Possessive billionaire

Possessive billionaire

By:  Amanda Bittencourt   Completed
Language: English
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Love. Greatness. Passion The man who had it all finally found his something to conquer! Eduardo Villa-Lobos, powerful Brazilian billionaire, has everything he wants in life. He has good looks, wealth, power and women. He often travels the world, fighting battles and trade deals, and on these trips, he always gets whatever he wants. In a single snap of his fingers, he has the world at his feet... The world, except for a woman named... Camila Cavalcanti.

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Voila Enterprise
Please fix the error. Him/ his / her all mixed together. The story is great but because of the error, did not enjoy at all.
2022-12-04 19:17:00
91 Chapters
“We're all a little weird. And life is a little strange. And when we find someone whose weirdness matches ours, we join that person and fall into this mutually satisfying weirdness we call true love.” — Robert Fulghum.Eduardo Villa-Lobos began to lose patience, his lips were pressed together with irritation. He continued to stare at the top of Cavalcanti Mansion's grand carpeted staircase, then back at his Rolex.Where the hell was she? It had been fifteen minutes since they got there and still no sign of her. Damn, she was wasting her time. He gritted his teeth and ran a frustrated hand through his unruly black hair.He stood up and stuffed his hands in his pockets, emphasizing her height and lean, yet muscular body. The rich contour of her shoulders strained against the fabric of his gray Armani suit, exuding power and confidence.He moved closer to the life-size portrait that hung in the center of the living room. His bright blue eyes studied the portrait sharply. It was a picture
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Chapter 1
"Love me or hate me, both are in my favor... If you love me, I will always be in your heart. If you hate me, I will always be in your mind." — William ShakespearePetrópolis- Camila! What are you doing here?- Hi, aunt. Camila looked so downcast, carrying a briefcase in her left hand and a large bag over her shoulder. His sunglasses hid his brown eyes.- My God! What are you doing here? You had to be with your fiancé right now, right? Her aunt Beatriz almost screamed. She was shocked to see her niece on her doorstep.Beatriz Rodrigues was the younger sister of Camila's mother, Márcia. She was in her late forties, had no children, and wasn't even married. She lived in Petrópolis, where the Cavalcanti's ancestral home was located.“He's not my fiancé. I'm not marrying that idiot. – Camila said as she entered her aunt's house and sat directly on the antique sofa."Did you find him at your house today?"- No. I left before he saw me.- Oh God. Beatriz's eyes widened. - Because you left?
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Chapter 2
“I can't tell you that I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second, or the third, or the fourth. But I remember the first moment I saw you walking towards me and I realized somehow, that the rest of the world seemed to have disappeared when I was with you.” — Cassandra Clare.PetropolisAt eight in the morning, Camila left the supermarket, carrying a bag full of fruits and vegetables. She was just a few feet away from the supermarket when she noticed someone following her. Her heart began to beat very fast and a cold sweat ran down her spine. Suddenly, she slowed her pace and looked to the side. Camila slowly turned around, but there was no one. Then she took a deep breath and sighed.It's just my imagination, maybe from watching too many horror movies, she smiled to herself.Camila started walking again. Then she saw through her peripheral vision a man in black, flannel shirt and jeans, really following her. She wasn't crazy.Oh, God help me! She thought. A stalke
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Chapter 3
"You only need one man to love you. But love you like freedom from a fire, mad as the moon, always like tomorrow, sudden as an inspiration and unsurpassed as the tides. Just one man and all that." — C. JoyBell C.Camila immediately went upstairs to hide. She was pacing her room trying to calm her nerves. She still felt mad at Eduardo Villa-Lobos for scaring the hell out of her."How dare that idiot follow me?" She gritted her teeth. Then she wondered why he knew where she was. She hadn't told anyone, not even her best friend, Toni.“Camilla, come here. — She heard her aunt call her.Camilla sighed. She really hated the idea of ​​facing Eduardo Villa-Lobos again. He was the most arrogant man she had ever seen. She'd hated him before, when her father had filled her in on this marriage story, and now that she'd met him, she hated him more. Damn it! However, she had no choice now, he was downstairs and she didn't want to upset her Aunt Beatriz by being so childish in facing the situation.
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Chapter 4
"Love is like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it."- Nicholas Sparks.Two days later, Gregório Villa-Lobos called Eduardo and gave him unexpected news.— The prodigal daughter returned yesterday. Fernando is still very angry, but because of his wife's heart, he decided to forgive his daughter.“So what happens now? Will we forget about this wedding thing? – Eduardo asked, holding the phone between his chin and shoulder as he undressed to shower in the presidential suite of his hotel in Rio.— Hmm… Fernando did not pursue this question any further. Camila vigorously disagrees with the marriage. She doesn't understand how important this is to us. She is still young, actually twenty-two years old and has now graduated in Management. We agreed that we should give her time to mature.“Well, I'm not in a hurry either. I'm enjoying my life now. – Eduardo said, but inside him, he felt rejected by Camila.He didn't really want to get married, but her denial stirred his ego. The la
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Chapter 5
"You don't love a person because they are perfect, you love them despite the fact that they are not." — Jodi Picoult.Camila was sitting on the Villa-Lobos' private plane with Eduardo's father.Gregorio had picked her up at her house a few hours ago. He had lunch with his family, talked about business and reminisced about old times with his father. Mr. Villa-Lobos earnestly asked her parents not to worry about her. He would take care of her needs and ensure she received the best training in running a business.Camila was just listening to their conversations. She felt like a child who couldn't take care of herself. She was already twenty-two years old, but still, her parents were very protective of her.They had been on the plane for nearly an hour when Eduardo appeared, holding a laptop and talking on the phone. He just nodded at his dad and Camila and then settled into the chair across from them. He looked sexy and handsome in faded jeans, white shirt, and black jacket. Did he reall
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Chapter 6
"What is essential is invisible to the eye, and can only be seen with the heart." — Antoine de Saint-Exupery.Camila heard someone calling her name.- Camila! Camila!And there was the tremor again. Oh God! Please make it stop!"Damn it, Camilla. Wake up! Eduardo snapped and shrugged his shoulders.Suddenly, Camila opened her eyes. She gasped and shuddered in panic. She sat up immediately, fear laced inside her. She surveyed the place, feeling lost and disoriented. Her face was pale as a ghost.- What happened? Where are we?“We're still on the plane. Are you okay? You were tossing and turning, restless in your sleep. We were joking when you dozed off.Eduardo had been a little disappointed that she'd fallen asleep at such a pleasant time, when the two of them were flirting with each other, but he assumed she must be tired. So he went to do some work on his laptop, and after a few minutes, he noticed that she was very agitated. He started to get anxious when it took him some time to w
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Chapter 7
“I can't tell you that I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second, or the third, or the fourth. But I remember the first moment I saw you walking towards me and I realized somehow, that the rest of the world seemed to have disappeared when I was with you.” — Cassandra Clare.“I miss you so much, honey. I keep thinking about you. I can't function well without you, and I feel like I'm slowly dying every day. I love you so much Camila, please forgive me. Give me another chance. I'm begging.Oh please! What crap!“I'm moving on now, so please stop calling me. Camila told her ex-boyfriend Ian on the phone. She couldn't forget the hurt she felt for his betrayal. At least now she was starting to feel a lot better and moved on with her life.“I can't just let you go, Camila. I will go crazy without you. Please give me a second chance. I promise, I will never do that again. I need you baby. You are the only woman for me.“Ian, please stop. I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow is
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Chapter 8
"He won't be your prince charming if he's not sure you know he's your princess"—Demi Lovato.Eduardo was in California negotiating a new five-star hotel and resort. He had been there for a week and was furious that everything was moving so slowly. He wanted to get back to New York as soon as possible to keep a close eye on other businesses and to see how Camila's "management crash course" was going.Well, of course it wasn't just that. He was desperate to take her out to dinner, too. A candlelit dinner with roses and soft music. She would certainly love it, since she believed in romances and fairy tales. He smiled at the thought. Well, whatever she wants if it's to throw away the "just friends" book and I can take her to bed, he smiled even more at that thought than at the other.Meanwhile, Camila had already started her intensive training at Villa-Lobos International Holdings, Inc. On her first day at the office, Gregório Villa-Lobos introduced her to all the department heads. They w
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Chapter 9
“Love is a promise, love is a memory, once given it will never be forgotten, never let it go.” — John Lennon.Camila shivered, looking at Eduardo. He looked like the devil, but a terribly hot devil fully dressed in black. His eyes locked with hers in an attractive, magnetic way. His lips curved into a smile.Oh God, this is so weird. Will Eduardo drink from my body? This is so humiliating! What is he doing here anyway? This is not a very popular bar.She was still quiet so she wouldn't spill the tequila on her belly button. The girls shouted with enthusiasm, danced, laughed and laughed more. But Chris Ethwood didn't find this situation amusing at all. He was frowning and shaking his head, next to Eduardo.-Go! Go! Go! Go! His friends started screaming.Camila wanted to say “wait a minute”, but without any warning, Eduardo licked the salt from her abdomen in a slow and sensual way. The heat of his tongue and his caress made her gasp in shock, as if a hundred thousand volts of electrici
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