Chapter 5

The man that stood behind Sabrina was none other than Sebastian.

The man looked at Sabrina with a faint smile. His mellow and warm voice was sensual and enchanting. “Mom needs to rest to recover. Is there anything that you couldn’t come to me for a solution? Why must you bother mom?”

Sabrina was dumbfounded and speechless.

The man put his arms around her and escorted her out before she could say no.

“Son, have a proper discussion about your marriage with Sabrina. You must treat Sabrina well,” Grace shouted behind them.

“Don’t worry, Mom.” the man replied while closing the door to the ward.

Sabrina was dragged by Sebastian and walked a long way.

When they arrived at the end of the corridor, his warm expression on his face had changed to one of icy coldness.

The man aggressively choked Sabrina’s neck and pinned her down to the wall. His gaze was as sharp as a cold sword. “Female prisoner! You have continuously tested my patience, and you dared to appear before my mother now─you are too bold! If anything happens to my mother, I would make you experience things that are worse than death!”

Sabrina’s face turned red from being choked. She said as she struggled, “I…didn’t…know Aunt…Grace is your…mother.”

She finally understood why Sebastian was disgusted by her, but still insisted on getting a marriage certificate with her. Previously in prison, Grace mentioned that she wanted her as a daughter-in-law in the future after they got out of prison.

Sabrina thought Grace was joking with her at that time.

It turned out that Grace was serious.

The man choked her tighter. “Do you think I would believe you? You had been playing hard to get repeatedly, wasn’t that to increase your price? Have you always wanted to marry the Ford family and be a noble lady?”

She did not wish to defend herself, so she just shut her eyes.

Let him choke her to death. With this way, she could be with the baby in her belly forever and even reunite with her mother. How nice would that be?

Tears streamed down the corner of her eyes.

However, the man released his grip. He had regained his composure.

The tone of his voice was still frosty and domineering. “My mother only has two months of life expectancy left. I must fulfill her wish and marry you, but I would not touch you! After two months, I would divorce you. When that time comes, you would get a sizable commission. I warn you not to play dirty tricks, or else I would make your life a living hell!”

‘Aunt Grace only had two months of life expectancy left?’

Sabrina felt a dull pain in her heart.

She took in a few big breaths of fresh air. After a while, she calmly asked, “You want to make a fake marriage deal with me?”

“What else? Do you want to be my real wife instead?” The man sized her up from top to bottom with a disgusted gaze.

Sabrina instantly recalled the day in the room where he had seen her body covered in love bites left by the dead man.

Of course, he would despise her for being filthy.

Sabrina bit her lips and said, “I could take the deal, but I have a request.”


“Arrange an account for me in a big city─ any city will do.”

If she were to bring her child back to her hometown in the future, the people there would look down on the fatherless child.

She did not want her child to face discrimination in the future.

She wanted to bring her child far away from home.

Sebastian looked at her skeptically. “Only this?”

With strong determination, she said again, “I want 30,000 USD in cash now, as my allowance.”

30,000 USD was enough for a pregnancy check-up at the hospital, expenses during her pregnancy, and and travel expenses for her return to her hometown to pay respects to her late mother.

Sebastian sneered.

Sure enough, this woman was still a greedy person to her bones.

He already told her there would be a divorce settlement fee, but she still asked for a 30,000 USD allowance at one go.

If he satisfied her with 30,000 USD today, then would she ask for 50,000 USD tomorrow?

If he did not fulfill her wish one day, she could disappear and blackmail him into increasing the prices, right?

It would be like filling a bottomless pit. What an abomination!

How many people had been eliminated by Sebastian for being in his way in the past few years? He does not mind eliminating one more person like Sabrina.

However, his mother could not wait any longer.

Sebastian took his phone out and made a call. Five minutes later, his assistant─ Kingston Yates─ came over with an envelope in his hand.

Sebastian took 5,000 USD out of the envelope, handed it to Sabrina, then said condescendingly, “I can give you 30,000 USD, but it must be paid in installments. If you behave well in front of my mother, then I will continuously give the rest of the allowance.”

5,000 USD?

She needed to do pregnancy check-ups, rent a new place to stay, go to interviews, and look for a job. How would 5,000 USD be enough?

“10…10,000! Can’t be any less than that.”

“2,000!” The man’s tone was so cold that it would send chills to the bones.

“5,000, I only want 5,000 .” Sabrina quickly bargained.


Sabrina bit her lips with all her might to stop herself from crying. She realized if she were to bargain further, the man would decrease more.

At least with 1,000 USD, it would be enough for her to do a pregnancy check-up.

“1,000.” Sabrina cleared her throat and reached out to collect the money.

However, the money was thrown on the floor by Sebastian.

The man said condescendingly, “As long as you play your part right, I would draft the contract for the two-month marriage and send it to you. Once the contract has been fulfilled, your commission would be paid in full. As for the allowance, you would only get it if you behave well.”

Sabrina was only focused on picking up money on the ground, so she did not hear what Sebastian had said.

The 1,000 USD was important to her that she could put her dignity aside. At least it was better than accepting handouts from the Lynn family.

“What did you say?” Sabrina turned up and asked Sebastian after she picked up all the money.

What a b*tch!

Sebastian gave her a sidelong glance. “Come in with me! Remember to play your part right! If you say the wrong things…”

“I won’t say the wrong things,” Sabrina said quietly.

It was not that she wanted to cooperate with Sebastian, but she sincerely felt sorry for Grace.

In prison, they were like mother and daughter.

Now, Grace’s life was about to end soon. She would still do her part even if Sebastian did not make a deal with her.

The two of them entered the room together, and Sabrina wore a big smile on her face. “Aunt Grace, Sebastian and I were discussing getting the marriage certificate just now, you won’t blame me for not accompanying you, right?”

“Silly girl, I was hoping that you would have the wedding soon, then my heart would be at ease.” Grace held Sabrina’s hand and pulled her closer, then whispered, “Sabrina, are you satisfied with my son?”

Sabrina smiled shyly and said, “Very satisfied.”

“Go and get the certificate with Sebastian now, alright? I want to hear you call me mom soon.”

Sabrina gently cupped Grace’s hand. “As you wish, Aunt Grace.”

That afternoon, Sabrina and Sebastian went down to city hall.

They took a picture together, pressed their fingerprints together and took their vows. However, even until their marriage certificate was stamped and completed, Sabrina still could not believe it was real.

She had gotten married.
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