20. Lucia

Giovanni is being kind to me.

I don’t know why or how this started, but he’s even started joining me for dinner in the evenings. Of course, he would leave straight after, but even as we sat there, he would ask me questions about myself.

Like he wants to know me. I am probably being delusional about things, but how can I not feel optimistic about things when they’re looking up? Even when I had my panic attacks, he would be right there, breathing with me through it. They’ve stopped now, so I don’t know if he comes to bed at night anymore. But it doesn’t bother me; my husband is showing my kindness for some or other reason.

When I walk out of the bathroom, my heart leaps into my throat when I see the burgundy and yellow bouquet of flowers on my nightstand. Unable to keep the smile on my face as I approach the flowers, my hands shake as I pick them up, I see a note left and open it.

“I won’t be able to join you for Cena tonight, I hope this makes up for it. -G”

That little burst of ho
J. Tarr

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Curly Fables
I'm feeling bad for Emilia. She really was my rolemodel, too... I was also trying to gain some confidence like her. I presumed that she'll marry for love :(
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Lei Esturas
so sad Emelia is not a tough girl anymore..thanks for the update..
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Angela Pickrem
What a great story so far . Cant wait for more chapters

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