Chapter 8

When I come back into the cafeteria I walk straight to the table and grab Luke by the tie pulling him to the dance floor. We’ve danced before and have kissed a few times after a couple drinks, so it’s not like if I did that tonight it would be odd. I just hope he forgives me for using him to make Colin jealous.

Another old school song comes on that was hand-picked by the Moon Goddess herself just for this occasion. It’s a song that is pretty much made for grinding. I turn so that my ass is against Luke’s crotch and grab his hands, placing them on my hips. I place my own hands on my thighs to steady myself and start to grind. I tilt my head to the side showing Luke my bare neck.

I make eye contact with Colin who just made his way back to Victoria with drinks. I smirk at him while I lightly brush my hand against my neck. As werewolves our necks are super important. They are either a sign of submission to an Alpha, or where your mark goes from your mate. So, me showing Luke my neck
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Thet Ibarra
Thanks! Loving where this is going…
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Good that he makes him jealous..,way to go girl
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love it!!!

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