Chapter 8

The old lady looked straight at Yvonne and even asked her assistant to bring her reading glasses over.

The Sue family relatives craned their necks and wanted to see the contents of the contract, as they did not believe that Yvonne could actually negotiate for a collaboration. Almost everyone there showed up at Weakriver Real Estate, but they never even got to meet the boss. How could Yvonne manage to do so?

Her status in the Sue family was a low one and she had always been unwelcomed. No one treated Yvonne as their relative, but what if she gets the attention of the old lady after negotiating the cooperation?

Among them, the person who was most unwilling to believe it was Harvey. If Yvonne managed to negotiate the cooperation, it meant that in the future, he would have to serve tea to Yvonne and address her as Elder Sister Yvonne. It was humiliating for him.

"Yvonne, you forged a contract all by yourself? Who would want to believe you? I don’t think you’ve even met the owner of Weakriver Real Estate," Harvey said sarcastically.

"Yes, I didn’t meet the owner of Weakriver Real Estate." The person in charge of the west side project was Liam Jude, and he had also mentioned how the boss was very busy, something which Yvonne could understand.

When Yvonne said that, the Sue family's relatives became restless and started exchanging glances with each other.

"Yvonne, how dare you make a fake contract just to lie to us."

"I never imagined you’d do this kind just so you won’t be kicked out of the Sue family."

"Do you take us for fools? You’re lying to us with a fake contract?"

They were all angry and riled up. Yvonne was treated as though she was the enemy and everyone gritted their teeth with hatred.

Harvey’s super nervous expression instantly relaxed and he looked at Yvonne like she was an idiot. He then said, “To think that you’d resort to such methods. Are you worried that you’ll be kicked out of the Sue family? I’d think so. Your family of three, plus that garbage son-in-law, would find it difficult to even eat without the Sue family. Don’t worry though, I won’t be too heartbroken. If you’re really too hungry, I’ll give you some food as charity.”

The others laughed when they heard that and echoed in acknowledgment, "Yeah, we can still give you some food."

Instead of getting angry, Yvonne smiled and said, "You don’t have a say on whether the contract is true or false. Even if I didn’t meet the Weakriver Real Estate’s boss, the person in charge of the west side project is Liam Jude. It’s his signature on the contract.

"I'm not a fool and I’ll never treat Grandma as a fool. Do you think I’ll do something like forge a contract?"

Harvey's heart trembled and his face was as pale as paper.

Forging a contract made no sense at all and would even anger grandma. How could Yvonne even do such a thing?

Could she have succeeded in the negotiations?

"We went nowhere with the negotiation, Yvonne. How could you— "

Grandmother Sue raised her hand before Harvey could finish his words.

The old lady looked up at Yvonne and asked, "Liam did sign this contract with you. Is our company really going to supply the materials for the west side project?"

"I’ve already invited Liam to our company tomorrow, Grandma. You’ll know whether it’s real or not when the time comes," Yvonne replied.

The old lady smiled. “Good good good.”

The Sue family’s relatives heard those three words. Their chests were like huge bells that had been struck, and it made them feel very uncomfortable.

Since Yvonne actually received praise from Grandmother Sue, she might even be given an important position within the family instead of being chased out. However, none of them wanted her to step on their heads.

"I didn't expect you to be lucky, Yvonne. I’m surprised you succeeded," Harvey admitted begrudgingly. Weakriver Real Estate’s people would be coming over to their company the next day, and even if he refused to believe it, he did not think that Yvonne would say that kind of meaningless big talk.

"You didn’t forget what you said, did you?" Yvonne said.

Harvey gritted his teeth and said, "You just got lucky this time, Yvonne. I would’ve succeeded too if I went. Do you really want me to serve you your tea and water?"

Harvey was wholeheartedly reluctant to do such shameful things because he was the most powerful person in the Sue family. Besides, he had the most ground for hope to inherit the chairman position. There was no way he would serve tea to Yvonne.

"Don't cross the line, Yvonne, and don’t think that you can ride on Harvey's head after a little bit of luck."

"Yeah. Are you really regarding yourself as a hero now? Who knows, I might have been able to do it too."

"Yvonne, as your elder, let me advise you to let this matter go. You’re just lucky, that’s all."

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