26. Homicides

"Grandma! ... Grandma!" shouted Tukijo and Ningsih, looking for Muhiroh. They circled around Pricilia Medical Center Hospital for an hour. However, have not managed to find it.

Tukijo saw many people crowding near the irrigation embankment. Suddenly a bad feeling appeared in his heart.

"What's with the crowd there?" said Tukijo.

"Where?" Ningsih asked.

"That's Sis, near the irrigation." Tukijo held out his index finger. "I have an uneasy feeling, Sis."

"Let's see! What happened there," said Ningsih.

Then they approached where the crowd was. How surprised Tukijo and Ningsih were, when they found an old grandmother whose skin was wrinkled and her hair had turned white lying on the road, her body was soaking wet. The grandmother's face was pale, and there was no sign of breathing on her body.

"Grandmaaaaaa ...!" Tukijo shouted while hugging her body tightly. He sobbed, his lips trembled, his tears flowed down his grandmother's body.

Ningsih bowed her head down, suddenly she felt the same
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