Business meeting

Forty-year-old Hannah Morales dragged herself to the Newson Hotel's restaurant for her meeting with Maxwell and the other clients. As soon as the car pulled up in the driveway of the hotel, she sat a good ten minutes in her car to get a better hold of herself.

When she looked to the entryway of the hotel and spotted persons kf high calibre walk in, she felt like the confident business consultant who'd made so many people's visions come to reality.

Hannah Morales walked out of her car and headed towards the entry way. She nodded at the valet who held the door open for her as she made her way to the reception.

"Hi, Hannah Morales for Maxwell Rasharkin" Hannah smiled at the brunette behind the counter. The brunette smiled back at Hannah and had another valet lead Hannah to where Maxwell awaited.

"Hannah! So glad you could make it" Maxwell spoke up cheerily as Hannah approached him. He stretched out his arms, inviting her for a friendly hug.

"You feel better?" he added once they'd pul
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