25. Where's Grandma?

"Markonah, please buy me eggs and sugar. We're out of stock," Hartono asked, telling Markonah to go to his regular shop.

"To the regular shop?" asked Markonah.


"Ah, I remember that the shop is close to Pricilia Medical Center, right? Can I stop by to visit a friend? He hasn't been in school for two days. Reportedly, he was being treated there," explained Markonah.

"Sure, but don't take it too long ... I will be late making the dough." Hartono gave money in the amount of one hundred thousand rupiah.

Then Markonah left with her father's shabby motorbike. After she bought eggs and sugar, she parked her motorbike in front of Pricilia Medical Center. The girl walked towards the entrance and met the receptionist.

"I want to visit a patient named Tukijo. Where is his room?" asked Markonah.

"Wait a minute, I'll check first," replied a woman who was in front of Markonah. She flipped through the book in front of her many times.

"The patient named Tukijo is in room A3 on the third floor,"
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