25 - Kaius

Emilia has been odd the entire day, and now that I’ve offered to take her out to dinner for the first time, she seems even more anxious.

It’s been nearly three months since we eliminated Ivan and his threat and I have slowly started integrating Emilia into the daily life of a Romanian crime boss. She’s taken to it with surprisingly good ease and my men seem to love her spunky attitude.

So why is she being so odd right now?

“You look fine, Angel,” I say and take her hand over the center console. “Stop fidgeting with your dress, you look beautiful.”

She finally offers me a smile and nods. “Thank you.”

Okay, wait, something is definitely wrong. She would normally give me more attitude than that, but now she’s just…docile and Emilia is everything but not docile.

When we reach the restaurant, I get out and open the door for her. She looks beautiful no matter what she does. Even stepping out of a car makes her seem regal; my woman, and I feel proud to say it out loud.

The soft glow of the
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ashlye bobbitt
Will the other brothers have stories?
goodnovel comment avatar
baby on the way does it mean a wedding too. also family needs to know and they need to get a upper hand on this female sniper. she's angry about something or someone is paying her heavy money to eliminate all others
goodnovel comment avatar
I knew she was pregnant or was going to be. They wasn’t having safe sex.

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