Not So Cinderella

Not So Cinderella

By:  Jojo Quinn  Ongoing
Language: English
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The tale of college girl who was orphaned for a sad reason struggled to pay her tuition. She got a job as a nanny of twins to a widowed mother. The family was rich and influential. There was a ball. Lathrina Mevens aka Lacey was forced to attend. She danced with the prince and ran when the clock stuck twelve. Sounds familiar right? Not quite. Lacey would rather die than wear the crown and it turns out that the Royal Family has many darks secrets than Lacey is willing to be involved in.

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5 Chapters
  "Lacey? Can you come down for a sec?" Lacey's dad called. He placed a hand on her mother's leg to calm her down. "Yeah?" Lacey answered with a bored tone like the almost fifteen years old teenager she was. "Come sit down". He instructed.   Lacey raised an eyebrow but sat down anyways. He cleared his throat, "I know how hard moving to Pennsylvania was on you", he started, "now before we talk, we wanted you to know that Granny would be just fine". "Yes!" She cheered with her fists in the air, "when is she coming? Is she really cured? Should I get her a present? Would she get me a present? I mean my birthday is coming up. I could..."   Her Mom coughed loudly. Lacey sank back into her seat. She rambled a lot. "Granny can't come to visit", her Dad sighed, "actually the doctors said she only had a few months or few years left". That was a bombshell. She couldn't make out any words so her parents took that as an encouragement to carr
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Lacey wore a big smile as she walked through the double doors of the mansion. She was left speechless as soon as she entered the gates. She did her research on Hespsters but it felt more real with her eyes on it.  How did she end up here? After the accident, she was found by her granny three days later. Her granny was loaded some years back but she used up all money for her cancer treatment and donation to the orphanage. The only thing she had to her name was her two bedroom bungalow.  Lacey had to finish her highschool here. She turned into a ghost after her parents death so she never had any highschool friends or memories. Sydney came along when she was applying for college.Sydney's parent fell in love with who Lacey was and pleaded with her to share the flat that she would be renting. Sydney paid for the year but Lacey promised to work her bone off to pay her half. Nobody was in
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 It's been three weeks since Lacey had been working for the Hespsters. The loved her and she loved them. She was excited as schools were to go on holiday soon. Sydney would be busy with her modeling and Lacey was not looking forward to staying alone during the break. Her job was saving her from that.  She wore a big smile when she walked in. She arrived around eight in the evening. She had to help Syd with her last minute trip. Syd was staying with her parents for the weekend and she refused to pack earlier. She was surprised to here shuffling. The house was normally quiet.  "Dear!" Merinda attacked her in a hug, "I'm so glad you're here. The boys need help". "Of course" Lacey smiled before moving upstairs. "Whoa!" She paused. Their rooms were messes. Suit jackets, pants and ties were everywhere. "What happened here?" She asked them. They were both in Nathan's room. "Mom!" They announced like it was rehearsed.&
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Calvin woke up with trumpets that announced that it was his birthday. He groaned and ran a hand through his hair. His life kind of sucked. He knew that guys his age would be making plans to get some at the end of the night. He was saddled with responsibilities especially since he was his mother's favorite.    He yawned and rushed into the bathroom before the remote controlled maids attacked him. He hated how programmed they were. They followed orders and none of their words were original. He sighed. Maybe being the Prince was a punishment for something he did in his past life.    He dressed in a button up shirt that exposed his chest and a pair of loose pants. His hair wasn't fully dried so it tousled in front of his face. He had the face of a Greek god (according to the media and his millions of fans). To be honest, most people didn't believe in his father's policies but the hotness of his son seemed to be a compensation. 
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Lacey didn't know why but her legs wouldn't stop moving. She was running and Prince Calvin was yelling her name. Her left heel slid off. She bent to pick it and again she locked eyes with him. She abandoned the shoe and jumped into the cab. "Drive! Drive! Drive!" She yelled at the driver. Once the car was in motion, Lacey released a breath she didn't know she was holding.   "Is everything okay?" The middle aged man asked. "I'm fine for now". She replied still panting. "Was that the prince who was chasing after you?"   "Yeah" she paused, "do you know about the laws of this kingdom?"   "A few. Why did you ask? I certainly hope I am not an accomplice to a crime?"   "Trust me, that would have been better. I thought the royals only performed ceremonial duties?"   "That's the lie they tell foreign countries. The prime minister is just for show. They have absolute powers". "Shit" she sw
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