Poor Husband's Betrayal

Poor Husband's Betrayal

By:  Dianur Kamariah  Completed
Language: English
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Raisa had always imagined that her household was a happy one, but an incident where her husband, Arka, turned out to be hiding a big secret behind their household. It started with a contraceptive that Raisa found in her husband's suitcase that led to other suspicions that led her to find out that her husband had been having an affair with their next-door neighbor. Raisa devises a plan to avenge Arka's betrayal and also her affair with Maya. She deliberately let her husband play with fire in their household and made him suffer in the aftermath. On the way to exposing Raisa's husband's lies, the woman reunites with her former boss. A billionaire who is handsome and also concerned with Raisa who is none other than Maya's husband. Will Raisa fall back into the billionaire's arms?

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92 Chapters
New Neighbors
The slightly cloudy morning atmosphere makes anyone still feel at home to wrap his body with a blanket. Unlike Raisa, the woman had to wake up early to prepare provisions for her husband to go to work.The sound of a four-month-old baby crying came from inside Raisa's house. The woman immediately went into her room."Don't cry anymore," said Raisa's husband. The man calmed his fussy son.Raisa, who was still busy in the kitchen, shouted to her husband to give the baby some milk."Honey ... Anya, give me the milk on the table," Raisa said with her hands deftly chopping vegetables. Her husband immediately gave a baby bottle filled with milk to Anya, their child."Oh... it turns out Anya is thirsty, honey." the husband chatted with their daughter. There was no more sound of Anya's crying. Raisa could finally cook in peace.Her deft hands move here and there to make provisions for her husband. Her enthusiastic face is reflected in the song she sings while meak."Is Anya asleep yet?" Raisa
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Unnamed Message
It was late afternoon, but Arka had yet to show her face. Raisa stood on the front porch of the house. While waiting for Arka to come home, she played with her little daughter, Anya."Anya is beautiful, look at Mommy," said Raisa talking to her daughter.Anya, who is super active, can already lie on her stomach smoothly. She also has a habit of looking closely at her mother."So smart! Raisa chuckles at her little daughter's responseRaisa and Anya were busy playing on the terrace of their house. Laughter and jokes fill the afternoon."Why isn't Arka home yet?" Raisa looked at the fence several times."Anya misses you already? Do you want to play with me?" Raisa looked at her little daughter.The girl immediately replied while laughing loudly. Raisa, who saw Anya's development very quickly, felt grateful to have been given a happy little family.The sound of a car horn in front of the house surprised Raisa, who was playing with Anya."Unusually late." Raisa turned her head toward the
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The noise of falling objects woke Arka from her deep sleep. She was startled and immediately got out of bed. Arka hurriedly looked at Anya's bed."Ah...thank goodness Anya ih sleeping," Arka rubbed her chest in relief.Arka came out of the room, curious about the voice that had woken her from a deep sleep."This must be Raisa dropping the pot," Arka guessed to herself."Honey?" called Arka to Raisa."Ouch Arka... help!" said Raisa softly.Arka was surprised to hear Raisa's call for help. She rushed to the direction where Raisa's voice was."Baby! What's wrong with you?" asked Arka with a panicked face.Raisa collapsed on the floor, clutching her sprained foot."What happened to you? How did you fall like this?" Arka panicked. He immediately took his wife to the living room. He sat her on the sofa, while straightening her sprained leg."Ouch, it hurts!" cried Raisa in pain."What's wrong with you, baby?" Arka asked again."That, I was going to get the pot on the top shelf. I forgot tha
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Arka arrived at her workplace. She wasn't very excited, as her closest coworker wasn't in the office today."How come Restu didn't say she wanted permission today," said Arka, checking her cell phone again.Arka searched for Restu's name on her phone's whatsapp, but it was true. Restu hadn't sent her a message.Arka started to get nervous. She felt that Restu had left her. Even though Arka already considers Restu a good friend. Inevitably Arka sent a short message to Restu."Where are you Res? You didn't tell me you were going on vacation."Arka sent a typed message to Restu's WhatsApp number, hoping that her best friend would reply to her.While waiting to hear back from Restu, Arka worked on some of her not-so-much work. Designing buildings was a job that Arka had always loved. Many buildings have been built in the city where he lives from his designs."Hem ... what kind of style should I make? Do I have to come up with new innovations again? But then my work will keep piling up."A
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A Glass of Wine
Arka drove his car across the highway he was traveling on. The thumping music with the swinging bass made Arka's mood dance."I haven't had a party in a long time. This is great, you can wash your eyes," Arka shouted in the car.His momentary pleasure had made a great sin to his wife, Raisa. He was heartless and two-faced. Arka had the heart to lie to his innocent wife.The notification from Arka's cell phone rang. Arka hurriedly took the cell phone that was not far from her reach."You want to come here?" Arka glanced at the whatsapp message she had received."Reply or not," Arka muttered."Yes." Arka replied to the message briefly. A little angry with Maya, he intended to ignore her when he reached his destination.The car Arka was driving was traveling fast. The distance from Arka's house to the vacation spot she was going to took about four hours. For Arka, that was not a long time. The shadows of the party were already gracing her wicked mind.A ringing cell phone interrupted Ark
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Making Love Among Lies
"Looks like Arka ignored my message," Raisa muttered a little sadly. His mind became frantic. She deliberately sent a message like that, hoping Arka would call and ask about Anya's condition. "I still can't believe that you would lie to me. Even though all this time I've given you all my trust," Raisa softly closed her eyes. "Raisa," Aunt Iyem held Raisa's shoulders. She knew that the woman's mind was not well. "Why Auntie?" Raisa turned her head. The old woman's gaze was very gentle. Like the gaze of a mother to her child. "Having a baby, don't think too much. You won't get good quality milk." Aunt Iyem reminded, while gently stroking Raisa's shoulder. "It feels like it's been a long time since I've had a touch like this," Raisa recalled her departed mother. "Thank you, Aunt Iyem, for being so kind to me." Raisa looked sincerely into the old woman's eyes, she was truly helped by her presence. "Think of me as Raisa's parent. After all, we've known each other for a long time,
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A car horn sounded from outside Raisa's house. She hurriedly opened the door to see who had arrived."Arka?" Raisa paused first, her mind still wondering why her husband had returned home so soon."It looks like it's his car," Raisa confirmed.Once again the car horn sounded, seemingly impatient to get in."Wait a minute," Raisa shouted at the door of her house. Raisa hurriedly got out of the house and opened the gate for her husband. Her heart still wondered if today wasn't the day Arka was scheduled to return from work.Shortly after Arka's car pulled in, her next-door neighbor's car horn sounded. Raisa paid a little visit, and sure enough, her new neighbor had just arrived."Why did it take so long to open the fence," said Arka, surprising Raisa."Sorry, dear. I didn't think it was you" Raisa was a little surprised. She smelled a strong odor from the clothes Arka was wearing."What's going on? I've been looking at our next-door neighbor." Arka came to see her new next-door neighbor
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Choosing Silence
The sound coming from Arka's cell phone disturbed Raisa's deep sleep. She rubbed her sleepy eyes."One o'clock at night? Seriously, who the hell sends messages at this hour," Raisa annoyed, looking at her husband who was still fast asleep.Raisa picked up Arka's cell phone which was on the nightstand near the bed. Squinting slightly, she again could not see the message that had entered her husband's cell phone."Again? Why is the message not visible," Raisa murmured a little curiously."Ah ... it's not important either. Maybe people are ignorant,' Raisa said, returning Arka's cell phone to its original place.Raisa pulled the blanket over her cold body. Her eyes began to close, but her mind was still on her husband's cell phone. She was still curious why her husband's cell phone felt odd and strange."Is Arka hiding something?"She was already suspicious when Arka lied about a business trip. Likewise with incoming messages, but they couldn't be seen.Suddenly Arka wriggled her body, s
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The Quarrel Between Maya and Arka
All the doors were locked tightly. Raisa was still frightened and tried to calm herself down.The sound of Anya's crying from inside the room interrupted Raisa's bad thoughts. Immediately, she went to the room and picked up Anya."Honey," Raisa said, calming Anya down."Anya, why are you crying?" Raisa carried her daughter out of the room. She breastfed her daughter in the family room."I hope nothing happened," Raisa said, looking at her son who was breastfeeding.The woman stared back at the window of their house, intrigued by the knock on the door without a person."Why am I so scared. There can't be bad people during the day." Raisa talked to herself, trying to calm herself down by distracting herself with watching television."A woman was found lifeless in her house. It is suspected that the cause of her disappearance was....""Click"Raisa quickly turned off the television she was watching. The news she had just seen made her even more frightened."Why is news like that appearin
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Arka's cell phone
Arka returned home at exactly midnight. Raisa and Anya were already fast asleep. Even before going to bed, the woman had thought that her husband had cheated on her."Looks like Raisa is asleep," Arka muttered softly. Silently, the man opened the door to their house. He sneaked in like a thief trying to steal something.Arka bumped into a table leg that was close to the light switch in their house."Ouch!" shrieked Arka in surprise and pain.The light in the living room was bright, and there stood Arka holding her slightly blue feet."Arka?" asked Raisa, still confused."Honey. I'm sorry I disturbed your good sleep," Arka said in a guilty voice."No problem. I was lucky to hear that you're home," Raisa replied as she approached Arka."Let me see his leg, who knows if it's bruised," continued Raisa, looking at Arka's knee."A little bruise. Shall I treat it?" Raisa offered sincerely."No need. It's just a little, it doesn't hurt too much, I can stand it. It was just a reflex shock, so
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