His Girl

His Girl

By:  Leyla Cehangir  Ongoing
Language: English
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Emre had it all. He was rich, powerful and handsome. He was used to winning, in life and in business. He could get any girl he wanted. Anyone but her. The only regret in his life. Sarah. He’d never forgotten her. Even though she’d crushed him when she’d left, he still wanted her. Now a chance encounter had put them both together on his yacht. She might not want anything to do with him but he wasn’t about to let anything get in his way. Not her resistance. Not the past, not any misunderstandings. Not even her boyfriend. She was his girl, wherever she went, whatever she did. He wasn’t going to rest till he got her back, one way or another.

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26 Chapters
1.     Collision
Istanbul was alive, the sun was shining, the weather was almost perfect and for once, I’d had a good night’s sleep. I really wasn’t a morning person, but today’s trip had me excited, enough to get everything ready in time to leave. I couldn’t remember when I’d taken a day off just to relax and enjoy life, to just be.It seemed like centuries since I’d allowed myself to be carefree again…These past few years had changed me, I thought to myself sadly, hardened me; I wasn’t the same easygoing happy kid I used to be. I f I looked inside me now, I wouldn’t be able to find even a shred of the naïve girl who had lived in me before. I decided I didn’t want to ruin my good mood by dwelling on the past, so I focused on what I was taking with me.My backpack was ready and since I’d already marinated the chicken last night, all I had to do was fry it.  I finished off the chicken, did a quick
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2.     Limit
I could see the shock on his face and was perversely satisfied that my face showed no emotion. I’d used my time wisely to hide my expression.Let him be surprised, I thought smugly“Guys” he said and I almost fell down to my knees again at his familiar voice, it scraped me raw.Emre Evans.“The man we’ve all been waiting for” Ashton was saying but I was only partially listening.What were the odds that Ashton’s older brother would turn out to be Emre Evans. Should I have known? Their surname wasn’t common enough.I abruptly remembered an old conversation filtered through old memories…Emre mentioning to me that he had a younger brother, a step-brother when his mother had remarried.Oh God.I was brought back out of my reverie by Eric’s voice introducing me to someone who didn’t need an introduction to know me.He was familiar with me… all pa
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3.     Games
The boat was amazing; a thing of beauty, all white on white and exposed wood. Built on three levels and designed for a superior outdoor lifestyle, the yacht had a gleaming sundeck, bow seating and even a swim deck to launch jet skis.Eric was pretty impressed, calling it a super yacht.I rolled my eyes, he could afford it, I thought.Good for him. I wondered how many other friends he’d hosted here.How many other women…girlfriends…How convenient.I stopped that thought in its tracks. None of my business.We went inside for the full tour, even more ostentatious I thought as we were led into the main saloon, the forward end of the cabin had been turned into a eat in galley complete with bar stools with the rest of the space furnished with comfy looking couches.Ashton told us how there were four staterooms below decks and two cabins for the crew…Damn… just the kind of toy that separated
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4.     Two For One
I got up and went out. I needed to control my unruly body.It felt like it was functioning apart from my mind. After a few minutes of cooling myself down, I took my bag back with me as an excuse.I felt like I was in a spy movie but who was the imposter here?Who was trying to catch whom?To my relief, Eric had come up and taken my place beside Emre and was showing him Pelin’s pictures.I sat down across from them next to Pelin, taking his place, the table in between all that temptation.Phew, I felt weak with relief.I settled back lazily, leaning my body into the cushions and tilting my face back.I needed some sugar in me, I thought. My mind was a mess.Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to get out a chocolate right now? My body was already too hyped up.Was Emre any less than a sugar rush?Emre suddenly ran a hand through his sun streaked hair and I knew I really needed that chocolate.
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5.     Pina Colada
The devil lounged back against the wall watching me with a full blown smile on his face.For the tiniest of seconds, it was as it had been before. I would go up to him and throw my arms around his neck and he’d hold me as if he wasn’t ever going to let go.But then I remembered that nothing was as it had been before. He’d made sure of that.“Feeling hot?” his eyes were laughing at me as if he knew just the effect he was having on me.I didn’t think I could reply in a dignified way so I kept quiet and turned back to the view.“You should put on some sunscreen, you’ll burn” he said from behind me.I wanted to say I was already burning so I said nothing.“C’mon let’s go, I’ll make you a drink? For old time’s sake.” He offered blandly.“I’m sure you’ll poison it or poison Eric’s,” I made a face he couldn’t s
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6.     Unique Flavor
I chanced a look at Emre who was silent and staring at the ocean. He suddenly turned and looked straight at me as if he could feel my gaze. Our eyes clashed as a song began to play and I couldn’t look away. I was like a deer in headlights, like the inadvertent prey caught in the hunter’s eyes. He tilted his head and raised a brow, as if asking me something. He slowly walked towards me and wrapped his hand around mine on my now nearly empty glass.“I’ll get you a new one” He said, still not breaking the stare.I looked down, flexing my hand against his.“No,” I could hardly speak, I felt breathless from his proximity, “There’s still some left.”He gave me a smile suddenly, lifted his hand holding the glass on top of mine and still looking at me, drank the remaining contents of the glass.“That really is a very unique flavor,” he said as he walked away towards the bar with my emp
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7.     Flash Point
 “Emre why?!” I repeated, I wanted to ask him something but I couldn’t remember it.His proximity had obliterated everything else from my brain.“Sarah,” his voice was hoarse.“Emre…” His name sounded like a plea on my lips, only I didn’t know if I wanted him to let me go or come closer to me. My heart was racing so fast I could hear it in my ears, I was sure he must be able to hear it too.“You keep saying my name baby, but I’m right here,” He whispered so close I could feel his breath on my face.I let out a shaky breath and looked up into his grey eyes which seemed darker, they searched mine with an intensity that scorched me.My eyes were drawn down to his lips as if a magnetic force was pulling me toward him. My hand lifted of its own volition and I cupped his rough jaw. Very gently, I touched his wide lower lip with my finger. Flashpoint.No
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8.     Burn Down the Ship
Emre was sitting on the bed when I closed the door of the bathroom behind me.The cabin wasn’t very big and Emre made it seem even smaller. Emre on the bed did strange things to my insides, I could picture him on it, stretched out preferably with no shirt on.I tried to calm down my raging body but when my eyes met his, I could see he was thinking the same thing. It felt like this thing between us was a living breathing entity present in the room.We’d deprived it for too long, we’d left it starving and shackled for too long and now it was so strong it threatened to burn down the ship until it had consumed us.I looked away, speaking to the wall above Emre’s head, “I need a hairbrush”Clearly this was the last thing he was expecting because he looked a bit taken aback.“Why? Your hair looks okay”Yes, okay as if I’d just been ravished by my secret lover in his cabin on a ship okay,
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9.     Full Bodied
“Guys I’m hungry. What’s for lunch?” he said“Yea, I’m hungry too” Zayn chimed in, “I heard someone brought over fried chicken,” his gaze was on me. Ashton put both his hands on my shoulders behind me, “Sarah’s food is magic!”“Oh, c’mon Ashton…” I groaned, embarrassed. He’d had some of my cooking before.I didn’t think I was any special than an average home cook.Eric nodded his head in agreement, “She’s good, wait till you guys try it”Pelin made a face, “fried food is very un-healthy”“Not when it’s this good, Pelin sweetheart,” Zayn tilted his head at her mockingly.Emre looked at me, his eyes strange. There was a challenge in them.“She does make good food,” he put in.I couldn’t say anything.I could just look at Emre&rsquo
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10.     Spicy
We had all gathered in the galley to have lunch. Ashton and I were sitting on the counter behind the others who were sitting on stools; we had our plates in our hands.Emre hadn’t eaten with us at all; he’d gone to see to some business with his captain. I didn’t even know there was a captain.Eric had saved me a seat beside him but Pelin had insisted that she just couldn’t stand to sit on the counter and eat. She’d looked at me and asked me if it was okay if she took the seat.I’d nodded at her and put a hand on Eric’s shoulder assuring him it was okay.If I started fighting petty behavior with the same, we’d both be on the table pulling each other’s hair out.  I was fine sitting behind with Ashton, I didn’t like to be in the spotlight and most of the time, I wasn’t even part of their conversation. I didn’t know them well enough to be a central part of their friendship so
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