Chapter Two

Chapter 2:

Alpha Nate walked towards the table of the dining hall, taking his seat at the head. the pack had begun dining. The omegas of the pack served all the higher ranking pack members, waiting off at the side, like the maids they were made to be.

Nate cleared his throat as he leaned forward, a sinister smile making its way on his face.

"Everyone there," he pointed towards the omegas, "You may all leave, Noella shall serve us," he said in a commanding tone.

my mouth almost dropped open at his words. It was funny how I was still taken by surprise the more I stayed in this pack, but this time my heart stung. he was publicly displaying his distaste for me.

My own mate...

Hours went past with me having to tend to everyone, from the dining table to the kitchen. I was practically an errand dog for these people. and no one seemed to have any kind of human emotions, which really showed how beastly they were.

as dinner slowly came to an end, Nate stood up, clearing his throat to get everyone's attention.

“What a lovely evening to bring some good news to you all. Everyone, Listen p, I’ve got an announcement to make.” Alpha Nate spoke up as the room fell silent, only his voice echoing through the dining hall.

“I'm pretty sure there are people we tend to tolerate and then there are those that do not deserve our tolerance because of how pathetic they are, and we all know of a specific someone like that in this pack am I right?.” He said getting our packs, especially my, attention.

everyone began murmuring in confusion as though not understanding what he was going on about.

“Don’t you think so?” he asked once again as his eyes stared directly at me. Everyone, noticing where his hostility was directed to, cheered, hyping him up.

“Well, do you not think we should do something about that?” he asked again with cold-blooded eyes, his tone malicious.

Everyone cheered once again, clapping in excitement. I locked eyes with my own family that smiled at the entire ordeal. How hilarious.

“As your loving Alpha, Who cares fro the comfort of my pack members and the prosperity of this pack, I will get rid of that person," He paused, making eye contact with me. "Noella Cindy James.” He said pointing at me. “I hereby reject you as my mate, and I hereby banish you from this pack.” He said a sly smirk on his face.

“What...?” I whispered, tears falling from my eyes as I felt the mate bond strain and furthermore everything I have built shatter and fall apart. “You can’t do that!” I yelled at him in pain making everyone else growl at me threateningly.

“Yes I can, and I will- oh, I already have. So you are permanently banned from this pack, no one wants to see that eye-sore appearance of yours around here.” He said glaring at me.

“What did I ever do to you? I’ve never done anything to harm anyone or anything. I always obeyed you and did as you said, so why is it from all the good I do and all the tolerating I had done, I never got anything good in return? Why are you hurting me like this? is your abuse, not enough?” I asked.

“Does it look like I care about your goody-two-shoes appearance, or what you've done, breathing in this pack polluting our air? Just get lost.” He said making my heart drop.

this entire mate thing was a pain. never again, will I, Noella, accept anyone as my mate.


“I Noella Cindy James, accept your rejection, and reject you, alpha Nathanial Jonathan West,” I said as the tears uncontrollably fell.

“Rejection accepted, and thank you for rejecting me.” He said without looking back at what he said.

“But let me warn you, Nathaniel, one day you are going to regret ever rejecting me,” I said looking at the asshole before me. I turned away walking away.

“Noella!” Cindy yelled out my name as if trying to hold onto me. I simply continued walking, opening the door.

“You are the only one, Cindy...” I whispered before running out into the forest. I stopped taking off my shoes and removing my apron dropping it aside. Then I transformed into my beautiful brown coated wolf and running into the forest,

I was finally free...


I had been running for three days, with only a nights rest. Feeling my legs give out from exhaustion, I tripped, falling and rolling down a hill.

'Oh, moon goddess...!'

I slammed onto a bricked city path. People surrounded me.

“Who are you?” they asked. They had the rouge mark on their shoulders.

“Shift!” they commanded. I did as I was told, and I think in their gentleman’s they brought something to cover me.

“Once again we ask, who you are?” they questioned, their voices holding power.

“Noella Cindy James, banned from the shadow pack, forced to run rogue,” I said capturing their attention.

“Okay then, welcome to the unwanted city.” They said welcoming me.

“Unwanted?” I questioned.

“Yes the unwanted city, under the rue of king of rogues Edmond, this is a city for rogues, hidden in the depths of the forest.” The one guard stated.

“So what do I do here?” I asked. They chuckled at my statement.

“You try to live, you try to survive.” He said.

They began walking, m following behind them. “You need to find a job around this city and get paid, once you get paid you can, practically live freely. But you need to pay tax on time, or else there will be problems.”

The guard said. Problems? They stopped near an old looking apartment.

“This is where you will be staying.” They said, opening the door, the place was enough, there was everything I needed.

“Thank you so much!” I said gratefully.

“No need, us rogues gotta help each other out, now you need rest, tomorrows you need to wake up early in order to find work. after all, nothing comes for free.” He said. I smiled.

“Oh,” I said stopping him, “I never got your name,” I said.

“Oh my name is Elliot, it’s nice to meet you, Noella.” He said, before walking out leaving me in the apartment.

I walked to the closet in the other room, to see some clothes. I slipped them on and hopped on the hard bed that lay. I need to find something to do and get this run-down apartment going.

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