Chapter 10

"Grandma, are you really going to put Yvonne in charge of this?" Harvey said to Grandmother Sue as they sat in the living room.

The old lady put on a righteous air and said, "Since Yvonne is the one who negotiated this, it’s only natural to hand it over to her. Is there a problem with that?"

"Mom, you have to think carefully about this matter. Yvonne’s a woman, after all. It won’t be good for Harvey if she gains clout in the company," Lionel Sue said.

Grandmother Sue looked at the two men unhappily and said, "If there’s anything you wish to say, say it to my face. Don't beat around the bush."

"Grandma, even though Samuel entered into our Sue family, he’s still an outsider at the end of the day. It has been three whole years and he hasn’t accomplished anything before. Aren’t you afraid that our Sue family's industry will fall into the hands of this outsider if Yvonne takes control of the company?" Harvey asked.

"Yvonne doesn’t feel anything for that piece of trash. If I didn’t attach any importance to the Sue family’s reputation, I would’ve had them divorced long ago. The situation that you’re worried about will never happen," the old lady said.

Harvey gritted his teeth and continued, "Grandma, no one can tell what’ll happen in the future. We have to put our guards up. Since the contract has already been signed, it wouldn’t affect it if someone else replaces her. Do you want to bet the Sue family’s future on Yvonne and Samuel’s relationship?"

The old lady's expression became somber upon hearing that.

Although Yvonne and Samuel were married on paper only, in the future, no one could tell whether their relationship might turn for the better after they had pillow talk.

The west side project was very important to the Sue family because it could greatly enhance the status of the Sue family in Cloud City. It meant that anyone in charge of this project would potentially have a better position in the company next time.

If Yvonne won over the hearts of the people, the Sue family might actually fall into the hands of that outsider named Samuel.

"Grandma, Samuel has tolerated everything for so many years. I suspect that he’s doing it with a purpose. Maybe he’s just waiting for this day," Harvey continued adding fuel to the fire.

The old lady snorted coldly and said, "That rubbish dares to covet our Sue family's property? What a foolish dreamer. Let’s do this instead. You’ll be responsible for the project and I’ll give Yvonne a call right now."

Upon hearing those words, Harvey was delighted but still pretended to be calm on the surface. He replied, "Grandma, I’m not trying to take Yvonne’s credit. I’m just doing it for the sake of the Sue family."

At the old lady’s age, she had already gained lots of experience from the world. She could not possibly be oblivious to Harvey’s thoughts.

"You don't need to say such unnecessary things. I know what you’re thinking. Also, don't try to play tricks in front of me next time. That tea cake isn’t even fit to be fed to a pig," the old lady shot back sharply.

Harvey nodded again and again before saying, "You’re right, Grandma. From now on, I’ll do things earnestly."

Yvonne was gathering the information they needed when the phone call from her grandma struck her like lightning.

Although the collaboration was negotiated easily, she was the one who went and did the negotiation. How could it be handed over to Harvey for no reason?

"Grandma, I... "

"Enough. I’ve already decided. You can take a leave tomorrow."

Yvonne gritted her teeth with hatred as she listened to the dial tone on the phone. She knew Harvey must have done something sneaky behind her back to make their grandma replace her.

Not long later, her phone rang again, with a call from Harvey, that time.

When she answered the phone, she heard Harvey's proud voice, "Yvonne, you didn’t think that you’d get the chance to change your fortunes, did you? Well, let me tell you that you’ll forever live beneath my feet in your entire life."

"Harvey, you despicable, shameless, and vile man. I was the one who negotiated this collaboration," Yvonne said unwillingly.

"And what of it? Grandma asked me to be responsible. Are you brave enough to voice any objections? Logically speaking, I should be the one saying thank you, because without you, I would never have had the chance to be responsible for this project. But who was it that made us into enemies? You’re destined to be useless in this life with that good-for-nothing. In fact, it’s good that way. You just need to get by your life, eat, and wait until you die. You don’t even need to— "

Yvonne hung up before Harvey finished speaking. She was so angry that her hair stood on end.

Grandmother Sue had decided, and Yvonne knew that she could not change a thing. Harvey was showing off before her, and she could not do anything about it.

"AGGGGHHHHH!" Yvonne roared in despair.

The noise shocked Godfrey and Lydia, who ran from the room into the living room.

"Yvonne, what's the matter? Did Samuel bully you?" Lydia asked nervously. Although Samuel and Yvonne were married for three years, Lydia knew that Yvonne had never let Samuel touch her in those three years. Moreover, Lydia did not want her baby daughter to be ruined in the hands of trash like Samuel.

"What's the matter?" Godfrey asked nervously too.

Yvonne was just venting out for a moment because reality was already foreordained. She said, "Nothing, I'm just feeling depressed and I wanted to vent my feelings for a bit."

"Why are you depressed? You’ve already negotiated the contract with Weakriver Real Estate. You’ll be responsible for this project in the future and our family's status in the company will definitely climb higher and higher. You should be happy," Godfrey said and smiled.

"Dad, grandma didn’t allow me to head this project and has already replaced the person-in-charge. Harvey will be taking over," Yvonne said dejectedly.

"What!" Godfrey exclaimed in shock. Yvonne was clearly the one who negotiated the contract. How could Harvey be given that responsibility?

Lydia jumped with anger and cursed, "That bastard Harvey must’ve gone to your grandma's place to smear your name again. This is unacceptable. I'm going to talk to him."

Seeing that Lydia was about to rush out of the house, Godfrey quickly grabbed her and said, "My mother has already decided on this. What use is there for you to go and look for Harvey?"

"What use is there? We’re always compromising. Are we really going to let him ride on our heads all the time? Godfrey, is there a limit to how spineless you can be?" Lydia roared hoarsely.

Godfrey was too afraid to speak again, so Yvonne had to interfere, "Dad’s right, Mom. It's useless for you to go and kick up a fuss."

"We’re just going to forget it, then? You worked so hard to negotiate the collaboration and you’re just going to let Harvey have it? You’re willing to let that happen?" Lydia asked.

Yvonne was certainly unwilling of course, but her grandmother had the final say in matters regarding the company. Even if she could not accept it, all she could do was swallow her breath.

At that point, Samuel appeared at the door of the room and said to Yvonne, "Don't worry, no one else can be responsible for this project except you."

Lydia was already furious, and she got even angrier when she saw Samuel. She lambasted coldly, "This is our family's business and has nothing to do with you. No one thinks you’re dumb if you don't speak."

Yvonne became anxious—the collaboration succeeded with Samuel’s help, but Lydia showed such a terrible attitude toward him.

"Mom, go to sleep. I’ll figure out a solution for this," Yvonne said.

Lydia was incredibly upset and sleeping was the last thing on her mind. Godfrey had to drag her back to the room.

Yvonne returned to her room, closed the door, and said to Samuel, "I'm sorry about my mother. She doesn't know anything, that’s why she’s—"

"If I minded, I would’ve run away from home a long time ago," Samuel said indifferently.

Run away from home?

Those four words struck her heart. Did he actually consider that place as his home?

"People laugh at you, roll their eyes at you, ridicule you, and mock you every single day. Don’t you feel offended by it at all?" Yvonne asked.

"You endured much more than I did. What right do I have to feel offended?"

Yvonne stood blankly on the spot when she heard those words. She covered her face with her hands and burst into tears.

‘You... Did you endure all that because of me?’

The next day, Harvey wore the most expensive suit in his closet and stood like a dog at the door of the company to welcome Liam's arrival.

Although the contract had already been signed, the meeting that was to happen on that day was equally as important. The key was to ensure that Liam accepted the changing of the person-in-charge.

Harvey was confident that he could replace Yvonne because his position was higher than Yvonne in the company. He had more authority to speak, and it would definitely make Liam feel that the Sue family attached great importance to their collaboration.

Harvey was eager to come forward and greet Liam when he saw the latter coming from a distance.

"Hello Mr. Jude. My name is Harvey, and I’m the one in charge of this project on behalf of the Sue family," Harvey stretched out his hand and introduced himself in a gentlemanly manner.

Liam stretched out his hand and Harvey was overjoyed. Liam seemed to have accepted that the person-in-charge had been replaced. Yvonne was only able to negotiate their collaboration through sheer luck, and it did not matter whether she was present or not.
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