Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts

By:  Arabella Schmidt  Ongoing
Language: English
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Isabella Moretti is known to be the best among the rest. A deadly rose amongst a field of daisies. A strong ripple in calm waters. A killer seeking revenge, finds two allies more than willing to lend her a hand. Will she trust them both? Or will she trust neither?

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12 Chapters
Chapter 1 - A New Beginning
'And she would bow to no one.' ———♤♤♤
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Chapter 2 - Bella Ryan
'She was not fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb.'———♤♤♤
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Chapter 3 - The Vault
'Turn pain into power.'———♤♤♤
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Chapter 4 - Transaction
'Broken girls blossom into warriors.'———♤♤♤
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Chapter 5 - The Panthers
'She remembered who she was and changed the game.'———♤♤♤———It was a sunny weekend, and for Bella, it was a day for her to train inside her own abode. She had no missions to deal with, after all. And so the woman kept herself busy and trained inside her own gym.
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Chapter 6 - A Heist
'Angel face, evil thoughts.'———♤♤♤———Accepting Lucas deal meant that both Jace and Bella were now members of the Panthers: the American Mafia that was lead by the Kingston heir. And though it may seem dumb on Bella's part to accept such offe
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Chapter 7 - River Carson
'Own your own story.'———♤♤♤———River Carson was a boy with many dreams; he had once wished for freedom, though certain instances have swerved his beliefs. He came to realize that his dreams were simply impossible. The
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Chapter 8 - Hacker
"I'll never be that me again."———♤♤♤———After Bailey had stitched up her wound, Bella stood up and sat beside River despite Jace's disagreement. Lucas had gathered his men towards the conference room, Jace following him hesitatingly as Bella offered to follow after she had spoke w
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Chapter 9 - Raven
'Sad birds still sing.'———♤♤♤———Bella had yet again found herself in Lucas' office, though this time she had Jace with her. The mafia leader had called them earlier, saying that he had something to tell the two. Jace yawned from beside her, as they waited for their Lucas to speak
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Chapter 10 - Captured
'Be all in or be nothing at all.'———♤♤♤———Their plan was simple, really: be stealthy, place bombs, and kill. It was a three-step plan for three people. About a hundred people were present in the building, both consisting of guards and people who ma
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