Nine Months

Nine Months

By:  Death Wish  Completed
Language: English
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Dahlia Amelia was a frustrated Aspiring Writer that her work was claim and plagiarized by a well-known Author, Yuki. The One Who Own the Deadly Glance, was hit for almost three months and become the best seller that earn a billion dollar. Several famous entertainment industry offer the publisher to adapt the novel into a film. Even makes Dahlia more frustrated. No one believe that she is the one who wrote it. She was offered to become a script writer instead to her own masterpiece. Drayzen Storm was the only living Dragon shift-shifter for a hundred decades. He was curious how the writer find his identity as the novel used his real name. Reader and viewr was aware that the novel was all imagination made. But Yuki died in hand of Drayzen as the writer of the said Novel. Dahlia was about to witness the devious event, yet she choose to ignore them and even cry at Drayzen how frustrated she is not to fight her right on her own work. Drayzen find out that she was the real writer. After a month Dahlia find out that she was pregnant with Dryzen Child.

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Rockeeba Moore
Please update soon and thank you
2021-11-11 20:57:06
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Rockeeba Moore
This is a really good book I’m so glad I found it in another book I was reading from this author ...️ and she does a wonderful job, and few of her other books, are great reads
2021-10-25 21:50:32
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Sophia Holness
Why is this book remove ...
2022-10-20 09:33:41
143 Chapters
The night sky was clear except for the dark clouds that were about to envelop the full moon. He was there, standing on the rooftop of the tallest building in the city, and his deadly stare never left the moon. He couldn’t wait any longer. The bustling streets below were like glittery stars, only that there were no stars that night. To think of it, the earth and the heavens are figuratively similar. The moon could never be outshined by the little stars, not even if it is in its thinnest crescent or its reddest eclipse. Just like how the people beneath him could never be any better than he is.  He grins. He knew the plight of the people around him, especially those whom he chooses to reap from. Whatever he wants, he gets. Be it gold, diamonds, or even the most expensive stones. Name it and it’s his. There is no exception to him. Even those glutton businessmen and influential people will bow in front of him.  He was born a businessman and his t
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Chapter 1 A Dragon
(VENAL POV) Dryzen Storm is the most dangerous creature I’ve ever met. He’s been living in this world since who-knows-when too long to have played with many lives. It’s that easy for him to kill. And most of all, there is nothing forgiveness whenever he wanted to kill someone. Someone who has not learned to stop challenging him. Someone who spreads rumors about him and is ruining his image. Death is his response to them. If it’s not obvious yet… He’s not ordinary. All he sees in his sight are classified as pity creatures, and there is no insignificant to their life. And he’s in this world to be punished. The Earth has been his jail and mortals have become his means for revenge, merely because they’re low-class creatures to his eyes. He’s treating this world as his realm. As the century passed by, time witnesses nothing about him has yet changed. I sighed.   When we got inside the car, Dryze
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Chapter 2 Kindness
(DAHLIA POV) My arm was locked around my grandmother's arm as we walked to the bus stop. The people were quiet, but noticeably in a hurry. Maybe it was because of the foreshadowing of rain. “Is there a moon today, hija?” Grandma asked me. “Yes. But unfortunately, the dark clouds are going to hide it. It’s beautiful though, but such a waste. It’s full moon already.” I sighed. Grandma used to see what I was seeing. But now she doesn't. This is the result of the previous accident she went through. “I feel like it’s going to rain. The wind is breezy.” “That’s why you have to take the bus now, Grandma.” “How about you, Dahlia?” The traffic light turned green, and we were about to cross when her old hat suddenly got flown away. I suddenly let go of her hand to catch her hat. But I realized, I am so silly to even forget we were in the middle of the road. I stopped chasing her hat. I tried to r
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Chapter 3 Her Fortitude
(Dahlia POV) But sadly, I wasn’t able to catch up to any of them. Their cars resumed maneuvering. The person who saves me… I only glimpsed his eyes for the last time, gazing directly into mine before his car disappeared into the night.  Then I remembered how our lips meet. I lightly touch my lips. The kiss. Is that enough for him as my gratitude for saving me?   Back to reality, It was just foolish of me to go back to the middle of the road while a few minutes ago I wished I wasn’t there. Not to mention, there was a traffic officer coming. So, I just went back to where Grandma was waiting for me. I approached her and hugged Grama tightly. Her body is thin, which is I can easily hug her. “Oh Dahlia, I haven’t paid for a coffin yet so don’t send me to Death in this cheese trap.” I just smiled. Guess she realized what had happened. “And I still want to l
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Chapter 4 The Target
(VENAL POV)   We arrived at the venue for the auction. The event wouldn’t start without Dryzen around, else they’d all be dead. That will be added to my responsibility in case it happens.  It’d be my job again to dispose of their corpses. I wished they wouldn’t be stupid enough to put more workload on my plate. A canopy of big umbrellas greeted us, as heavy rain was still pouring when we got out of the car. I immediately took the coat for Master Dryzen from the valet and put it on him. We enter as if we are the only guess. He had a reserved spot in front, closer to the item that he wanted to take for his collection. He’s an esteemed top-bidder in almost all auctions he attended and doesn’t have a care how much the hammer price would reach. He sat like a king in his own palace, and everyone bowed to him. Many a businessman was silent when he arrived; some were frustrated, and others were insecure by hi
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Chapter 5 The Murderer
(Venal POV) The heavy rain hasn’t stopped even after the auction ended. Master Dryzen finally arrived after signing the documents for his new collections. I sat down next to his chauffeur and watched him curiously. He was leaning his head against his seat, his eyes closed as if he was planning something. It’s impossible for him not to do anything. Or will he let it pass as well? Just like how he let that woman and that old woman go. Maybe I should calm down. But… “Stop the car,” Dryzen said. Guess I was wrong. “Give it to me.” The driver pressed the brakes and I handed Dryzen the tablet, which I knew he wanted me to give him. It has information about the entrepreneur from earlier. I saw him smile after reading it and kicked the car door open. He suddenly disappeared and left us all concerned about his location. I connected to the base where my own men were for them to track Master Dryzen’s wher
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Chapter 6 The Writer
(DAHLIA POV)   Moonlight finally peeked through the sheets of clouds, so I was relieved since I had opted to walk home. The rain had just stopped, but my umbrella couldn’t keep me all dry. I was hoping I wouldn’t get a cold… I was close to home, faster than I expected myself to because I felt like I was being followed. The route home includes an alley and that late, I knew my neighbors were already sleeping. It was peaceful, and that’s all I ever needed to destress as a day worker. I stopped on the sidewalk and decided to just confront whoever that stalker might be. But only the wind kissed my face when I looked behind. My apprehension disappeared. I sighed. But… There were big puddles of water on the road. I paused for a moment to gaze at the clear reflection of the sky. Until I saw the silhouette, a huge bird with a snake-like head, flying across the bright moon. I immediately looked upwards to s
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Chapter 7 The Old Tale
(Dahlia POV) “Dahlia…”   “Yes?” I open the stove. Put the pan on fire and the oil is starting to heat that makes a sizzling sound.    “The story that I tell you is not fiction.” I smiled at what I heard.   “If a writer is as invested as you are in her story, she’ll surely get a lot of readers. Can you narrate it again Grandma? I almost feel like believing in your old story.”   “Tss. I’m not joking around. I’m warning you.”   “C’mon Grandma, I will listen.” She sighed. I am doing this for her not to get bored and sleep while waiting for our dinner.      “Of the present age… Now called Athena... As in now.”   “Yes, I know readers want modern stories and not the telltales of Mandeville times.” She was stuck with the memories of the old. The elders’ memories are the traj
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Chapter 8 Controlled
(Owen POV)   “Sir Owen, the senior editor wants you to come to her office.” I lifted my gaze to the office of our damned senior editor. I sighed. I knew it’s about the manuscript submitted by Yuki for publishing approval. My legs wouldn’t take me there. I already had enough from two demanding ladies. Yuki, the famous writer, and Miss Nam the senior editor. I rub my back neck. I get up from my chair wearily. What have I done for them to be spoiled?   Before I could reach Ms. Nam’s office, the door opened, and several men entered like they were the authority in my office. I knew who sent them, and I knew they were looking for me. “Mr. Owen, do you have some time for a talk?” Said the man in charge of leading them. He’s Yuki's brother's secretary. Mr. Cedrick Ma.   I stared back to our chief editor's office, and then to the men. Who should I prioritize?
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Chapter 9 First Kiss
(DAHLIA POV) I took off the apron. Grandma had already fallen asleep, too. The night was late, and my cousins were still not around. The rain has only got worse, so I closed the windows. But actually, the weather was perfect for writing. I climbed excitedly upstairs to my room. It used to be storage. I made it my comfortable room. Grandma didn't let me stay here, but I insist. I like to be here. Quiet. I can focus on my writing. But the temperature inside is whatever the temperature outside. That night it was hypothermic, but I was happy and content having this room for my own. My cousins couldn’t stand everything about it, so they took the more decent rooms. There were also vermin and termites that needed to be sprayed every month. Those little creatures were persistent in rebuilding their territory, but they’re not destroying wood, so… I just let it go. Perhaps they only wanted shelter. I stared at my desk. I smile.
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