moment of hesitation. “We just passed a sign for an all night diner that is coming up in about two miles or less. I think that we should probably stop in there for a bit to warm up and to grab a nice, hot meal. I am sure that the kids are getting hungry and they surely must be tired of sandwiches with snack cakes or chips by now. What do you say to that, honey? Sound like a good idea?” Andy says to his wife with a smile, bland smile. Lacey
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  Andy gets up from the table and walks across the tiled floor until he is standing next to where Nate stands in front of the counter. The two men exchange a few hushed words with a couple of general gestures for effect, before Andy turns away to come back to the table, without Nate in tow. When he slides in to the booth across from Lacey, she gives him a searching look, not able to stem her curiousity. “So what the heck was all of that about over there?” “He claims that they were simply discussing a menu item or price, something along those lines, and that the conversation was amicable. Just a little harmless debate that wass all in good fun..” Andy says and Lacey snorts. “Like fun they were! That look on his face wa
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Andy steers the car out of the parking lot, turning it out onto the still abandoned road. Once they are heading away from The Darn Good Diner, he turns to look at Lacey and frowns at her regretfully.  “Baby, I am so sorry.” “Andy, it's not like-” “No, honey, just listen to me for a second. Really. I am sorry for all of this. I hate fighting with you.” Andy tells her, laying a hand on her arm to give it a gentle squeeze. "I know that I made you upset with me when I chose to help Nate and I am sorry that I made you angry. You know how much I hate being at odds with you. I love you so much." Lacey thought at first that he was apologizing for not believing her about Nate. That he wa sorry for being so oblivious to everything that was going on aro
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Trees on either side of the narrow road swayed with the force of the strong wind and it made the snow fell from the trees in clumps, coming down like white powder to blanket the ground. It would be beautiful if it were not so creepy out here in the middle of nowhere with nothing but trees and vast darkness to surround them. But nothing is quite as unnerving as when they get their first glimpse of the building that is to be their lodging for the night. The Sleepy Oak Motel. It was an odd shaped building, with a unique paint job. Sitting ther in the middle of nowhere, it appears to be rather formidable and sinister. The place itself, at first glance, resembled one of those haunted mansions that you might see gracing the cover of a horror movie. It was clearly an old, large house that had been remodeled to add on
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  The local news had been playing in the background the whole time that they had been getting the children settled for the evening. The screen kept flashing through topics, the woman on the television prattling on about a man dressing as a Santa and collecting change for fake charity organizations. Then there was some coverage of a house lighting contest, that apparently turned into a big thing. There was a cash prize of ten thouand dollars at stake, so people went wild with it. Lacey thought it was nice, but it wasn't enough to make her want to watch the news. But what was able to catch Lacey's attention was the breaking news story that flashed on the screen about a local murder that happened right before Christmas.
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It was some time later in the night when Lacey was awakened by a strange sound. She is not sure what it was that woke her up. So she sits up and looks around in the semi darkness of the room to try to locate the sound of the disturbance. There is no sound of any kind at the moment, which confuses her. The room is completely quiet except for the slow, even breathing and the light snoring of her family. Nothing around the room appears to be out of place. Both of the children are still in the bed beside of hers and both of them are still sleeping soundly beside each other. Lacey feels the heavy weight of Andy's arm across her waist as he lays behind her with his body pressed tightly to hers. He is where he has been for all of the night, sleeping next to her. His even breathing sounds in her ear and she takes comf
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