Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid.

Ouch! My CEO Fiancé Fell For His Maid.

By:  Lisa Salman   Completed
Language: English
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Ashley Walters was hired as a maid in the De Luca house hold. The first day she landed for her job, she was asked to marry the only son of the family. The only heir to Deluca wealth and business. Justin. Why the family needed a maid to marry off their drop dead gorgeous son? ******* Sarah had everything in her life. Wealth, beauty, friends, and a swoon-worthy fiancé. A guy every girl wanted in her life. Her gorgeous fiancé Justin Deluca. Hot-headed. Hot looking. Girls get wet down there when they look at him. But he belongs to no one but Sarah. Then she did something stupid. As a result of a dare, she asked her fiancé to marry his maid, thinking that the maid was not beautiful enough. Trusting Justin that he won’t even bother to bat an eye on her. He would never be attracted to her. Man! She was wrong. Now, she feels... he is falling for his maid. He is falling for Ashley Walters.

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The novel is a humorous romantic comedy genre. Ashley Walters never expected that his CEO boss, Justin, where she works as a maid would start to fall in love with her after an agreement with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah, to marry her. Even in their marriage, Sarah makes her life miserable and makes her feel less beautiful. But Ashley got the balls to fight for her place not for Justin's wealth but for her right as a wife to live in peace. How will Justin respond to this situation, and how will he handle the two women fighting for him?

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1- Absurd Conditions
Ashley Walter's pov:"You will NOT show your face to your husband. Agreed?" She asked me in a stern voice."Yes, Ma'am," I muttered under my breath."I can't hear you, girl. Louder!" Her voice turned harsher."YES, MA’AM," I screamed."You are not allowed to sleep beside your husband in the bed. You will use the mattress in the corner of that bedroom. On the floor. Agreed?""YES, MA’AM!" I yelled again."He usually doesn't spend his time in his room but once he will be back, you are not allowed to talk to him, not allowed to walk, eat or drink in that room. You are not allowed to use the bathroom. Agreed?"Now that was too much. I lifted my veil to have a look at this old goat's face who was getting me married to her grandson for ten million dollars. Where was I supposed to pee? On carpet?"I can't hear you, girl. Do you want money or not?" She screeched in my ear making them ring.Urgh!I did want that money. It could solve my problems. I could get Mother Superior treated for cancer.
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2- Not Beautiful
Justin De Luca's pov:The way she fell on her mattress made me smile. Taking off my shirt I turned a little when I felt her eyes on my back.Her face was hidden by her palms and her eyes were squeezed shut.Didn't somebody tell her that shutting your eyes doesn't make you invisible?Well. I think granny did a great job in training her.After a shower, I put on a t-shirt paired with denim and went out of the room without glancing in that corner where my so-called wife was resting.... or should I say hiding?"Here comes the groom, man. Congratulations! Liked your wife?" Sean never failed to irritate me."Shut up! She is NOT my wife." I snapped at him."Justin. Ignore them. You tell me. Did you feel that someone else is living in your room? If she did anything to make a pass at you I swear I will slit her throat." My granny was always this sassy."No, granny. To tell the truth, she is trained well. Thanks!" I kissed her cheek."Is she beautiful?" I heard my cousin Sean's dreamy voice and
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3- Are You My Husband?
Ashley Walters pov:Despite so many requests, nobody bothered to send me my bag. I was still wearing the same dress that was emitting a sweaty stench.Yuck!It had been three days since my wedding. I still hadn't seen the handsome guy's face and I was hell curious.That naked delicious back still popped up in my mind when I was doing nothing. That is for most of the day. Today I took a shower and washed my clothes with that gent's body wash.Did I have a choice?My husband seldom came to his room. Last night he did sleep in his bed and I held my pee waiting for him to go to sleep.Thank God he didn't take long.The maid who used to clean his room and used to bring my three meals to the room was now getting a little bit friendly.Though I was not allowed to interact with anyone but staying the whole day in a room, waiting for the meals where I was not allowed to even watch TV. This absurd routine had started taking a toll on me.This afternoon I opened the door just a tiny bit and peek
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4- My Husband Tried To...
Justin's pov"Hello, Sarah. How is the tour going?" I asked Sarah leaning back my head on the recliner."Oh, Justin. I can't tell you how refreshing it is. I planned initially to run away because of your wedding. But it proved to be a mind booster and refresher." I could feel her munching something.“Sarah!" My mood drastically changed due to the reminder that I had to marry against my will, "You and granny wanted it. I did it for you. And now you are playing this blame card as I cheated on you."This was not fair to me. It was initially granny's wish and Sarah favored her.I knew she loved me but I was getting tired of this blame game now.The only conditions I put forward were not to see her face and no interference in my life from her side.No friendship no communication. That was the reason the girl was getting such a big amount. Granny wanted to pay her one million but I knew it was not an easy task to cut yourself from the outside world for one year."Hey. I am sorry babe. I jus
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5- Shame
Sarah’s pov:Justin was my fiancé. Hot-headed. Drop dead gorgeous. He was never expressive. Eh! Except when he was angry. He smiled rarely. My friends thought he was madly in love with me and that was true.He fulfilled all my demands and used to spoil me like anything. He never raised his voice at me. My friends used to envy me. They could not wait to get a chance to take my place.To grab my fiancé.I got him married because of a harmless dare. Granny was involved in it. Justin gave in to my demands after a lot of persuasion.Now don’t take me wrong. There was more about this marriage than a simple dare. I could not afford to lose him. He got mad at me when I asked him a simple question about his wife.Oh, sorry. About his maid. Yes. She was not his wife. She could never be his wife. She was a plain maid.I was the one, he was supposed to marry. I was the one who deserved to be his wife. Who deserved to be the daughter-in-law of De Luca family.THE De Luca family!Justin’s pov:"M..
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Hello, lovelies. Welcome to Lisa's Reading Corner. If you are interested in my complete books, here they are: 1) Alpha Ezequiel's Fated Mate 2) Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake 3) His Silver-Eyed Luna (Sequel to Alpha Ezequiel but can be read as a stand-alone) 4) Would Never Let You Go (Included in further chapters of Oops I Married A CEO By Mistake) I will try my best to update this book every alternate day in December. From January 2023 onwards you will get regular/daily updates. As English is not my first language so please be easy on me. I am open to positive criticism if you will tell me nicely. ;-) Love you all. I hope you will like the story. Happy reading. xoxo. Lisa Salman-author
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6- The gorgeous man
Ashley povUgh! I tried to stretch myself. The mattress assigned to me was not comfortable but today it felt like a hardboard.And that hardboard was snoring slightly. I felt so tired that I did not want to get up. There was nothing to do. Nobody was waiting for me. What’s the use of waking up when I would be getting bored? Or maybe I should pop in some sleeping pills and spend one year sleeping on a couch or my mattress like a dead.My cheek hurt due to resting on the hardboard so I decided to change the side and lifted my face up. I saw a man sleeping on his back under me. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes and rested the other cheek. Just then my eyes went wide.I was NOT sleeping on my mattress. I lifted my face again and looked up.Shit!Who was he? He was not my husband but whoever he was, the man was drop-dead gorgeous. How can a man have such long lashes? Look at those lips. Damn!If it was a sin to look this handsome, he should have been hanged publicly.His face was so …
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7- Old Goat!
Ashley pov:I was taken into the same bedroom which originally belonged to my husband. I was still scared that my sick husband might return any second.Though I did trust my handsome savior, but Mother Superior once told me that all wealthy men could never be trusted. They always helped and trusted their own kind.I was just a maid and a contractual wife of that asshole.This smart-ass… I mean this round-assed man might be sincere, but it was silly to trust him.Once inside the room, I went to the corner where my mattress was lying. My luggage was still not there. I needed to talk about it to this man who was helping me. The one who spent the night with me.Yeah, I knew that I was blushing.Hello!” I scrunched my nose when someone waved his hand before my eyes, “Back to the earth, kitten.”The gorgeous man was frowning at me, “I have been calling you. Where are you?”Oh! I was in heaven, handsome!“Ah! I … I was … umm…” He was waiting for me quite patiently, “I haven’t got my bags…
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8- I Needed to weep
Sarah’s pov“Sarah. Don’t you think you are being emotional? Justin can never stay angry with you. He loves you and you know that.”My friends Nadia and Shella were trying to console me. Justin did not receive my call after that. I knew he loved me and cared for me. This was the first time he did not talk to me for almost three days.“I agree with Nadia,” Shella spoke for the first time, “Give some time to him. It was just a silly bet. We tried to warn you that Olivia is just jealous of you. She was after Justin for quite some time.”Shella who had a secret crush on Justin tried to scold me. Nadia did like Justin but at least she had a steady boyfriend. Shella was still single by choice.We all were sitting in the luxury suite of our hotel.“Don’t worry about Justin. Granny told me that maid is not much beautiful. I trust my fiancé.” My fingers were intertwined under my chin, “It’s just that… he is upset because of me.”I did not know why I was getting this uncomfortable feeling in
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9- Wrong Person
Ashley’s pov “Ashley? Sweetheart? You are crying? What happened?” Concern was dripping from his voice, and it was making me cry even more. “Shh…” Still kneeling on the floor, he lifted his hand and gently wiped my cheeks with his thumb, “Can you be alone for a few minutes? I will just be back in a jiff.” He snapped his fingers. I managed to nod at him. Without realizing what he was doing, he gave me a quick kiss on my forehead and went out leaving the door slightly ajar. I started wiping the tears with the back of my hand. It was stupid of me to cry like this when Justin was not at fault here. Maybe I needed to blame this time of the month for making me extra sensitive. Waiting for him patiently I started tapping my foot on the floor when I heard him walking to the bathroom, “Ashley?” Such a gentleman. He was again asking for my permission. This time I did respond to him. “Yes.” He entered with his gaze lowered down and extended his hand to hand over a brown envelope. Not under
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