Chapter 40

Knowing I can't be alone in the office with him, I go to the kitchen to find Luke. I'm sure that wherever Samantha is, he'll be. Sure enough, there he is, pressing her up against the fridge. His tongue currently down her throat and his hand is up her shirt. She opens one of her eyes, seeing me and she quickly pushes him away and straightens herself out.

"I'm so sorry Ellie, I was just about to bring your coffee and breakfast when Luke showed up and.." Her voice trails off and she blushes brightly looking up at Luke.

"It's ok Samantha, actually I was here to talk to Luke."

He turns around awkwardly, and seeing the bulge in his pants, I am sure that's part of the reason why. He brings his hand up to his neck, rubbing it a few times while he takes his other hand and, well, adjusts himself.

"Hey, E-Ellie. What's up?" This just got even more awkward.

"Alpha Shane wants me to eat breakfast in his office with him. Alone. I can't do it Luke." I blurt the words out at him.

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goodnovel comment avatar
He couldn’t even look at me?!?! Wtf you have a damn mate. Quit playing with him. Go home to your crappy mate. Both deserve each other. Colin and Ellie= sucks
goodnovel comment avatar
But you can touch yourself thinking about him! Fn moron. I hate female character like her

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