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They are brothers, but not by blood. Heirs of the famous gang leader and Casanova. As they entered the university their fathers once ruled, instantly they earned a fan base. Girls waited for their games like a virgin wrecker Casanova. Gangs expected them to be fierce like a devil gang leader. Can they uphold the expectations their fathers had set decades ago? Will they walk the path their fathers walked? Will they take girls like having a meal as their papa did or fight their way to rule the entire university as their dada did? Two boys, offspring of two famous men who fell in love and forged uncertainty about being in a same-sex relationship. Will they create their path or just like their fathers, they will shape their world far beyond the conventional. Meet Zack and Justin. Heirs of Devon Dalton the devil gang leader and Bienley Cullen the virgin wrecker Casanova.

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Thabitha Matenchi
can we have this book on audio please please
2024-05-29 19:01:22
default avatar
Where are all your BL versions, I enjoy your writings but Black Card BL?
2024-04-22 15:39:03
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Catrina Spertino
Such a different story but it was awesome so worth the read!
2023-12-22 19:43:56
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Hazel Bering Siasoyco
is there a book for devon and bienley rc brie? ...
2023-09-27 21:17:48
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Chantira Chivaree Opas-Iamkajorn
it's good one . I love it !!
2023-06-22 13:09:46
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Assiren Acerado
very nice lovvvvveeee it..LOOKING FORWARD FOR MORE BL NOVEL
2023-06-11 17:56:51
default avatar
i can read this book as many times.... one of ma favourite artists fanfic ...
2023-05-01 18:05:55
default avatar
Touching story! I loved this book!!!
2023-01-29 20:40:48
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Temiyemi “Temmy” Adewumi
The plot was very interesting and engaging.
2022-12-27 07:34:18
user avatar
Awesome story! Granted I have only read to chapter 7 but I would definitely recommend anyone to read!
2022-11-12 13:01:56
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Miracle M.
I love all her books
2022-10-20 23:51:23
user avatar
Enjoyed reading the book. Well written!!
2022-07-24 02:54:44
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Manisha Chahal
2022-06-01 02:13:02
user avatar
Not what I was expecting. Especially what happened at the end. It was a great read though.
2022-04-24 01:54:19
default avatar
Very good book I liked it very much
2022-04-03 11:37:39
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59 Chapters
Chapter 1 Naughty Boy
"Come on Justin, papa and dada are waiting" Zack pulled his brother to stand up. Justin looked at him nervously. "I'll help you with papa, don't worry Justin, dada will help us" Zack rounded his arm around his brother's shoulder. "Papa will surely get angry" he mumbled softly. "Don't worry I'm here" Zack comforted while they are walking towards the drop-off area where their parents are already waiting for them.Justin and Zack are in middle school and both are 11 years old. The two boys silently entered the car and Justin almost choked with the sharp look of Bienley while Devon gave him a reassuring smile. The two fathers remained still when both of the boys kissed them. Zack held Justin's hand while they were quietly seated at the back seat under the close scrutiny of their fathers. Devon drove the car and they all remained quiet even after they arrived home. The two children followed in silence with their heads bowed down. "What
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Chapter 2 Threatened
"No papa, I don't want Zack to get hurt again. Please tell Zack not to push me every time someone will punch me. He won't listen to me papa, dada. He is so stubborn" Justin explained a little exasperated with his brother's overprotectiveness towards him. Devon and Bienley looked at Zack who is just silently listening to Justin with his expressionless face. Zack is a little reserved and sometimes a little scary for his young age, unlike Justin who is more quirky and very naughty. He is also very protective of his brother which always gets him into trouble. Sighing in defeat, they both know no matter what they will tell Zack it would be pointless. Zack will always protect his brother even if it means he will hurt himself. "What will I do with you? Will I separate you from your brother?" Bienley asked Justin who gasped in fear while Zack abruptly turn to Bienley with his worried face. "No papa, no papa please, I will behave, I promise papa, I will behave.
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Chapter 3 Dorm Room
"Let us have a separate dorm dada" Zack suddenly announced. They have finished with the registration at the university and they are at the students' dormitories to inquire. "No dada, I want to be with Zack. Zack, please let's just be together" Justin begged his dada and turned to Zack with his pleading eyes. It always works with his brother. "We are already in the university Justin, we must have some privacy" Zack explained patiently and looked at their parents for help. "Why? You will bring the girls to your room? Dada, he will just fuck around" Justin exclaimed and their parents' eyes together with Zack widened in shock. "Justin!" Zack raved angrily.Hearing his brother's voice, he dashed behind their fathers to hide from his angry brother. "What is that language young man?" Bienley spoke with his stern tone. "Papa sorry, dada sorry" immediately, Justin bowed his head in remorse and apologized to their fathers. "You two discuss
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Chapter 4 Gave In
The three remained quiet for a while looking so perplexed from the sudden change of Justin's mood. The first time they saw him with such behavior. The boy is usually naughty and bubbly, unlike the one he showed earlier."What just happened? Did I see a Bienley Cullen?" Devon asked looking so perplexed. Bienley looked at Devon, unamused. "Really love, you are that cold and scary when you get angry" Devon defensively explained. "So what will we do?" Bienley asked instead of indulging his husband's words. Devon and Bienley looked at Zack who has been lost in his thoughts. Zack looked surprised by Justin's outburst just like them. "Ahm, let's just have a two-bedroom apartment and turn the other room a study area" Zack mumbled absentmindedly. Devon and Bienley looked at each other and turned to look at Zack with their sympathetic look. Zack would always do whatever Justin wanted, most especially now that Justin is sulking. "Then we wil
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Chapter 5 Famous
Zack's eyes grew big when Justin suddenly throw his body above him the instant they woke up. Justin's morning wood pressed against his stomach. "Justin get off me..." Zack whined from the heaviness of his body against his. "Hmmm..." Justin just hummed sleepily but did not move from his position. " are so heavy" Zack sternly exclaimed while trying to get off underneath his brother. "No, what's our breakfast?" Justin asked softly about breakfast instead of getting off from his brother. "You take a shower then we will just have breakfast outside before we go to the university, it's our first day, we have to be early" Zack replied as he surrendered from trying to get away from his shameless brother. "Hmm.." Justin just hummed and snuggled closer to Zack's neck. "Ouch!" Zack bellowed after Justin bit his shoulder. "Sorry, sorry" Justin mumbled apologetically as he kissed the part he bit. "Justin!" Zack exclaimed irritatedly. "Sorry Zack
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Chapter 6 First Day
Carl and Tim fearfully looked at Justin and Zack. They paled under their gazes."I'm so sorry, we didn't mean to criticize you...please forgive us...sorry...we are so sorry" Carl and Tim abruptly stand up to apologize, bowing fervently. With what Carl and Tim did, everyone's attention turned to their table which made Justin and Zack felt so awkward. "Hey what are you doing?" Zack forcibly pulled the two boys to sit down on their seats as not to attract more attention. "I'm so sorry if we have said something awful, we don't know. Please don't punish us" Tim fearfully begged while his head is still bowed. "Yes we are so sorry, we acted unfairly and recklessly. Please don't punish us" Carl added with his head bowed lowly. "Stop it, you two. What are you talking about? Why would we punish you? You did nothing wrong to us" Justin was exasperated. "We said a lot of things about you and some are awful" Carl mumbled softly. Zack and Justin heav
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Chapter 7 Show of Unity
Freshmen Initiation Rights has started and all freshmen were gathered in the field together with all the hazers."Everyone you have your signature book and as what has been discussed earlier, you must have 1000 signatures from your seniors at the end of this week. Punishments await for those who could not comply" the head hazer announced. Zack looked at the stage where the head hazer is standing together with the other hazers. Later did he found the one he saw intently staring at them after leaving the cafeteria on their first day was in fact the head hazer. They were dismissed to gather signatures for two hours so Zack and Justin looked around the whole place where they can see a lot of seniors hanging around. "We will go together, don't just get their signatures, talk to them and try to know them" Zack spoke to Justin together with Carl and Tim but other freshmen who are near them were also listening. "Justin" someone from the crowd called and he insta
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Chapter 8 Pizza at Home
The freshmen's routine continued every day and they are on the way to completing the one thousand signatures at the end of the week. Zack and Justin without so much choice, lead all the freshmen since they seemed to wait for the two brothers' lead every time they have tasks to do. On the fourth day of their Freshmen Initiation Rights, Zack and Justin were called to talk to the head hazer. "Mr. and Miss KD competition will be starting to rehearse this afternoon and we have to send our contestants. We already have a female representative, I want you to decide among the two of you who will represent our faculty " the head hazer talked to them with his casual yet commanding tone. Zack and Justin look at each other before turning to their head hazer. "I will represent the faculty" Justin volunteered with a timid smile. "Okay then, you will be pulled out from the activity at four this afternoon. You can now go back" the head hazer nodded before he dismi
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Chapter 9 The Engineering Spirit
It's the last day of their one thousand signature task and they are all in double time. Zack is busy checking with his group's signature book while others are doing tasks given by the seniors before they could have their signatures. "Good day, I'm Zack Thaddeus Dalton, a freshman from electrical" Zack approached the senior to ask for his signature after his group finished and transferred to another group of seniors. The senior and his group just kept on staring at Zack without saying anything. "Can I have your name and major?" Zack politely asked. "What sports do you play?" the senior asked instead. "I play football and I was a player in high school" Zack replied politely. "All ten of us will give you our signatures if you will join the football team of engineering" the senior spoke with a serious look. Zack looked at all of them, weighing."Yes, I will be honored to play for my faculty" Zack responded with a reserved smile.
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Chapter 10 Turmoil
"Wolves have been asleep for a long time... it's about time to wake them up as the fearless pack leader has returned" Zack was stunned the instant he read his signature book where the head hazer wrote his message on the last page. He didn't understand what the message meant. He become more perplexed when he asked him and he just smiled mysteriously. "It's been written in your blood, you cannot deny it for too long, Zack" the head hazer just briefly responded, making him more confused.Justin even teased him he was the pack leader and the freshmen are the wolves but Zack just laughed at his absurd ideas. Shrugging off whatever the head hazer meant, he assumed what was written was just a quote he was fond of. Setting aside his thoughts about the message, though curious, he focused his attention on a lot of things he needs to fulfill in the coming days. After the one thousand signature task and the drama with it, everything has fallen into its r
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