Alexa and the Badboy

Alexa and the Badboy

By:  Lilah Morgan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Alexa. Queen bee. Popular. And above all, secretly mischievous. Devon. Silent rebel. Bike guy. Bad boy When these two cross paths, will sparks ignite, or will thunders roar? When Alexa pranks her boyfriend as revenge for forgetting their date night, everything seems to be fun, except that she pink spray painted the wrong bike. Turns out, it's the school's new student. A handsome devil too, that's seriously pissed with her. When their game of who intimidates who turns into more, Alexa isn't sure if she can trust him with her heart.

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I love this book please continue it
2023-11-26 00:23:01
25 Chapters
Prank gone wrong CHAPTER ONE Alexa"Stacey. Do we have everything we need?" I asked. "Yes. We do." Stacey replied. "Let's do a double check." "Okay." When I was sure we had everything we needed, I dragged Stacey through the door. Letting ourselves into the car, we both drove off. Oh, Nick was so gonna get it this time. How dare he, cancel our date night. And no, I wasn't being a drama queen. We both had taken a while without spending time with each other, football practices and everything that came with it. As far as I knew, the football coach had given the team a week off, after they had led the state to championship this year. Like every good girlfriend, I had come up with an idea to spend time with my boyfriend, make out with him or something, but of course, I'm the only one that thought that way. Apparently. Having persistently asked him if he would make it this weekend, and him assuring me he would show up, I thought it was a done deal, only for Karma to bitch slap me in
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A not so great first meeting CHAPTER TWO Alexa"You." The words left the handsome stranger's lips in a cold soft caress, freezing me to the stop. To put it more clearly, he wasn't so much of a stranger. He was the guy from yesterday.I didn't know how long we stood there, each staring at the other, or more accurately, one glaring and the other drooling. It could have been seconds, minutes, hours, days, heck, even centuries, but I didn't care. His good looks were so out of this world, and I was having my fill. My eyes roamed his face, taking in his sharp jaw, those thick brows, his deep dark brown eyes that almost looked black, and the black studs in his ears. And above all, those full lips that probably kissed any female species to oblivion. I wanted those lips on mine. Whoa, Alexa. Where did that come from? I still had a boyfriend, even though I was still Godzilla angry at him. My eyes trailed lower, finding him in an almost similar outfit from last weekend, except his t-shirt
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Apologetic boyfriends and revenge plotsCHAPTER THREEAlexaIt was a weekend again, and this time, I had the house all to myself. My parents were off for a mini vacation to a place they had let me choose for them, leaving me completely alone at my house. I rose earlier than the other days, doned a pair of shorts, matched with a baggie black shirt with the words "day off" printed on it.I applied a face scrub for a couple of minutes, cleaned my teeth, rinsed my face, and then left it make up free. I cleaned my room, and then dashed downstairs.My breakfast was simple, toast and coffee. Lord, whoever that made coffee was a genius. I don't think I would ever do without caffeine.I hadn't made any encounters with hot stranger, aka Devon Prince, as I had come to know what his name was. Any time we crossed paths, we had both ignored each other, only secretly acknowledging each other.Stacey had asked me to avoid him like the plague, which was hard, because he was everywhere. He had drawn him
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An interesting turn of events.CHAPTER FOURDevon's POVI sat in my brother's pub for hours, thinking and relocating my plan, replaying it over and over my head.I took a sip from my drink, and watched the group of guys that sat in the right corner of the bar. My fists clenched, but I knew I had to wait. The right time had not yet come. I had to wait. Taking a deep breath, I unclenched them.I downed my drink in one gulp, grabbed a hundred dollar bill from my wallet, left it on the table and then left the pub.Outside, my brother Harry was playing pool with a couple of his friends. For a minute, I considered joining them, but then changed my mind. I need to tour this place, get used to this town, before actually starting school. I only had two days to do that.Without any need to waste any more time, I walked to the pub's packing lot where my bike was parked. Only to be greeted by a very horrifying sight.There, in broad daylig
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Tit for tat 1CHAPTER FIVEAlexa"What the hell is this?" I asked the jerk that was currently smirking at me, clearly amused at his antics. Heck, I was pissed off, and right now, I wanted to know how he got the video, and then wipe away that annoying smirk."How did you get this video?" I asked the second time, persistently pushing the phone into his face. He tried taking the phone from me, but I smacked his hand away."Feisty," he said, his annoying smirk still in place. "though it's not going to help you at all. Besides, how I got that video doesn't really matter."Suddenly looking serious, he crowded my space, forcing me to back away. Three more steps back and I was trapped between him and a desk. It dawned on me that locking myself up with him in a classroom wasn't maybe such a good idea. Cornering him alone with something like this wasn't any better. Nevertheless, I wasn't going to let him just intimidate me into submission.He edged closer, so close their was only an airspace be
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Tit for tat 2CHAPTER SIXAlexa"I believe I just signed my death sentence." I whined to Stacey as we both walked to our lockers, having met her in the hallway."What do you mean?" She asked, puzzled. A single worry line creased her forehead, and her eyes darted across my face, trying to read the answers from there.I told her about Devon, the video and his ridiculous terms he had forced me to agree to. I watched as her face contorted into various expressions, curiosity, disbelief, horror and then pity."He can't do that. It's not fair." She was furious."It's not like I didn't try." I sounded dejected to my own ears. "It's a good thing he's not black mailing the both of us."I pushed all my books into my locker, watching as she did the same. "To make matters worse, Mr. Stephens paired me with him this morning.""I'm really sorry." Stacey looked guilty, and I knew what she was thinking.Turning my attention to her, I placed my arms on her shoulders, then looked in her deep blue eyes.
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Eavesdropping and annoying class partnersCHAPTER SEVENAlexaCurse this wretched day.I sighed out loud, realising that I had less than five minutes for school to end. Usually, I was excited but the fact that I had to deal with Devon was like putting out a candle yet you didn't have anything to light it up again.Finishing my business, I rose from the toilet seat, ready to flash. Before I could, I was interrupted by the click off heels and the sound of voices. I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but their conversation caught my attention."Can you imagine? He's her boyfriend, but she doesn't know he's been sleeping with her bestfriend. For weeks. I mean, most of us are in the know. How could she be so oblivious? I just don't understand." #1 girl said."It's called being in love. I don't think she has reason to suspect them. I mean, the other girl is her bestfriend and the guy is her boyfriend. How the hell is she gonna know when she's always with them? Besides, the cheaters have been careful
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The bad boy and his toy.CHAPTER EIGHTAlexa"I don't know what I'm going to do about him Stacey. He's driving me crazy."I was currently on facetime with my bestfriend, ranting about Devon."Did you try asking Mr. Stephens to assign you another partner or at least do a switch?" She asked."I did that already, and with that bald head of his, he wouldn't budge." I complained, gesturing with my hands. "He said my reason wasn't valid enough and that I had to solve any argument or problem I had with Devon."That's too bad." She said, and that's when I noticed her rubbing her temples and the exhaustion on her face. She must be frustrated, tired and really worried for me.All this time, I had been ranting about Devon I didn't realise I was probably having a toll on her."Oww, Stacey. I'm so sorry I didn't think about you. It must be overwhelming for you to listen to me grumble and grunt over some super annoying male like a stupid goat in heat." I said, slumping my shoulders and look directl
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Surprise, surprise: Bad boyCHAPTER NINEDevonAlexa looked like she wanted to murder me. We had only been at our assignment for only thirty minutes, but the fury that shone in her eyes was enough to create laser beams and shot anyone, point of correction, me into a non existent state.She voiced the question once again, but I pretended like I didn't know the answer, despite her explaining to me the same paragraph to me five times ago.I did know what the answer was about, and I had already read that stuff during lunch period, but it was truly entertaining to watch her try to put aside her irritation and not express her true feelings towards me.If anything, her expression worsened, causing me to smirk more inwardly. My battle not to burst into laughter must have shown because her eyes narrowed dangerously on me."Are you trying to make a fool out of me?""No." And that's all it took me to lose my cool and burst into uncontrolled guffaws of laughter. It didn't take a genius to know t
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Surprise, surprise: Back at you, princess.CHAPTER TENDevonHarry's sudden chortle of laughter broke me out of my disbelief.Turning my angry glare on him, I asked. "What's so funny? I don't really think any of this is, unless you are a sadistic masochist.""The fact that she sneaked in here and did this." Still wheezing and holding his belly, Harry said between laughs. "You must have really made an enemy of her.""Stop laughing. Nothing is funny about this." I growled. Instead, the bastard only laughed harder.I turned my angry glare back onto my bike. This time, she had painted everything pink. I didn't think there was any shade she had left behind. Walking over it, I took in all the glitter that she had placed all over my handles. I groaned. "She used glue on this. It's going to take a while to get this off.""Or never." Harry said.I turned my irritated glare on him, noticing that he had come to stand next to me and inspect my bike. Noticing my death glance, he only returned an
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