**** 2 weeks later****

I open my eyes as wide as I can. I'm always tired now and it's hard to keep them open. Waking up again in this hell hole makes me whimper. I am not sure how long it's been since the ball but I've been trying to count the sunrises and sunsets the best I can. I think it's around ten days give or take. I frequently pass out from the exhaustion, so I am just not sure anymore.

My wrists are in restraints, chained to the brick wall behind me. My ankles as well. Someone comes in every day to soak them in more wolfsbane and silver to keep me from breaking out of them. They also inject me with it to make sure I can't link Colin and my parents or connect with Leia.

I'm cold, and although I hate to admit it, I am scared. My only visitors are random omegas. They are nothing like Josie and Samantha. Instead, they are cold and distant. There is only one person who will speak to me, but I dread his visits. It's Shane.

He is the one who did this to me. He is slowly trying to bre
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goodnovel comment avatar
The title of the book says Rogue. No one in this book was a rogue. No one got any revenge.
goodnovel comment avatar
Linda G
Of course Victoria has been trying to break them up. She didn't accept Shane's rejection though. I figured someone had done something to Colin since he was taking so long. Oh Shane, you dirty dog.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rachel Taylor
Me too. What a crap ending. So disappointed. And the sequel I gave up on after the second chapter. Colin just seems like a weakling after Shane’s character.

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