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"I love you very much dad, but we've talked about this. I'm not getting married now... or later even, so stop trying to convince me, it won't work." Meet Amelia Phidelia Naa Shika Washington, a twenty-six year old black american woman who has assured herself and everyone else around her that she would never be tied down to any man in marriage. But despite her staunch belief in her assertion, her mother, Kelly Shirley Washington... a loving, religious mum, and drama queen extraordinaire seems to have other plans. "AMELIA, WHAT IS THIS I'M HEARING ABOUT YOU NOT WANTING TO GET MARRIED? YOU'RE STILL GOING ON WITH THIS FOOLISH TALK? DON'T SAY THAT! YOU'LL SURELY GET MARRIED IN JESUS NAME!!" Watch the drama unfold, as Mia battles her mother in a never-ending clash of wills, while dealing with an uncontrollable crush on her boss, and a huge pain in her ass... Antonio Valdez. This is war. But who will emerge victorious? Why don't you read and find out?

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Author's note and acknowledgment
Hello everyone, and welcome to my story.🤗🤗🤗Okay, so to begin with, I would like to thank you very much for checking this book out, it means more to me than you'll ever know. Here are a few ground rules, before we delve into the good stuff. *Winks conspiratorially*
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Chapter one- How many times?
"I love you very much dad, but we've talked about this." I groaned out for the umpteenth time. "I'm not getting married now... or later even so stop trying to convince me, it won't work."I just didn't get it.Why the trend of trying to force women
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Chapter two- Liam, Laurie, and the Sales Ninja
"I almost regretted going back to bed, Lee. Could you believe I nearly missed the alarm?" I asked my best friend Liam on the phone as I made my way downstairs, fully dressed in work clothes.Now I know what you're thinking. Yes, Liam is a guy, and no, he isn't gay.We just happen to be a part of the minority.
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Chapter three- The bad- no the not so bad news
"I know by now, everyone has heard the rumor going around the office that Retro-Corp has been sold so, I'm here to clarify the issue." He began, his spectacled eyes seeking everyone's out as we all held our breaths in anticipation. "The rumors are true. Retro-Corp has been sold-"The poor man was cut off by loud groans and cries of despair.
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Chapter four- Late movie night
I dropped Lauretta off at the nearest bus stop while apologizing for like the thousandth time. "I'm sorry once again, Laurie... I would have dropped you off at home, but-""I know, love. And for the thousandth time, I said it's alright... you weren't supposed to come this way at all but you did anyway just so you could drop me off at my bus stop." She stated gratefully, opening the backdoor to grab her handbag. "I'll call you when I get home." She said after she had closed the door. I gave her a quick nod, "You better do, bye girl!"I pulled up at the restaurant almost thirty minutes late because I took a detour but I knew Lee would understand. I had called him during lunch break to change our venue for hanging out since my big mouth had told mama about his new girlfriend. We could have gone straight to his house but he had wanted us to get dinner first since he was a horrible cook and I was too tired to whip us something.
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Chapter five- Mama meets my "husband" in her dreams
"Mia?" I heard someone whisper in my sleep. Who could be trying to wake me up at this time? I didn't know what time it was, but I was absolutely positive it wasn't morning yet.Was it an angel, perhaps?Nah. Probably not.An angel would be much more considerate, seeing as I had crawled into bed at almost one a.m."Mia, wake up." I heard the voice try again. I let out a small moan."Mia, I need to tell you something. I had a dream.""Martin Luther King? Is that you?" I managed to murmur sleepily, groaning in dismay when the voice pulled the covers off my body. Now, I was convinced that definitely wasn't Martin. He wouldn't be that mean. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to get them accustomed to the blinding lights only to stare into the beautiful eyes of...My mother."Oh good. You're finally up." She clapped gleefully.
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Chapter six- The new boss
Did I say it was going to be a great day?Yes?I take that back. I absolutely wasn't prepared for the barrage of negativity that rained down on me from the moment I finished talking to Marie till the end of the freaking day.For starters, I waltzed into my office in a much better mood only to see Lauretta chewing off her fingernails in desperation. She did that when she was nervous, and so did I but that was beside the point."Where were you?" She quizzed as she got up from her chair and began to pace frantically."Jeez, I just went to freshen up and get some coffee into my system, why're you so nervous?""Mia-"I cut her off with a loud sigh as I collapsed into my swivel chair. "You have no idea what happened to m—""WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP FOR A MOMENT AND LET ME SPEAK?" Lauretta screamed in desperation.
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Chapter seven- Babysitting and the confession
"You're honestly the best." Anastasia, my sister hurriedly muttered as she kissed my cheek and practically dashed out of her house. She had called me on such short notice that, she had been afraid I would have other plans, which I luckily didn't but to be honest, even if I did, I'd probably cancel just so I could babysit my lovely nephew and niece.I was the cool aunt after all, remember? Their aunt on their father's side was lovely, but she didn't seem like the type to get her hands dirty with baby poo, no offence. At first glance, you'd think Melissa was one of those empty arrogant airheads who were obsessed with their social media-perfect life, and she was, but hers was quite alright. Plus, she lived all the way in England, so she rarely visited."AUNTY MIA!!!" I doubled over with an "oomph" as six-year-old Ronnie crushed me in a tight hug, his baby sister Adriana waddling to join him in the action. I lifted her up with one a
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Chapter eight- Men's cars breakdown too
It should rain unicorns today.Or if that's a bit too much, some other unique thing could occur instead, like... I don't know, maybe a green sunset or something just as spectacular.Why, you might be wondering?Well, simply because I woke up before my alarm, and let me tell you, that has never happened before. Like ever.What can I say, a girl needs her beauty sleep.I stepped out of the shower, lightly dabbing a towel over my body, while simultaneously trying to tie another towel over my wet curls. I then proceeded to moisturize all over and then slipped on a pair of nude panties with a bra to match. Settling heavily into the chair in front of my dressing mirror, I braced myself for the hardest task of the century...Detangling my extremely tousled mane of curls.Now, I don't know about you, but for me, detangling my
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Chapter nine- Don't you have anything better to do?
 Hello lovely readers, alright so the first part is in Antonio's point of view. Please don't forget to vote and comment and share as well. ♥️♥️ Antonio’s POVI couldn’t believe that after trying to stay away from Amelia Washington for so long, I was the one now desperately seeking her out, and so far, I’ve been anything but successful. I don’t know, but there’s just something about this girl that draws me to her, and I’m not talking about her beauty. Sure, she’s beautiful, but this connection seems to be radiating from her spirit; she’s got this fire about her that makes her… different, in a good way of course.Dio! I’m blabbing again, aren’t I? [Translation: God]Yes, like a pussy-whipped man in love. My subconscious mocked darkly.I didn’t like Amelia! No, I didn’t. She was just an interesting person to be around, very infuriati
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