Pretty Little Fears ||ON HOLD||

Pretty Little Fears ||ON HOLD||

By:  C.J  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ugly, disguising, repulsing and plain were only a few 'compliments' Adana was accustomed to. Finally deciding she had had enough, she works hard to get the perfect revenge body she wanted and the table seemed to have flipped on her past enemies. The Richard twins. The perfect pair of polar opposite, move to Lakeland falls after escaping a possible death threat. What happens when they both seem pulled towards the melanin goddess in form of Adana Spindly.

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30 Chapters
1. It shouldn't hurt so much but...
“You know,  you're still the most ugliest piece of thing I've seen in my life.”It's okay. It shouldn't have hurt so much but why did it? Countless mornings since the third grade and she still wasn't used to the comments,  the jabs, the insults. Why couldn't they just have accepted her?Pidgeon gray lockers staked closely beside each other with various students all dressed in casuals,  leaned over lockers observing the pair intently.Typical of them not to help her. All they did was watch from the sidelines cheering him on. Him. The golden-haired male who had only added to her nightmares every single night. His creaky voice which cracked ever so slightly in the brink if teenagehood.A smile which entranced half the female population of the school stretched over his soft features when she didn't give him a reply.“All that fat better come off with junior yea
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2. The Richards on the move.
Two pairs of Jade eyes under overly long chestnut hair, Lake and Storm observed their mother who hadn't stopped pacing and making hand gestures while murmuring to herself. Her hair,  same shade with her sons,  bristled against her shoulders and the folds of her full A line dress danced about her ankles.A small explosion had occured but luckily, everyone wasn't at home. Why would anybody want to attack the Richards? They were sure it was a threat because of the little note found atop the ashes of their house and that was what really scared Mrs. Richards.She had specifically stayed under the radar and away from the spotlight when her husband had passed away leaving her with two sons and a daughter but now it seemed she was being pulled back into that same spotlight she was trying to escape."Mom,  please calm down." Strom's rush baritone voice rang out in an effort to calm his mother but he knew it was usele
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3. Easier said than done.
“Come on Spindly,  you got this." Leilani's  scarlet curls bounced with her movements where she stood,  crouched over the sweaty and panting mess which was her new friend. "Just two more." "You make it sound like it's such a small thing," Adana grunted straining her arms to carry her weight once again.  She succeeded this time and finally completed the twenty pushups assigned to her by Leilani. Making sure to lay on the floor for as long as she wanted,  Leilani exited the room and came back with a bottle of water which Adana accepted and gulped down most if not all the contents greedily while eyeing Leilani's rounded frame sway with the tune in her head.  "I need a long, hot shower. I feel like dirt," Adana said and hauled herse
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4. Lakeland High. Meet the Richards.
They winced along with each stroke of the brushes that ran through their tangled mane as Sara Richards and Celia combed as gently as they could. "Oh, it isn't that bad," Sara persuaded trying to reach for Lake's darker shade of chestnut hair when he swatted her hand away. "Just a few more strokes and you're all good to go." "I think that's enough or we'll be late," Storm reminded before hauling himself into a standing position and checked the screen of his phone. Celia hands reached upwards, standing on the tip of her toes to run the tip of her fingers through the thick strands,  "oh, I'm so proud of you two. Looking so gorgeous on your first day." Lake eyed his sister's reflection before rising to his feet and stretching his arms out,  "who
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5. Sean forgets Adana. (Sort of)
Dread filled Adana when a familiar building loomed over the school bus.  She wasn't ready to experience the shocked expressions of all her grade mates. She straightened her back and smoothed the thick material of her cobalt blue denim pants in an attempt at distracting herself from her nerves. Leilani's usually dark eyes lightened with curiosity which Adana couldn't help but admire. She wished she was also curious but nothing about those pigeon gray lockers and their owners stirred her curiosity. "Omg, omg, omgeee," Leilani's fiery curls which she had decided to leave loose,  bounced while she hopped in her seat beside Adana. "We're finally here Ada, can you believe it?" "Yeah I can't believe it either," Adana's voice laced with sarcasm at h
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6. When the jerk made her blush.
She shifted in her seat when those jade orbs continued to bore a hole into the side of her head."What do you want?"He didn't respond but only scooted closer then placed his hands under his chin.
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7. Getting lost in those eyes.
After dragging her friend off another new student,  they hopped into the school bus."Oh, great," Leilani muttered after motioning to the occupied seats. "Where do we sit now?"Adana scanned the seats before her eyes brushed over two empty seats at the extreme back row of the bus. "Hey, those look empty to me. Let's go.""But—" Leilani wasn't given time to object before Adana started to pull her.She later realized there was another occupant of the row of the seats. A boy who was taking more than his fair share of space occupied a seat with head angled downwards at the mobile in his hands.Why did he seem so familiar? Adana shook her head to get rid of the thoughts. "Did you get the last part of the assignment?"Arctic rims darkened when Leilani broke from her trance to give her a blank stare, "you didn't get the assignment?"She didn't
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8. Why she wanted a smaller chest.
Lake didn't expect to win but yes, he won this bet and he would rub it in Storm's face till he got agitated. "It's fine okay," Storm blurted and waved his hands over his head. "You won. Happy?" Lake rose and did their infamous chicken dance. "Nah, I'm not happy. I'm freaking proud of myself." Storm lowered his head and muttered, "yeah, don't get too comfortable." They had placed a bet on which house their mother would pick for them to live in. Storm had gone for a beach house while Lake had gone for a house not too big and not too small but comfortable and right in the middle of town. Storm, being overconfident of the two, had been convinced his choice was the best but alas Sara Richards went for Lake's pick. "Okay my beauties," Celia clapped twice and ambled into the room clad in her usual morning attire; an oversized cotton tee and short shorts.&nbs
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9. And the day got better (not)
Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours. Two periods must've passed because the loud chime of the bell penetrated the door twice.Fiddling with her fingers,  the thoughts of what her mother would do to her if word got out that she skipped classes and with a boy at that,  made Adana's insides shudder."The window." Storm half exclaimed and heaved his weight off the floor and took hurried steps to the window.His long fingers played over the windowsill. How had he missed it earlier?With all his upper body strength,  he managed to push it open causing the humid air to fill the small room. A stream of relief washed through him. He wouldn't have any problems with squeezing his way out. How Adana was going to squeeze through was his concern.The window level reached his chest region. He could just hop unto the sill,  sit and balance, then fold up his legs to turn
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10. That's it! Time for a job.
"Okay, I think we all know why we're here." Mr. Albert pushed his thick-rimmed glasses up his thin nose and crossed his ankles. "I want no talking, gossiping,  littering, and most importantly,  don't try to take your phones."Not too long after his instructions were given,  he nodded off, snoring heavily. The class consisted of eight students in total. They were to be here till late evening.
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