Chapter 9

Several members of the Sue family stood up to speak for Harvey one after another. Yvonne smiled in anger after seeing how they imposed themselves due to their seniority. They were undoubtedly a bunch of shameless people. The agreement was Harvey’s suggestion, but she was the one who was accused of being in the wrong.

Would those people stand up and speak for her if the negotiation failed and Harvey wanted to drive her out of the Sue family?

"If you agree to bet, then you must accept your loss," the old lady said softly.

As soon as that sentence was spoken, the relatives who had been speaking up for Harvey faded away at once. They dared not utter anymore nonsense.

The discomfort in Harvey’s expression was as though he had eaten a pile of feces. Although he was incredibly reluctant, he would never dare to go back on his word after his grandmother had spoken.

He earnestly brought Yvonne a cup of tea and called out extremely grudgingly, "Elder Sister Yvonne."

With his head hung low, Harvey's eyes were sinister and he thought, ‘I’ll let you be smug this time, but from now on, don't even think about living your days in peace. I’m the most powerful person in the company. There are many ways for me to eliminate you if I wanted to. Sooner or later, I’ll return to you the shame you gave me.’

Yvonne took the tea but did not drink it. Instead, she put it on the conference table and said to the old lady, "Grandma, I’ll head back first and prepare all the information we need. I still need to discuss it with Liam tomorrow."

After the meeting ended, the other relatives were still reluctant to leave after Yvonne and the old lady left the meeting room.

"Harvey, you must find a way to destroy Yvonne's determination. You can't let her be put in an important position."

"Yeah, if she’s really responsible for the collaboration with Weakriver Real Estate, it might even affect your status."

Harvey's face turned gloomy. As those relatives mentioned, if Yvonne really did collaborate with Weakriver Real Estate, his position in the company would inevitably be affected.

"Don't worry, I’ll never let that woman succeed."

Yvonne and Samuel returned home.

Godfrey and Lydia were sitting nervously in the living room because their family was facing the turning point between life and death. Godfrey did not even dare to go to the meeting because he was afraid to see himself being driven out of the Sue family.

"Yvonne, how did it go?" Lydia asked guiltily.

Seeing her parents’ frightened looks, Yvonne smiled and said, "Don't worry. We won’t be kicked out of the Sue family."

Godfrey looked at Yvonne in astonishment, stood up, and asked in disbelief, "You... Did you really manage to negotiate the collaboration?"

"Yvonne, you did it?" Lydia had a dumbfounded expression too.

Yvonne nodded and glanced at Samuel. Everyone credited the success to her, but she was the only one who knew that Samuel made it happen. He was the real hero.

"Yes, the negotiation is complete and the contract has already been signed too," Yvonne said.

Lydia walked to Yvonne excitedly. She pushed Samuel away and animatedly said, "My dear daughter, Yvonne. Mom was in the wrong because Mom should’ve believed you."

"What did your grandma say, Yvonne? Did Harvey really serve you tea and water?" Godfrey suddenly regretted not attending the meeting. It was a damn shame that he missed out on seeing Harvey call her Elder Sister Yvonne.

"Grandma said ‘Good’ three times, and Harvey did bring me tea and water." Yvonne was very happy when she saw her parents happy.

If Yvonne was happy, Samuel would naturally be happy too.

However, Lydia was disgruntled when she saw Samuel's smile. She fired back coldly, "Why are you smiling? This is our Yvvone’s effort and has nothing to do with you."

Yvonne wanted to speak for Samuel, but she could only sigh when she saw Samuel shake his head.

"The both of you can rest assured that no one will drive us out of the Sue family."

"We’ll rest assured, we’ll rest assured. I didn't expect my daughter to show such promise. Mom is too happy."

Samuel was excluded from the happy family, so all he could do was head to the kitchen in silence.

That night, Harvey and his father went to the Sue family villa. He was not about to give Yvonne the luxury of changing her fortunes, hence the necessity to stop Yvonne's rise.

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