28. The Bentor Gang

"He is Slamet, a member of the Bentor Gang who is famous for being merciless in asking anyone for money by force," explained Sugeng. "Ah, if only I recorded the incident yesterday. I don't think that he will blame Si Cecep."

"Even though Cecep is rude and likes to bully, he is picky. The boy never forced money from old women, let alone grandmothers," said Tiyem.

"Tch! You say that in front of Tukijo, while he makes Tukijo's maid every day. Don't you think about his feelings?" argued Markonah. "Hopefully after this incident he will learn a lot of lessons."

"What are your plans to prove that Slamet killed my grandmother?" Tukijo asked Sugeng.

"Tiyem will infiltrate the Bentor Gang headquarters to dig up information and record their every word," he added.

"What? Why does it have to be me?" Tiyem avoided it.

"Because Mr. Bahar is interested in you. You know Mr. Bahar right?" said Sugeng.

"You're telling me to approach that disgusting person?" Tiyem asked.

"We don't have any other wa
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