Chapter 42

“I love you too Luna, forever.” This is the first time he has ever called me Luna out loud and it sounds so amazing! We hug like we haven’t seen each other in years, and he pulls back just enough to kiss me with the most intense kiss I’ve ever received from him.

“Ok you two break it up, please, before your company watches you have sex on the front lawn.” It isn’t until Luke interrupts us that we remember there are other people that even existed besides us. We both laugh with our lips still connected before turning around still embraced in a hug.

“Sorry about that, I really missed my Luna.” He kisses my neck and I smile with pride.

“Luna, huh?” Luke looks sarcastically at both of us.

“Soon enough man, she will be.” Colin kisses me again. This time, on my mark, and I tingle under his lips. I take the flowers from his hand, smelling them. I moan and he laughs at me.

“H-Hello Alpha Colin, it’s nice to see you again. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your pack. I’m excited about my
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
Amber Ivers
I knew I didn't trust him! poor Victoria. I hope colon doesn't think she wanted to leave.
goodnovel comment avatar
Ana Shed
I knew Victoria would be his mate. I didn't expect him to reject her though.
goodnovel comment avatar
Monica King
wtf Shane? 🥺

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