Chapter One

Chapter One:

“Give it up you little slut!” yelled my father, his words slurred, as his hand connected with my cheek.

This wasn't the first time. it was always the same routine. it made no sense as to why this was happening to me. Why was it that one word from her had always resulted in this? she always found a reason to make me suffer

"Why is it that you won't believe me? I didn't do it! I DIDN'T! She's Lying" I yelled as the tears streamed down my face. his hands found a way to grab my hair, pulling at it as though I was a rag doll.

It was already enough heartbreak that I had to suffer for a pack that gave little to no care about my life, and now I needed to accept the same torment from my family? the same family I held with both hands...

“How dare you call your sister a liar? The only liar around here is you! Why didn't you follow your useless mother? why are you still here making our lives difficult?!” he questioned as he growled throwing me on the ground like a piece of paper, making me hit my head, against the had wooded ground. my head throbbed unbearably as blood began to ooze. dizziness made its way into my line of sight.

It felt as though my head was about to fall off my body. the merciless cuts and bruises inflicted upon me throbbed, as my body felt heavy. A painful silence coveted us, as our ragged breaths sounded in the silent room.

“You are to get up this instant and be the unworthy omega you are in this pack. I don't need to hear the alpha coming and complaining about how useless you have been.” He said to me.

my eyes felt dry, tears burning to come out, but feeling empty. I stood up my body swaying from the dizziness that had gotten the best of me. walking to the door in haggard steps. every step down the flight of stairs, left me aching and wishing to die in that very moment. The other Omega's had been Moving around doing chore after chore, none giving me a single second of their day, to question what had happened. after all, this was normal.

“Noella, oh my goodness... Again...?!” Cindy exclaimed in shock as her eyes, saw my rugged state. She walked up to me, holding me up before I collapsed. I limped alongside her to the other side of the kitchen. sitting down, I couldn't help but let the cries make their way out.

I was tired...

I was really tired.

Cindy dressed my wounds as she cooed me. Gently she began dabbing my bruises the pain shooting up my arm, making me wince.


my wolf Elaine spoke up, getting my attention.

'Are you okay?' she asked. I hummed a positive reply.

“What happened this time? Why is so bad? It's as though it gets worse every time it happens.” Cindy stated concerned.

"Is it not hilarious how the sister, I had brought up in difficulty without a mother, could keep making my life miserable..." I questioned with a sigh, my chest constricting. "How could she trample on my dignity the way she did? how could she make me out to a whore in mere seconds? sleeping with another man? I would rather die." I sated bitterly.

"Did something happen between the two of you...?" Cindy questioned cautiously.

"Does she need a reason to do what she does? ...does anyone in this goddess forsaken Pack need a reason for anything that they inflict on me?" I smiled. Cindy sighed and looked at me with pity.

“I don’t know why you stick around here, you can leave you to know and find a new pack to join,” Cindy said reassuringly. “Sticking around here will just lead to death, it’s like you are waiting to die.” She said.

Was I?

Did I want to die?

"I don't know why I stick around either... Maybe its a sense of duty that seems to blind me from my will to survive and live happily." I smiled forcefully. Cindy said nothing as she stared into my eyes as though looking for something.

“Okay let us finish up here and do what we're meant to do, I don’t want to see you hurt anymore today, okay.” She said standing up walking away.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen, pulling out a pot and cooking dinner for this disgraceful pack. All the omegas began doing the chores and preparing for the dinner, when everything was prepared and set, slowly one by one the pack kept coming in. a scent caught my attention.

'Mate' I heard Elaine speak up.

So soon already? I just turned 18. I wiped my wet hands on my apron and followed the scent I could smell from miles away. I walked up the steps. making my way down the corridor, slowly getting closer to... no... No way, it could'nt be. I can’t be. I stood before alpha Nate’s bedroom door. He can’t be my mate, could he?

Unconsciously, my hands opened the door to his bedroom without permission slowly. There he was, with another woman. They were all over each other. But who cares anyway. I know how this is going to play out. It has always been like that, the good never get anything good. I shut the door silently, as I held back the tears threatening to fall.

I walked back downstairs serving the food. minutes later, the dining room was full, the entire pack had flooded in and were waiting to be served. Then the door opened, and he made his way in.

Alpha Nate.

His scent smothered by someone else and one can guess who it was. In pain, I turned away, as his eyes locked with mine, giving me a disgusted look.

He knows were mates.

But... won’t accept it.


Chapter One edited and complete! What are your thoughts thus far? what is to happen in the upcoming chapters? Let me know your thoughts!

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