Chapter 6

The next day, Harvey was sitting in his office when a phone call prompted him to burst into a fit of laughter. He was cackling so hard that his tears nearly came out.

There were also a few of his peers from the Sue family around. They watched in confusion as Harvey laughed for no apparent reason.

"What happened, Harvey? What’s so funny?"

"Don't just laugh by yourself. Tell us too."

"Yvonne didn’t get cold feet, did she?"

Harvey clutched his stomach. "Oh man, my stomach is hurting from all that laughter. Yvonne really is a fool."

"What the hell is going on? Can you just spill the details?" Several members of the Sue family were anxious like ants on top of a hot pan.

"This madwoman actually asked Samuel to drive her to Weakriver Real Estate on his electric bike. She’s having a stroke," Harvey said.

A hearty laugh broke out in the office as soon as he finished his words. No one could hold back their laughter and they lost themselves in the laughter.

"HAHAHA! Will Weakriver Real Estate even entertain her if she wants to go and talk about a collaborative project like this?"

"I think she has given up. Seems logical though. We haven't been able to come to an agreement, so how would she be able to do it?"

"You used your move well, Harvey. Yvonne is dead this time. She’ll definitely be kicked out of the Sue family, and when it’s time to divide the assets, she won't have her share."

Those young people acted in cahoots with one another and no one believed that Yvonne could do it. They were even getting ready to watch her make a complete fool of herself.

"What if she stubbornly decides to back out?" someone asked worriedly.

Harvey smiled coldly. It was difficult to finally get a chance to kick Yvonne out of the Sue family, so there was no way he would give Yvonne a chance to back out.

"Don't worry. I have a way to get her out of the family. When the time comes, you’ll just have to side with me," Harvey said.

"Don't worry. We’re definitely with you."

"Yvonne made our Sue family lose our reputation countless times. It’s time we kicked her out of the Sue family so we won't have to be laughed at by outsiders anymore."

"Yeah, I don’t even dare to look up because of that trash, Samuel. Now I can finally sever ties with him."

Weakriver Real Estate.

After securing the electric bike, Samuel looked at the nervous Yvonne and said with a smile, "Don't worry, I’ve already talked with my classmate. Just go ahead and sign the contract."

Yvonne did not ask much about Samuel's classmate. The Sue family had plenty of competitors at that point, and they were not in any advantageous position. Was it really possible to rely on a friendship with a classmate to obtain such a momentous agreement?

"Your classmate isn’t playing around with you, right?" Yvonne asked.

"Of course not. He and I are brothers to the death," Samuel said.

Yvonne let out a sigh of relief after seeing Samuel's confidence.

Although her conversation the night before did not warm up their relationship too quickly, some obstacles between them had already been eliminated. Yvonne also knew that she had to face that matter regardless of her mentality.

Yvonne entered the company, but before she could say anything, the receptionist had already gone up to her.

"Are you Miss Sue?" The tall woman was clad in a formal dress and flashed Yvonne a professional smile.

Yvonne seemed flattered and said, "Yes, that’s me."

"Please follow me."

The elevator went straight to the top floor of the Weakriver Real Estate, and Yvonne felt that her heart was about to jump out. Although she had not signed the contract yet, she had already seen light at the end of the tunnel based on how she was treated.

When the elevator door opened, a middle-aged man had been waiting there for a long time.

"Hello Miss Sue, my name is Liam Jude, the person in charge of the west side project. I’m also responsible for the collaboration with your company," Liam introduced himself.

Yvonne was so stunned that she did not know what to do.

Liam smiled and continued, "The boss has plenty of social niceties to attend, so he doesn't usually show up. Please contact me if you have any questions, Miss Sue."

Yvonne shook her head again and again, and said anxiously, "No, no, no, I don’t have a problem. But... We haven't talked about the collaboration yet."

"According to the boss's instructions, the contract has been prepared and I’ve already signed it. If there’s no issue with the contract after you read it, can just go ahead and sign it, Miss Sue," Liam said.

"Ah!" Yvonne looked at Liam in astonishment. Although the owner of Weakriver Real Estate was a classmate of Samuel’s, Yvonne never dreamed that it would go so smoothly, or that Weakriver Real Estate had already prepared the contract!

"Mr. Jude,’re not kidding, are you?" Yvonne asked incredulously.

"Of course not, these are all the boss’ orders. Please come with me," Liam invited.

As she followed Liam into the office, Yvonne looked at the contract and found no problems. It was very profitable for the Sue family, and no real estate company on the market would make such tremendous concessions.

"Mr. Jude, are you sure you’re not kidding?" Yvonne felt like she was dreaming. If she could bring this contract back to the Sue family company, who else would dare to underestimate her and call her useless?

Liam handed his pen to Yvonne and said, "Of course it's not a joke. If you think everything’s agreeable, all you need to do is sign it."

Yvonne's mouth went dry. Everything went too smoothly, and it seemed that the relationship between Samuel and his classmate was quite good.

However, how did Samuel come to know such a powerful person?
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