Not All The Great are Famous

Not All The Great are Famous

By:  Blackpepperpinch  Completed
Language: English
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A powerful organization chases and want to kill their former leader/friend who betrayed them 7 years ago. But they didn't know, the man they want to kill is the person behind their success, who sacrificed his own happiness for the sake of them, and his beloved woman. Supreme Boss: This would be your end. I will make you suffer until your last breath!

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wow amazing. you are great author.
2021-10-21 06:05:49
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when are next chapter this one is different and plzz not let him marry one women let him marry all
2021-07-29 09:21:59
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..."an interesting one..!! looks great!!
2021-06-27 07:56:56
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" interesting one...!! looks great..!!
2021-06-27 07:56:14
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Alia Sandra
wow.. very awesome Book. like this story!
2021-05-04 23:52:36
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Rejie Desposado
it's really a great novel.
2021-06-10 00:51:18
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Kashika Jain
absolutely stunning
2021-06-13 17:56:04
78 Chapters
chapter 1
This is the time where the whole island of Velmont was in the middle of a bloody war between different groups. The Era in which is still being debated over who deserves to rule the entire island. One night in an abandoned building near the pier, a secret meeting took place. "Jin, are you sure what you're going to do?" Said the man in his 50's wearing descent clothes. He is Mr. Martin, a butler of a wealthy clan.  "Yes Mr. Martin" Said the young man as he turned his back on Mr Martin. He is Jin, leader of a well known gang in Velmont island.  "What if your plan fails? Asked Mr. Martin.  Jin smiled slightly, then turned to Mr. Martin and said, "It won't happen, I have faith on them." Jin said as if he was sure of what he was saying.   - At Haremlap Village. Seven years later...   People are so busy in the market. Each sides of road are full of different kinds of goods. There are fish, fruits,
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Chapter 2
"Hehehe... It's great." Said the man with an obscene look on Catrina's body and face. He is Benjoe, the leader of the bandits.Benjoe is about 6'5 in height and has a dark skin; his belly was big but his chest and the muscles in his arm were solid. He looks strong with his bald head and black mustache. He grabbed Catrina's left hand and lifted it, then he wrapped his right arm around Catrina's waist and pulled it closer to his body causing Catrina's feet to no longer touch the ground. Catrina became even more frightened and her tears began to flow."Miss beautiful... Come with me. I'll take you to paradise you won't forget. We're just the two of us there of course, and I'll definitely make you happy. What do you think?" Benjoe offers with intense lust to Catrina. In that moment, Catrina's heart beat faster. She was enveloped in fear. She found it hard to speak in front of Benjoe but she forced herself to answer while crying and with a tr
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Chapter 3
Benjoe's scary face suddenly appeared as Elroy removed his fist. He was smiling like an evil clown with glaring eyes. He was looking at Elroy."Ahhh!!"Unexpectedly,Elroy cried out in intense pain that he felt because of Benjoe's attack on him that he did not expect. he sank as fast as a bullet on the concrete road in front of Benjoe. It was filled with dust and some of the small stones spewed on the faces of those around so they covered their faces."What hit me? Elroy asked himself. Almost his whole body hurt but he didn't know how it happened. The only thing he remembers is the time he removed his fist from Benjoe's face, and he saw his ugly face. After that, he didn't know what happened next. "Sir!" Shouted Elroi's companions then they rushed towards Benjoe. Benjoe was calm, he didn't even have the slightest bit of nervousness. Instead of being scared, he was excited seeing them and said, "go ahead! Meet your death! Ha
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Chapter 4
Jin just looked at them as if unaffected. Jin backed away to avoid the first one rushing at him while bowing to avoid the second.. He did the evasion and avoidance several times as if the fight was not serious. He was entertaining to watch at that moment .. "He was so good." Catrina thought. The disciple is almost as fast as Benjoe so it's  difficult for the average person to follow their movements. But Elroy sitting while leaning to one side could clearly see it. But not when it comes to Jin's extreme speed. It was like electricity moving from different places so the bandits couldn't even lay a finger on him. After a few seconds, he started his move to defeat Benjoe's disciples. The bandits flew into the air because of a powerful punch and kick. They fell to the ground like iron balls came from a tall building. "ahH!" "Ahhh!" "Ahhh!" Shouts of bandits writhing in pain.The villagers were amazed at what they saw.
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Chapter 5
Catrina also worked hard to help Jin and decided to join them every day. She became the one who handed over the nails and other equipment that Jin needed.  Elroy's job was to watch over Catrina while she was on vacation in the village. Catrina decided to help Jin when she found out that Jin would be a carpenter. Catrina came from a rich family so she wasn't familiar with that kind of work. She was too excited to help Jin and also for the fun and unique experience, while she is in the village.    - At Bison Island, 3rd part of the country.    A vast area made up of huge mountains and giant trees. This is the third part of the country of which, half is led by the Bison Tribes and the other half is led by the Bison’s Cult. These two groups are mortal enemies. "South ground Master Joeben, your brother refused to avenge against his opponent, he said we can't handle his opponent even if you two are together." Said a
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Chapter 6
    Catrina saw the five men was almost behind Elroy "Master!" Said Elroy, nervously. "They're about to catch us!"    Jin turned to Elroy and said, "Speed up your run. Don't let them catch you."    Elroy's eyes widened and became more nervous, so he ran even faster. "Holy cow! What kind of people are those chasing us? Even Master Jin is afraid of them." Elroy thought.   After a few minutes of chasing through a vast cornfield, they were stranded on a cliff where only rocks, and a deep ravine could be found, so they had nowhere to run.   "damn what should we do? ..." Elroy said softly, with a trace of fear on his face  while looking down the gorge.   "This place is perfect." Jin said while having a big smile on his face.   Elroy was stunned by what Jin said, as was Catrina who was taken down by Jin after saying those wor
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Chapter 7
  However, before he could do so, he was hit by Jin's kick, and he quickly lost consciousness. When Zunggo's comrades saw this, they immediately rushed to Jin but Jin easily knocked them down. "Elroi, are you alright?" Jin asked worriedly. Elroi was very weak at that time and gradually had difficulty breathing. "Master ... Catrina." Elroi said then completely fainted. "What?" Jin asked before he turned to look at Catrina but, he was shocked to see Catrina carried by a man who used a blowgun a while ago, riding a giant bird. It has flown away so far that it is impossible to stop. "Catrina!" shouted Jin, but Catrina had no response because of a scent that put her to sleep. Jin was furious at that moment. He doesn't expected that it would happen. "I've been too complacent." Jin said to himself. Jin looked at the other men and asked angrily, "You! Why didn't you tell me you have another companion hiding!" "Ah ... Eh ..." The three
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Chapter 8
    On the other hand, under large trees, an intense air battle takes place. Jin is chased by Joeben's disciples in their respective winlaxes, and they  are trying to prevent Elroy and Jin, from reaching Joeben's place. Jin and Elroi continue to dodge and defend, with spears and arrows thrown at them, by the bison's tribe disciples. Elroi uses his silver Axe for protection and Jin uses the wooden spear that he caught by throwing it at him.   The Bison's tribe lives in the old culture and costume. Most of their male warriors wore black ethnic Bahag and have no top, as if they are jungle people. Some of them are also wearing old fashioned jeans that they stole from the neighboring islands. All of them except the woman have no top, so their tattoo symbol of their tribe can be clearly seen on their body.    After 20 minutes of flying, Jin and Elroi successfully arrived in front of Joeben’s large hut. It was th
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Chapter 9
    Joeben's forehead gradually wrinkled and a vein started to appear in his neck and face, because of Jin's silly answers.  "You're really exhausting my patience! Don't blame me for being harsh!" Joeben yelled. In the blink of an eye, Joeben released his giant kanabo from his spiritual power, to end Jin's life immediately. When Joeben raised his giant kanabo to beat Jin, he heard a voice from somewhere, "Stop!"  "But Joeben didn't listen to it or even look at who was speaking. Instead, he continued to beat Jin out of his annoyance! "It's your end!" rawr! "I said stop!" Unexpectedly, a man launched a body blow so Joeben's weapon didn't hit Jin's head. "Aaah!" "I told you to stop but you didn't! You are bold to defy me! " Unknown man said.  Joeben's disciples' eyes widened as their jaws dropped when they saw who the man was, "Oh no! The royal elite! Lord Paysu!" Said a dis
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Chapter 10
 "The King! "Shouted Paysu and the four other elites. They were worried when they saw that the explosion came from the Bison's Tribe sky palace. They quickly ran fast then jumped high and one by one they were caught in the air by their respective winlax. The Bison’s tribe sky palace is a palace and settlement built on top of giant trees. There are five giant trees there that can be seen lined up in a circle. You can see another giant tree in the middle of those five giant trees. They built wooden building structure on each tree attached to each other, so a palace and community were formed on top of said trees."Listen! Take my my friends Elroi and Catrina to a safe place, and please treat their injuries. You can't do mistakes!" Jin commanded the disciples of the Bison's tribe, then rides well on a winlax. "Yes sir!" Disciples shouted in unison. - Inside the Palace.  
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