‘The mysterious man who’s always appeared on her dreams.’



My little legs ran through the torrent of rain without stopping. My body’s soaking wet. I looked back a few times, making sure the vampire wasn’t after me.

“Help me! Anyone! Please!”

No one’s listening. My voice swallow by the sound of thunder mixed with lightning flashes in the sky. It blocked my breath when I suddenly saw a black shadow moving farther there.

“Help me—”

My little body fell to the body of the road. I try to endure the pain. My knees are bleeding from hitting the asphalt pretty hard. It stings. However, I immediately got up and ignored the wound on my knee as the dark shadow approached. I’m shivering in the cold. The cold raindrops feel like they’re piercing my bones.

“Mom... I’m scared.”

My leg tripped, I fell. My body can’t move anymore. I’ve drained my power. My eyes are getting blurry, covered in my own tears.

‘What am I supposed to do, Mom?’

Water droplets rained down on my tiny body, lying limp on the asphalt. He’s right in front of me. His blood-red eyes lit up in the dark. The devil’s smile is disguising by the torrent of rain. His icy hands were outstretching around my neck. My heart is beating fast. I wanted to escape, but my legs couldn’t move. The blood-sucking creature brought his face closer.

‘Help me...’

The man grinned broadly, exposing both of his fangs. I closed my eyes. Give it up. Maybe I can meet mom again.


Suddenly, a loud squeal came out of that vampire’s mouth. My blue eyes widened to find someone stabbing a vampire in the chest with a Katana sword. A second later, the vampire disappeared. That figure walked up to me. He was wearing a black hooded robe. I can’t see the savior’s face clearly. That figure pulled my little body into his arms.

“Please, d-don’t go...”

His right hand touched my face. There’s a warm feeling coming up. I don’t know why I feel like this uncle’s hug is so warm. The man tightened his arms.

“Sorry. Dad came late. I’m truly sorry, Ara.”

‘Dad? Isn’t my father dead? Who is he?’


I open my eyes slowly. I’ve been blinking a few times before my consciousness really gathered. The smell of drugs immediately pierced my sense of smell. I can see the room as white as a patient’s room. I turned around slowly. A beautiful girl was sitting holding my hand tightly channeled with an iv tube.

“Tiara? Are you awake?!”

She seemed pleased. Claire shouted William’s name. The man with brown hair was lying on the couch. He immediately got up and walked up to us.

“Are you all right?” asked William.

I nodded quietly and smiled at them both. My esophagus is dry, it’s hard to say a word.

“Would you like a drink?”

Claire and William immediately help me sit leaning on the top of the bed. I try to refuse them.

“I can do it myself. Don’t worry about it.”

Honestly, I hate looking weak in front of other peoples. That poor stare makes me sick. I don’t know what the reason.

“How can we not worry? You’ve been unconscious for two days!”

“W-what? Two Days?!”

“I’m going to go home and clean up base camp first. Let William take care of you here,” Claire said.

“I’m fine, seriously. I’m comeback too.”

“Tiara Kim. You stay there. It’s an order,” said the man with the brown eyes.

“Yes, sir.”

William pulled a wooden chair closer to the bedside. “How did you faint that night?”

“I don’t know, Will. My body suddenly limped and my head was dizzy.”

“It’s weird. Hmm, are you hungry?”

My eyes immediately brighten than before. I nodded my head a few times. William smiled at me, who turned enthusiastically for food.

“I’ll buy you some food. Don’t you dare to run away.”

“Yes, Captain.”

William ruffled my hair slowly. Then he came out of the room. I turned my eyes towards the big window next to my bed. I didn’t realize I was thinking about my dream.

‘Who is he? When have I ever seen him? Why can’t I remember his face?’

My head is throbbing. That dream feels so real. It’s like I’ve been there before. Déjà vu. You could say that. The pain in my head is growing. It is strange. I can’t remember what happened in that dream. All I remember is that after the incident of my mother’s death, I fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital by my aunt.

“What the hell is going on?”


I’m trying to remove the iv tube that’s stuck in my hand. I’m feeling pretty good. Besides, this thing’s limiting my movements. Damn it. It’s hard to let go of this thing. Suddenly something hit my head hard.

“Ouch, it hurts—”

“Are you out of your mind?” shout out to William who just walked into the room.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re still a patient. Stop. You could hurt your hand.”

“All right.”

‘Why would I obey this man’s orders? It’s weird.’

William put the plastic bag he was carrying on the tabletop. Then he pulled out the contents one by one. There are several boxes of food and two medium-sized bottles of mineral water.

“Do you want me to feed you?” he offered.

“I can do it myself.”

“Okay. This is for you,” William said, giving me oatmeal in his hand.

I took it with one hand. I just realized my hand was being bandaged, and automatically I couldn’t hold the spoon William gave me because I wasn’t left-handed.



“Give it to me.”

“My ass—”

William took over the food box I was holding, saying nothing. I only gave up when the man fed me the oatmeal.

“Master told us to come to the base,” William said while feeding me.

“Is there another surprise mission?”

“No, I’m not. It’s a matter of what’s in the box.”

“The box?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. Master said he’d explain what’s in the box.”

“So, can we meet the master?!”

“Yes. I think so.”

My smile knotted. Meeting with hunter organization leaders is the thing I’ve wanted most since I first joined this organization. No one knows what their leader looks like, except the Alpha team. Alpha team is our senior. They’re the best team the organization has. They are also the master’s personal bodyguards.

“We’ll be there tomorrow. Master says wait for your condition to recover first.”

“I’m already healed.”\


“My hands are okay. So—”

Suddenly William hit my right hand slowly. I screamed. The pain even extends to the bone.

Is he turning stupid now? How could he hit my hand that still hurts!?’

“Why did you hit me?!”

“You said it cured you, right? I’m just testing it.”

“If you repeat ... I’m going to kill you.”

“How dare you threaten your own leader like that? Do you want to be punished, Ara?”

“No, I’m not. I’m sorry.”

“Good. Be a good girl, okay?”


William smiled and told me to go to bed. As team leader, he has privileges that no other member has. If I don’t want to get punished, I have to obey every command that comes out of that man’s lips.

‘Why didn’t I just sign up to be leader?’


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