24. Pricilia Medical Center


Unfortunately, the shoe was caught by Tedy. However, that was indeed what Tukijo expected. He tied his shoelaces in Tedy's hands, then walked behind the fat man while pulling the shoelaces that had been tied to his right hand.

"Shit! What are you doing there?" Tedy was trying to grab Tukijo behind him with his left hand.

Tukijo had calculated his plan. Then the boy took Tedy's left hand and piled it with his right and tied them together with shoelaces. Then he covered Tedy's head with his uniform.

"Damn you! Let me go!" Teddy shouted.

Tukijo took a piece of wood with a thickness of 3 cm and then hit Tedy with the wood as hard as he could until he fell bloodied.

"Aaaaaaaaargh! Stop!" he groaned.

"What? Stop?" Tukijo kept beating Tedy nonstop. "In the past, when you hit me, did you stop when I said stop? No! You keep hitting me until you're satisfied." Tukijo's head began to feel dizzy.

Eventually, Tukijo fell unconscious unable to endure the pain in his body any longer.

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