29. Meal event

"Eh, emm ...." Sutrisno was silent. "Oh no, how is this?" He felt scared. If he said the wrong thing, the woman in front of him might turn him into a cracker.

"Miss, everything is settled," said Marno, reporting that the Bentor Gang members' rubbish had been cleaned up. Cecep, as the presumptive innocent, has been acquitted.

"Okay, let's go! Our business is finished," asked Ningsih. Then they left without a word.

“Sigh ....” Sutrisno stroked his chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Tukijo! Your shirt?" Tiyem shouted, making the three people stop walking.

Tukijo turned his head. "Take for you, I have some," answered Tukijo. The sweat dripping down his forehead made the boy's cold expression look cool, making Tiyem stunned.

"Oh my gosh... wake up Tiyem, he's Tukijo!" Tiyem muttered, looking away to hide herself.

Since then, Sugeng, Trisno, Tiyem, and all the pedicab gang members have viewed Tukijo as a figure who must be respected because he has a relationship with the mysterious woman
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