Chapter 4

Sebastian had been looking for Sabrina for a month.

When he thought that Sabrina might not as bad as his investigation, she appeared as the waitress in the room specially dedicated to him.

He really had underestimated her.

“Director Ford…this, what’s the matter?” The restaurant manager who was accompanying Sebastian trembled as he looked at Sebastian.

“How long has she been here?” Sebastian looked coldly at the manager.

“A…A month,” stuttered the manager.

A month!

It was exactly the time after she escaped the Ford family.

She was not trying to escape─ she only wanted to increase her price.


Sabrina looked at Sebastian with resentment and felt wronged.

How could the world be so small?

“I don’t understand what you’re saying, let me go! If not, I would call the police.” She tried her best to free herself from Sebastian’s restraint, but she could not move at all.

Sabrina was in so much pain that a thin layer of sweat started to form on her forehead.

The manager scolded Sabrina in fright, “Layla Young, you’ve gone too far!”

Sebastian sneered. “Layla Young? You concealed the fact that you were just released from prison by changing your name to Layla Young?”

At that moment, the lobby supervisor─the same waitress who asked Sabrina to take her place─rushed over but was too frightened to speak.

Sabrina was in despair.

She only had two days left to collect her paycheck this month.

However, everything fell through again.

“Why do you always refuse to leave me alone? Why?!” Her eyes were instantly redden in anger and frustration.

She suddenly lifted her wrist and bit Sebastian’s arm, which made Sebastian release his grip due to pain.

Sabrina turned around and ran away as quickly as she could.

She could not fight with anyone, so she could only run.

When Sebastian finally reacted, Sabrina had already run out of the restaurant and quickly got on a bus. She got off after a few stops.

When she was walking on the road, she suddenly started bawling uncontrollably.

She went to prison in Selene’s place for a month, a dead man took her most precious first time, finally got out of prison with great difficulty but could never see her mother again.

Hasn’t she been unlucky enough?

What kind of demon is this man named Ford? Why was he so determined not to let her go?


Was it because she just came out of prison and had no one to rely on, so it looked nice to be bullied?

Sabrina bawled until her gut was upset. In the end, she squatted at the roadside and vomited continuously. However, all she vomited was green acidic liquid because she had not eaten.

A woman who had just passed by patted her on her back and said, “Girl, are you experiencing early pregnancy symptoms?”

“Early pregnancy?” Sabrina shuddered.

She had frequently felt nauseated recently, but it never crossed her mind that she could be pregnant. After the reminder from the woman, she suddenly remembered that it had been more than a month since that night.

She came to the hospital in a panic and held only a few ten dollars in her hands. It was not even enough to do any test.

The doctor gave Sabrina a test strip to do a urine test.

Ten minutes later, the doctor said affirmatively, “You’re pregnant.”

Sabrina staggered for a moment. “No, I can’t be pregnant.”

“The pregnancy could be aborted.” The doctor said coldly and then looked outside. “Next.”

Sabrina walked out of the room, sat by herself on the hospital bench, and felt helpless.

“Don’t cry…Don’t cry, wipe tears.” A babbling, cute voice was heard. She looked up and saw a little girl that was still in diapers standing in front of her.

The little girl raised her chubby little hands to wipe away Sabrina’s tears but failed. Hence, she patted Sabrina’s legs to comfort her instead.

Sabrina’s heart instantly melted by what this little girl did.

“Please excuse me, my baby is an amiable and emotional child.” The young mother stood opposite of Sabrina and smiled.

“Your baby is very cute,” Sabrina replied politely.

She looked with envy at the mother and daughter as they walked away. She could not help but to touch her lower abdomen. She already had no family. The baby in her belly was her only flesh and blood.

A sense of joy and expectations of being a new mother came all over her.

However, what can she use to feed and support the baby?

She could not even afford the abortion surgery.

Early morning the following day, Sabrina, with a glimpse of hope, came to the prison and begged the guard. “Can I please see Aunt Grace?”

When Sabrina was first imprisoned, Grace Summer had already been serving in the prison for quite some years. Grace took care of Sabrina and saved her from a lot of trouble. She did not know Grace’s background, but she could tell that Grace was rich.

Every month, Grace would receive a lot of money from her visitors.

Grace even gave her a few hundred dollars at the time when Sabrina was released from prison.

“Grace Summer had been released for more than a month,” said the guard as he calculated the time.

“What?” Sabrina was surprised.

“You must be Sabrina Scott, right?” the guard suddenly asked.

Sabrina nodded. “That’s me.”

“Grace left a number for you when she was released. On that day, you got in a luxurious car as soon as you got out. I shouted for you to stop but you did not hear me.”

The guard handed a slip of paper with the phone number written on it to Sabrina.

“Thank you.”

Two hours later, in the VIP ward at the highest-end private hospital in South City, Sabrina met her cellmate, Grace Summer.

Grace’s eyes were slightly closed as she laid on the bed sickly. However, her grey hair made her look more graceful and elegant.

Sabrina could tell that she was a beauty when she was young, but Sabrina did not know why she would be imprisoned.

“Aunt Grace?” Sabrina called gently.

Grace gradually opened her eyes. When she saw Sabrina, she was too excited that she started to cough for a while, then calmed down and said, “Sabrina, I could finally meet you. I asked that brat to bring you over, but he kept saying you went back to your hometown. You finally returned today. I’m glad that you are back.”

“I came back from my hometown, Aunt Grace.” Sabrina lied. She knew the brat that Grace talked about must be her son.

Sabrina finally understood why she could be acquitted earlier. It was because Grace’s son spent a lot of effort to get her out.

The fact that they were willing to get her out was already quite good. How would they still allow Grace to have such a poverty-stricken friend like her?

The lie she told Grace about her returning to her hometown was not too much.

“I would never forget that I wouldn’t have survived this long if it weren’t for your care in prison and I wouldn’t be able to see my son again.” Grace was so touched that she cried.

Sabrina shook her head, “It’s nothing, Aunt Grace. I wasn’t expecting a reward when I took care of you…”

At that moment, she was pondering how to ask ailing Grace for a loan. Finally, she bit her lips as if she had made a decision and said, “Aunt Grace, I know I am not supposed to tell you this now, but I really had no choice, I…”

“What happened? You’re here by my side now─ if you have any difficulties, you can tell me,” Grace asked.

“Aunt Grace, could you…loan me some money?” Sabrina’s head dropped very low─ she dared not look at her.

“How much do you want? I’ll give you.” A gentle voice could be heard from behind her.

Sabrina quickly turned her head and was so shocked that she could not speak smoothly. “How could it be you?”
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