26 - Emilia

God, I am so nervous.

We’re on the jet right now, on our way to meet up with Gio, and I don’t know what to feel. The last time I saw him I vowed that I’d never forgive him for trading me to Kaius. Now I kind of have to thank him for it.

I look down at my tiny swollen belly and wonder how the heck I didn’t notice it before I got a test. Now that I know I’m pregnant, it’s like every other symptom decided to make itself known. Morning sickness feels like pure death, and don’t even get me started on my moodiness.

Poor Kaius gets the brunt of it, but I usually make it up to him in a way he appreciates.

“Are you still nervous?” he squeezes my hand as he asks me and I nod.

“I never wanted to see him again and now we’re going to tell him about us,” I say with a nervous chuckle. “He’ll probably call it Stockholm Syndrome.”

No, that’s not even a probability. He will definitely say that.

“Well, I suppose we’ll find out in the next few minutes,” Kaius says, and the pilot lets us know we’re about
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This chapter was really sweet.
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I love the partners the brothers got .I'm excited about there marriage arrangements

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