28 - Emilia

“What about this one?”

“It’s cute,”

“And this one?” I ask, holding up nothing at all.

“Yes, that’s adorable, Angel.”

I place my hands on my hips and raise my eyebrow as I watch Kaius scroll through his phone and not look at me at all. We’re currently out baby and maternity clothes shopping as well as buying some things for the nursery.

Yes, he may be a big, bad mob boss but that doesn’t mean he gets off easy when it comes to shopping for these things.

“Kaius,” I say his name but all he does is say ‘hmm?’ without looking up from his cell phone. When I don’t respond to this and keep quiet, he eventually looks up at me with a frown. “Seriously?!”

“What?” he asks, looking genuinely confused. “I answered you, didn’t I?”

I breathe out a sigh and push the shopping cart away. “You know what, fuck this,” I say and walk away from him. My patience is already paper thin with everything that’s been going on, and now he can’t even help me with this.

“Wait, Emilia,” he calls after me, but I ignore
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goodnovel comment avatar
Victoria is a bigger person now Emilia need to tell her brother about drugs and the traffic trade.
goodnovel comment avatar
That was good of Victoria.

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