By:  Ari Rama  Ongoing
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The life that Elita once knew was not all that it seemed, after the death of her mother Ashina, her dying wish was for her daughter to move to Brushwind town, the town in which her mother grew up in, Unknown to Elita this simple move changed her life in ways she never imagined. Falling in love with Dame Adolphus was just the beginning of the start of a new journey in her life, as their relationship grows, she starts to discover that she shares a special bond with Alpha Gabriel Hemming later discovering a huge secret about him, and also discovering the truth about her mother's death. A story about love, betrayal, heartbreak, shocking revelations. Get ready to go on a rollercoaster ride with Elita and discovering her true identity.

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9 Chapters
ELITA’S BEDROOM BUSHWIND TOWN 16:50PM Staring at each other for what felt like eternity, thousands of questions, running through my mind but one particular one runs through my mind,how this man find my house? “Are you just going to stare at me” I say crossing my arms displeased “Why so cold princess” Dame says with amusement “Cold seriously! You are literally in my room uninvited” I stand idle with my arms crossed “I would apologise but you also have a thing of inviting yourself into places that don’t concern you” he says with the same plastered amused look on his face “Elita” he says making me jump in fear not recalling a time I made my name public knowledge “How-” I say with my statement being cut short “You think I'm some stalker you literally have your name framed in big bold writing behind you” he says slightly chuckling intensifying my frustratration and turning around for confirmation. “Okay, what do you want” I say annoyed at the fact my privacy has b
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BUSHWIND TOWN CRIME SCENE 10:30AM “Miss Wilson, can you tell us what happened here” I ask the young lady shaking out of fear and shock standing at the crime scene “I....don't....know...my.... shop” Miss Wilson says struggling to find her words whilst a steam of tears covers her face “Is there anything at all you can try to remember” Reynolds questions her in hope of getting some answers. Taking her time to find her words, but the shock takes over her entire body “Okay its fine Miss Wilson you just wait here we will get someone to attend to you” I reassure her and calming her nerves as she slightly nods her head. I walk across to the other side out of sight of Miss Wilson, with Reynolds following behind. “Honestly this is getting out of hand the number of dead bodies being scattered around town has been too much” I say pacing up and down agitated. “Calm down okay” Reynolds says in attempt to calm me down and holding both my hands bringing my body to ease. “Okay...thank yo
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BUSHWIND TOWN FOREST 22:30PM My heart was beating so fast with every beat getting faster, it was almost as if I’m living an out of body experience. I don’t how to feel, I don’t how to think, and I also forgot how to move for a second. Currently standing in the middle of the forest face to face to a creature so unhuman, I creature like no other, staring deeply into my crystalline eyes. I lost complete control of my body, every step I took felt like someone else took over, but one thing we have in common is using our instincts quickly without blinking an eyelid I ran so fast, faster than I ever have in my entire life some would say even my entire career. 30 minutes later “Dame what is your problem” Vanessa rants as she follows behind Dame into the pack house “Are you seriously going to ignore me right now” Vanessa says following closely behind Dame with every step, stamping her heels against the wooden floor, as Dame pours himself a beer and quickly drowns it without warning.
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WIND’S CAFE BUSHWIND TOWN 11:00AM The next day “I heard this is the best café in town” I say as me and Marcus walk towards the Wind’s café “Nothing beats this place” Marcus says holding the door open for me as he follows behind me “Frank my guy I want the usual please” Marcus says as he dabs one of the workers working behind the counter “I didn't know they were hiring beautiful detectives now” Frank says whilst looking at me directly looking at me up and down which makes me slightly giggle, with the interaction causing Marcus giving Frank a deadly stare, “Can I get a caramel latte please” I say cutting the awkward tension and shooting Frank a friendly smile, as he walks away leaving me alone with Marcus “What was that all about” I say diverting my attention to Marcus as I smack his arm “Just wanted him to know his place” Marcus says with a smirk plastered on his face “Which is” I say waiting for a response, but our conversation is cut short when a 6’3 muscular figur
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ROSE’S HOUSE ELITA’S ROOF BUSHWIND TIWN Sitting on the roof is something I have never thought of doing but for someone reason it brings some sense of peace that I never thought existed. Also sitting here with Dame felt weirdly comforting, I don’t what it is, but his presence always feels familiar like I've known him my whole life, will I admit that to him? not in this lifetime. “Nature is one of my favourite things” Dame says cutting the silence and looking blankly into natures eyes. “Yeah” I say diverting my attention to him hoping for a welcoming response with his eyes, but he continues looking directly infront with so much concentration like it's an exam, so deep in thought. “So how do you know Marcus, he doesn’t seem like your biggest fan” I say which finally catches his attention, Dame stares at me for a couple seconds before turning his attention back to nature “Let's just say we have never seen eye to eye, we went to the same high school, we were both in the same fo
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GABRIEL AND ASHINA HOUSE BUSHWIND TOWN 17:00pm Completely in shock and confusion Ashina looks into the eyes of the only man she cared to believe her truth “Gabriel” Ashina said barely above a whisper, looking into his eyes searching for some sort of comfort ignoring the silent room which looked at the lifeless body of Micheal in terror “Gabriel, you must believe me...please” finally finding her voice to speak up Gabriel barley looking into the eyes of his luna, looking at her weak body on her the floor begging him to hold her and tell her everything will be fine “Shawn take her to the forest” Gabriel commands still refusing to look at his wife, only hearing her weeping out for mercy The next 10 minutes felt like eternity for Ashina as she’s dragged into the forest, waiting for fate to come and rescue her, dragged across the floor making her feel powerless among men that considered her their luna “I will deal with this, you can go” Shawn commands the other tw
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ROSE’S HOUSE BUSHWIND TOWN 8.30AM Awoken by the sweet smell of pancakes and eggs and erotic behaviour blasted across the whole house, knowing this could only be coming from her aunty Rose. You may ask why this is her favourite song? Same question I have had over the last 3 years since she discovered this song. Slowly walking down, the stairs brought a smile across my face knowing that even if everything may be falling apart in my life at least have my aunty Rose and my cousin Sophia here. Walking into the kitchen all the attention directed at me, Aunt Rose and Sophia looking at me in horror. “Someone didn’t sleep” Sophia cuts the silence in the room “What makes you say that?” I question her whilst taking a bit of the pancake on the table “Babe did you look into the mirror this morning you have eyebags to last you and entire year” Sophia slightly chuckles at her statement whilst Aunty Rose giving her a death stare “What she meant was you look like you have been hit
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POLICE STATION BUSHWIND TOWN 11:00AM As I stare away blankly at my case file, not concentrating on the words Infront of me, as I slowly flip the pages continuously not paying attention to the words, my thoughts are disturbed by an unknown voice. “Detective Farkas” I turn around the unknown man stares at me with the wildest smile on his face like a kid in a candy shop. “They didn’t tell me my partner was going to be female and... hot” he says with the same smile lingered on his face. “Detective Marcus Reynolds pleasure to meet you” I say with a straight face stretching my arm out waiting for him to shake it. “Pleasure is all mine” Reynolds says accepting my handshake rubbing it and placing a kiss on it which causes me to let out a chuckle. “Are we going to work or are you going to flirt with me all day” I say to him facing away from him and facing the case file”. “A serious lady...I like it” he says with a smile. He slowly takes the file from my desk and has a scan
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BUSHWIND TOWN 21:30PM Elita slowly walks around the forest confidently prepared for anything. “You don’t like to listen to orders” The familiar mysterious voice speaks walking out the corner of one tree “i don’t like to follow rules” I say turning around and facing the man Infront of me “That young lady will get you in a lot of trouble one day” The man says with so much amusement in his voice I cross my hands across my chest, and stare at him for what felt like eternity and finally found the courage to respond “Something about you is...different I don’t know what it is but it’s different" Before Elita could gather her thoughts, the man pushes her against a tree “Trying to figure out things that don’t concern you will cost you more bad than good” The man says whilst brushing his fingers across her skin “Soft and delicate...now I wouldn’t want to ruin this pretty face” he says with a smirk on his face Still trapped between the tree this helping her analyse this man fa
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