Of Flames and Roses

Of Flames and Roses

By:  JAmersy  Completed
Language: English
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"We can never be close-" Ahankara said, but couldn't finish her sentence as the small of her back pressed against the water fountain, with Yashvir standing right in front of her. She sucked in a breath, feeling her heart beat pace. "You were saying?" Yashvir raised an eyebrow, taking one last step towards her, so that her body would touch his if either of them moved even in an inch towards each other. "We-we can never be close, Yuvraj," Ahankara replied, even though she felt her voice would disappear any second. "Get away from me." "Hmm, only time will tell that, Princess," Yashvir replied, now leaning towards her.- - - -Yashvir Rathore of Kalang is a fierce Prince, known to be cruel and vicious. Being the Crown Prince of the strongest Kingdom in the state, he has a million responsibilities to take care of, which has made him arrogant and bitter. He is engaged to a Princess from a strong kingdom, so she would eventually become his Queen and further strengthen his rule. Ahankara Singh of the small kingdom of Adibar, is not your average Princess. Not only is she ravishingly beautiful, but at the same time witty, talented, generous and proud of those qualities. There is only one thing she hates in the world more than cruelty: cruel kings. So what happens when one such King meets her by accident, and is immediately awestruck by her elegance and her beauty? Yashvir forgets everything about his engagement, and decides that he wants her, and no one can stop him from getting what he wants.We thus get a marriage of coercion, a fairy-tale of one sided love, drama, palace intrigues, a lot of romance, and a roller-coaster of emotions, forming the story of Yashvir and Ahankara - Of Flames and Roses.

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49 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Beautiful Princess
A beautiful laughter echoed in his ears, and Kabir narrowed his eyes, looking around."Did you hear that?" He asked his best friend, Yashvir, the crown Prince of Kalang."Hear what?" Yashvir asked, frowning."I think I heard a girl laughing," Kabir replied, trying to listen closely."It's probably your destiny laughing at you," Yashvir smirked. "You're the son of the King's most trusted soldier, and here you are, stuck with me as a hunting buddy.""Tch," Kabir rolled his eyes. "I'm here by choice. And secondly, I really heard someone laughing.""A girl?" Yashvir raised an eyebrow. "Out here in the forest, at this time of the day? You're going mad.""No, I'm not," Kabir waved him off. He heard a faint scream, and now he stood up, his hand on his sword. "There is definitely some girl around here. I think she's in trouble.""Yeah, but we're not in father's territory right now, so it isn't someone from your Kingdom. You don't have any obli
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Chapter 2 - Never See You Again
"Welcome to Adibar," Ahankara nodded. "So what brings you here?" She asked, her eyes back on Yashvir. "You," Yashvir replied, taking another step in her direction. This time she remained rooted to her spot, since she did not want to seem intimidated by his supposed 'greatness'. "Forgive me, Yuvraj, but flirting with a Princess does not fit someone of your status," Ahankara replied, and gasps escaped the mouths of most her maids. They looked at Yashvir in fear, scared that he would be offended, but Yashvir only smiled in response. "There is a very real difference between being honest, and flirting, Ahankara," Yashvir replied, and Ahankara's expression hardened. "I would appreciate it if you'd address me as Rajkumari Ahankara. I don't think we are friends, so I don't see why you should call me by my first name," she said, holding her head up high. "I see," he smirked, nod
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Chapter 3 - Wild Kitten
"What do you mean you don't want the crown anymore?!" Maharani (Queen) Hansa Bai's voice echoed in the room."I said what I said," Yashvir shrugged, as maids massaged his body with different oils. He was lying shirtless on his stomach on a charpoy (a bedstead of woven webbing stretched on a wooden frame on four legs), his forearms supporting his head like a pillow. Yashvir did not even bother to open his eyes and look up at his mother, too relaxed and lost in Ahankara's thoughts.The beautiful Princess of Adibar."Leave us," the Queen ordered the women, and they instantly stood up, bowed their heads in respect and exited the room.Yashvir sighed, now opening his eyes."I am asking you something, Yashvir. What nonsense did you just utter, and that too in front of all those servants? How dare you?" Hansa Bai scolded.Yashvir clenched his jaw, now standing up from the charpoy, and stood before his mother."I will not take the crown until you ge
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Chapter 4 - The Moon
"Rajkumari? What are you doing here?" Neharika asked, walking up to Ahankara, who was silently staring at the night sky."Hmm?" Ahankara hummed absent-mindedly."What are you..." Neharika paused to yawn, trying to keep her eyes open. "What are you doing in the balcony at this time of the night?""Do you think the Moon ever feels lonely?" Ahankara questioned, blinking up at it."What kind of a question is that?" Neharika frowned."It looks really lonely to me.""Well," Neharika sighed. "It has a million lovers staring up at it in the darkness of the night. The Moon is their only light in the sea of black.""But they are just people who stare at her from far off, they only use her as a source of light, to drown their own darkness," Ahankara frowned, now looking at Neharika."That may also be true, but they do admire its beauty," Neharika pointed out."But that's not enough. They just use her, for her light. Deep down they want to s
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Chapter 5 - An Anxious Mess
"You look beautiful, Rajkumari," Neharika complimented, while helping Ahankara wear her last bangle."I don't want to," Ahankara sighed. "I had to dress up-""Because your brother will scold you if you don't. I know. You've repeated that sentence a hundred times already," Neharika finished for her, and Ahankara sighed again."What if-" Ahankara began, but she was once again interrupted, this time by a knock on her door. "Who is it?" She rolled her eyes, standing up from her chair."Rajkumari Ahankara? It's Meena," the person replied. Ahankara took a deep breath to calm her nerves, before gesturing at Neharika to let her in."Khamma Ghanni Rajkumari," Meena greeted as soon as she entered the room, a huge smile on her face."Ghanni Khamma. What is it?" Ahankara questioned."You look stunning, Rajkumari Ahankara! This royal blue lehenga looks so beautiful on you!" She beamed at her."Thank you, Meena," Ahankara offered her a small smile.
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Chapter 6 - A Warrior at War
"I know," Yashvir smirked, making Ahankara's eyes widen. Her brother would kill her if he found out that they had met before, and Ahankara had not even bothered to inform him about it."You know...?" Karan Singh frowned."I mean that's what I guessed," Yashvir replied. "Khamma Ghanni." Yashvir smirked at her, and even while her brother was standing right beside her, she found him giving her a once over. Ahankara clenched his jaw, glancing at her brother to see if he noticed, but he looked too busy in talking to Kabir.'Of course,' Ahankara thought to herself, feeling extremely annoyed."Khamma, Ghanni, Rajkumari Ahankara," Yashvir repeated each word slowly, slightly leaning in towards her. She startled when he did that, and stepped back, blinking at him in shock. Ahankara could see the glint of mischief in his eyes, and the ghost of a smirk upon his lips. Immediately, she felt her blood boil.
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Chapter 7 - A Choice
"We will leave your Palace tomorrow morning. After that you have three days to decide, whether you want us to become relatives, or enemies," Yashvir declared."You can't do that, Yuvraj!" Karan Singh replied, almost shaking with rage. Meanwhile Yashvir looked awfully calm."Says who?" Yashvir smirked. "I am the crown Prince of Kalang. I can go to war with any Kingdom I want, for whatsoever reason. No other Kingdom will dare to stand against us.""What... What will you achieve by this?" Karan Singh frowned, sighing in defeat as he looked at him in question.Yashvir smiled, and his eyes softened."Ahankara."- - - -"Rajkumari?" Someone knocked on the door multiple times, sounding extremely agitated."Come in," Ahankara frowned, exchanging a bewildered look with Neharika.Meena entered the room and closed th
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Chapter 8 - Beautiful, Isn't It?
"Rajkumari?" Neharika asked with wide eyes, running up to her. She gently turned Ahankara around so she would face her, and wiped away her tears. "What happened, why are you crying?""I don't wanna marry him, Neharika," she sobbed."Just calm down first," Neharika replied, leading her to her bed and making her sit down. She then knelt on the ground before her, taking her hands in his. "Now tell me what happened."Ahankara related the whole incident to her, whilst tears continued to roll down her cheeks, and Neharika kept wiping them away from time to time. Finally she poured a glass of water and handed it to her, while Ahankara calmed down a bit and drank from it."Now, what are you gonna do?" Neharika asked."I don't know, Neha," Ahankara sniffed. "I don't want to marry him, but I don't want to be the reason my Kingdom goes to war. So many innocent people will lose their lives. And over w
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Chapter 9 - His Own Moon
Ahankara quickly ran to her room, and closed the door behind herself, also proceeding to lock it. She took deep breaths, trying to calm her nerves, as her heart hammered away in her chest. She realized she was shivering, and she held her shawl closer to herself as she was feeling something completely foreign.Never before had any man came that close to her, or talked to her that way. And the worst part was, she did not even feel utterly disgusted by it. She sighed, still catching her breath, and made her way to the large mirror in her room, throwing her shawl aside. Ahankara stared at herself, as his words echoed in her mind."How can the Moon be in the sky, when it is standing right in front of me?"Heat crept up her cheeks, before she scowled at herself.How dare he say that to her? As if it was the most normal thing to say to a Princess? Had he been taught no morals, no etiquettes?
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Chapter 10 - Yashvir's Heart
With every passing minute, the burden and pressure on Ahankara's mind and heart seemed to get heavier. She had delayed the decision as much as possible, but it was now the last day, the third day after Yashvir had left her Palace. This was the day she had to make her choice, whether she would destroy the lives of thousands of her soldiers, or just her own.She stood in the balcony, watching the sky, as the clear blue gradually morphed into shades of orange and pink, making her heart feel heavier and heavier with every passing second."Ahankara?" Maharaja Karan Singh walked up to her, his eyes sullen.She quickly wiped away her tear, turning her face away from him."Yes, Bhai Sa?" She forced a smile."It's time. If we don't send a messenger by nightfall, he won't reach the Palace in time, and that Yuvraj will return with an army. So unless you chose war, you need to let me know what it will
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