Opposite Attracts

Opposite Attracts

By:  Bobby Gupta  Ongoing
Language: English
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She is very sweet and quite childlike, has a different kind of innocence, while he is way too mature. She is too open minded whereas he is a very traditional man. She can make friends in a minute but he can't. She is an extrovert, while he is an introvert. She is shopaholic, while he hates it.She is too carefree and he is too cautious. She never thinks before doing anything and he thinks too much. Vidhi Singh Rathore and Shubhashish Singh Shekhawat are as different as chalk and cheese. But as they say that opposites attract ...Let's see if they can resist this attraction between them...

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59 Chapters
Chapter 1
Shubh's POVThe first rays of sunlight lit up my room. The dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in. It was a beautiful morning.  I got up, got ready and went out.My parents had gone to Jodhpur to meet my Mamaji for a few days and came back last night but they were so tired and so we couldn't talk much.I went to greet my mom. She was preparing breakfast, when Sandhya, my first cousin, entered the kitchen just before me. Mom was so happy to see her, she caressed her face and then kissed her forehead. Mom was getting very emotional. Why?? Sandhya hugged her hard. Sandhya was my cousin but we were closer than the real siblings. She is my Mamaji's daughter. They live in Jodhpur but Sandhya has been studying in Delhi for the last 5 years and was living with us. She just joined a hospital as a dietitian. " Awww... I never realised that you had grown up so much. It is time for you to get married now. The
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Chapter 2
Shubh's POV" Are you even listening to what I just said?? Calm down, nobody did anything wrong. I am not saying that the pics are fake, your assumptions are wrong. I want to show you something as well. Just look at it first and then listen to us. Sandhya, open messages in your phone and show him that message you got that day. " Doctor said and she nodded and opened it and gave it to me.I glared at all of them and started reading.I went red with rage again but on the man who sent that. " What is this??? Who sent that to you?? When?? Why didn't you tell me?? What is happening here???" I was so confused and angry." Calm down and listen now. We were at camp...... " And he explained everything." Someone sent the message to her, but she got so scared that she came to me.  It was almost midnight... You expect her to call you? When you were miles away? She knocked at my door and as I was about to take a shower before sleeping. That is why
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Chapter 3
Shubh's POVI told Sandy that I would come and pick her up whenever she wanted to come home. But Dr Vikram said that he would drop her at our place. I agreed as he was a nice man and otherwise I would have to come back once again. I invited him inside when he came to drop her home. Sandy went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I also went there and said, "Sandy, Dr Vikram is having dinner with us. Please make food accordingly. Please make something nice. " " Why did you ask him to stay for dinner? " " He can't go without eating food at this hour of the day. He helped you so many times and really take very good care of you." I said and smiled, she made a face and I shook my head and left the kitchen.We all had dinner. It was awesome as always. " Shubh, if you have any problem in the hospital just give me a call and you don't need to come back to drive Sandhya to the hospital I can drive her to hospital and you ca
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Chapter 4
Vidhi's POV" Hi  Shubh, How are you? I hope you are fine after this little accident. "Bhai asked and the handsome man, I mean Shubh nodded but I saw a shy smile on his face.Awww... I liked that. " Shubh, I would like you to meet my sister Vidhi. Vidhi he is Shubh. And she is Sandhya,  Shubh's sister." I smiled shyly at Shubh. Shubh was also smiling. Then I realised that bhai just introduced me to my would-be bhabhi. OMG !! My bhabhi... I turned towards her hugged her hard. So that handsome man was bhabhi's brother?? Interesting...She looked somewhat shocked but hugged me back. She smiled and said,  " Nice to meet you. I am sorry, I didn't recognise you earlier, we have met only on a few occasions and since then you have really grown up. "" Same here and yes, we have met but you have changed a lot too, you look very different now. I didn't recognise you " I said with a smile.Bhai was try
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Chapter 5
Shubh's POVVikram Ji was looking at her with so much love in his eyes but sandy was looking downwards only.  He bent a bit towards her and said something.She must have been shocked to hear his voice as she immediately looked at him.She was looking confused and said something in a hushed voice. I could see that she had started getting very irritated.He presented her with a rose bouquet. She was very confused and was hesitant a bit. Vikram Ji bent on one knee and offered the flowers to her again, she looked shocked but took it. Everyone clapped and she looked at me as I was standing there. He just winked at her. He got up and bent towards her again and whispered something again. She looked shocked but kept quiet as everyone had come really close. She looked at her parents and then Vikram ji's. She was shocked as hell.They kept whispering till his friend teased them asked to get engaged first.  Everyone started laughi
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Chapter 6
Vidhi's POV There was no one in the room. I went inside and waited for two minutes and then I realised that it didn't look like a girl's room. All the decorations and the colour scheme were telling me that it belonged to a man. Shit !! I was in the wrong room. I hurriedly moved to get out of the room as soon as possible.  But the pencil heel of my footwear got tangled with the soft and furry grey coloured rug near the bed. Just then the knob on the door twisted and someone was about to open the door. I panicked and forgot that my heel was stuck and I started walking. And I lost my balance again and this time also two very strong arms held me tightly and saved me from kissing the floor. I saw it was Shubh as I had guessed even before I looked at his handsome face. His arms were still around me. He was shocked to see me at first. But now he was looking at me with amusement. Oh no
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Chapter 7
Shubh's POVOh !! It was so late. I had gone out to my friend's party and came quite late.  I slept around 3 in the morning as I came around 1:30 in the night and then a beautiful face didn't let me sleep. I tried to distract myself but my mind was hell-bent to think about a certain beautiful girl who loved to wear high heels but was a bit clumsy. I loved holding her in my arms both the times. I didn't know, what was wrong with my heart. It started behaving irrationally whenever she was near me. I knew that I should not think about her but her thoughts always kept intruding.  Mom had told me yesterday that I would have to go with them for the shopping. I hated it but had to go with mom and mamiji. I took a quick shower and got ready and when I came out of my room to go downstairs, I saw that the door of Sandhya's room was ajar and the lights were on. She didn't go to the hospital? It is already late. Is she
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Chapter 8
Shubh's POV" You punched them because they were staring at me?? But Shubh they could have fought with you as they were two in number. Or could have complained against you as staring is not a serious offence but punching is." She said" One of them clicked your pictures. I grabbed his phone, just after he clicked it. I deleted it. That's why I punched them. I could not allow them to do it. " " Aww... Thanks a lot for that. " She said looking into my eyes. Then all of a sudden, she hugged me lightly. Oh... No !!! I felt a current as if I was touched by a live wire.  I removed her arms from around my torso and took a deep breath as if it was stuck in my chest somewhere. " Oh... You don't need to thank me for that. " I said with difficulty as I was in shock and she smiled shyly her cheeks looked a bit pink.Oh, God !! She looks even more beautiful when she smiles shyly. Help me to resist that charm. I need to stay a
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Chapter 9
Shubh's POV" Why do you do so much shopping?? Imagine you can't even carry the bags you shopped. What is the use of so much stuff? " " Oh, I love shopping... It is my most favourite hobby." " And I hate it the most. " " You hate shopping?? What kind of a man you are?? " she looked shocked." A normal human being... I don't live to do shopping. I go shopping to get what is necessary to live... "We reached where her stuff was kept. I started picking up the stuff.  She tried to pick up some too, but I picked all of them. " Hey let me take some of them." She said. " Let it be... You might drop them or even worse, you may fell. And my hands would already be too full to catch you this time. " I said to tease her. Though I loved taking her in my arms every time she was about to fall. " Haa... That was very mean of you to say that. " she pouted and was looking so cute." Yeah but true... N
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Chapter 10
Vidhi's POVIt was getting late. I looked outside to see, why Bhai and bhabhi had not come yet from their get together with Gautam Bhai and his girlfriend. To my surprise, they were already there and while bhabhi wanted to come inside, he was keeping her to him. She was blushing so much and bhai had a teasing smile on his face. Just then I saw Shubh going towards the door. Oh no !! I have to stop him from going out. What do I do?? " Wait !!  "  I almost shouted. He turned to look at me. " Who ?? Me?? " he asked with a raised eyebrow. Oh, God !! Now, what do I say to him?? " Yes... Where are you going to?? " I asked.Why am I asking??? " Why ?? " " Just asking... Just like that. " " But you were avoiding me during the dinner. "" So?? I was angry... " " So?? What happened now?? " he smiled." Nothing... I thought to forg
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