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The ruthless mafia, the heir of the mafia family with dozens of hidden secrets behind a sassy smile and bleak obsession is a passionate model himself. His name is Alan Richards. He is highly educated and the most powerful who runs a production house and a modelling agency at the age twenty three. He is still the most popular model. The handsome man who walks proudly amongst the lovable crowd has a sharp obsession to gain whatever he wants but little did he understood that he was not capable of gaining the mob's love when it comes to entertainment industry. Miss Eva Green took over the top position amongst the great models and Alan takes the second position suddenly after a popular shoot of Eva. Alan who couldn't bear the position switch decided to destroy Eva. He manipulates her, threatens her and finally put her in a position when she had no choice but to kneel down in front of Alan. Alan, the merciless man who was now covered with sin was addicted to Eva's warmth. He was obsessed with her smooth hands around him and craves for her love. Alan is hesitant to let her go but somewhere deep inside him, he was aware that letting go was better for her..... Read the story to know whether he pushes her away or keeps her forever.

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53 Chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
Under the dark clouds with thundering night and a bit of drizzling stood a huge amount of men laoding ships beside the sea. Not even a single light was switched on as that may gather the attention of police. The sea waves were violent and it was difficult for the workers to load trunks full of drugs into the ship.A man ran towards a black car stood at the corner which was monitoring the work at the ship. He knocked twice on the window behind which was where the big boss might be seating but that window didn't slide down. Instead, the window at the front slid down,"what is it?", the assisstant named David said."sir, I don't think that the sail can be possible with this storm", the man getting wet in the rain said huffing.David turned around to look at Alan who was seated calmly at the back seat staring the huge ship and the roaring waves with a full moon arrogantly running the waves. He knew that the storm was pretty unbearable but he couldn't shift the drugs anywhere in this rain
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Chapter 2: Eva Green
Alan stood up at once. the only thing he was proud of in his life was his passion of being that top model that everybody wants and now when he saw his name in the second place, he clenched his fists in rage. The rage was so steamy that his nails tore down his flesh making his palm bleed out of his closed fist.Alan walked near the bar and grabbed a whiskey in his hand and walked out of the room staring at his phone. He opened the link to Eva's photoshoot. Watch Alan rush out thumping his feet angrily on the ground scared David. He immediately asked the driver to switch on and opened the car door for Damon."Eva Green", I want her complete information now.Alan said as he sat in and scrolled through her photoshoots. He zoomed over every part of her body again an again. He went through her biking photoshoots zooming over her deep dark cleavage and the area between her legs covered by a tiny piece of cloth."She is naturally beautiful", Alan said still scrolling.He was angry but what wa
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Chapter 3: Rejected
It was an off day for Eva and after some rigorous shoot, she preferred being on the bed as she was highly tired. Eva lives alone in a small apartment. She had no one in her family and she preferred beinga free soul. She is a kind hearted woman who keep on working for the welfare of people through different government organization.Eva is beautiful, a fair skinned woman with long black hairs who have just completed her degree and she didn't even have to look for a job because she entered the modelling industry without any referance. She was sleeping on her bed she had recently bought with the money she reaned through modelling.That was a pretty comfortable bed and she was not interested in getting up at all. She was up moving around on the bed resisting to get on her feet when she heard the bell ring. She immediately popped her head out of the blanket, confused and looked up."who could it be?", she said in the air.She lives alone and people rarely come to her house. Also no one sho
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Chapter 4: Shoot Collapse
Alan directly went to sleep after that as he didn't had much sleep last night. Also, he had a shoot in the evening. It was going to be a late night shoot in the dark for some adverstisement so Alan needed sleep so that he looks fresh. After a good sleep, in the evening Alan went for the shoot. It was with a female lead and it was going to be a romantic advertisement. Alan was not interested in exaggerating and wanted to finish off the add soon so that he can get back to his dark underworld business deals.Alan and David reached there on time and David rushed to open the door for Alan. The crowd was filled with girls screaming to get a look of Alan. The moment the door opened, Alan stepped out his one foot forcing the crowd to scream their lungs out. Like a prince, Alan walked out wearing black shiny shoes and a black blazer over his informal black jean and white T shirt.Alan is popularly known for his style. His hair ounced as he walked like the prince of all hearts. People all ar
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Chapter 5: Need
David rushed behind Alan as he stormed into the dressing room. David though knew what was coming for him with the attitude that Alan has just portrayed but he had to make sure that Alan doesn't do anything stupid further.David came rushing and when he entered the dressing room, he was heavily breathing while Alan looked himself in the mirror shirtless. His muscular body was flaunting itself as he angrily looked at himself into the mirror. Alan's broad chest with his ehavy small nippes and heavy six abs was moving like crazy with every pounding breath he inhaled.Alan closed his eyes in despair when David added fuel to the fire,"boss...?", he said justr one word and Alan lost it."I told you in teh morning itself that I want her, why isn't she mine yet?", Alan asked.David nodded and said,"mine sir...? You want to make her yours or is it just for one night?", david questioned.His question though sounded casual but it was more like a piercing in Alan's brain as he was not able to f
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Chapter 6: Fame
Under the twinkling stars on the open ground with the beauty of whiet tents and a wedding venue was how the themed fashion show was decorated. It was a perfect venue and not in the closed room. The models were supposed to walk on the white carpet all on the green grass and find their ways on the narrow, thick and even some pebbled ground.The place was getting crowded while Alan and david were in the car getting nearer to the venue."sir, i still dont think that going there is a nice idea because it is not a place of your kind", David said.Alan remained silent so David said again,"you are the main model and the CEO of the biggest fashion agency. That place is not even in the top ranks", David said."I just want to see her", Alan made his statement.David couldn't help but preffered being silent.On the other hand, in the dressing room where Eva was getting ready for the walk, she was wearing a blue coloured gown with a huge cut towards her left leg flaunting het smoothe skin. Her ha
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Chapter 7: Hungover
"Hey Jessie, my head seems to be spinning", Eva screamed amongst the loud music of the club as she danced wildly over some unknown beats holdinga bottle of whiskey in her hand.Jessie, her hairstylist who herself was drunk so much that she might puke anytime was lying half dead on teh chair with her head hunging on the wet table of spilled whiskey as she kept murmuring the song. Jessie was completely wasted. the other models and the crew of teh modeling agency were all dancing, having sex somewhere or wasted like Jessie.Eva who had no idea what in the world she was doing started walking outside because she wanted to sleep with that spinning head. Amongst the loud music, following the rythm of beats and Eva's extreme hungover she swinged from right, then left as she started walking outside.On her way back, she hit several men who were drinking too. They were excited after watching a young girl finding her way outside. the men nodded after they exchanged look over the deal of the gi
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Chapter 8: Steamed
Alan POVI was now over her, I could breathe her scent and feel her warm breaths on my face. She was so close just like before as if the time stopped and all I could focus was on how beautiful she was. I can smell alcohol from her mouth while her scent mixed up the fragrance.I know that she is beautiful even under the glittering makeup of hers. Her features are damn sharp. She had a sharp nose, her eyes blacka nd twinkling with that hungover, she have long natural eye lashes with a round face jawline. I love how she is. there is a bit of gap between her teeth but that only makes her more attractive.I dont know what I am thinking at the moment but she is a perfection. The two thin hair strands on her face were blocking my vuew but I was in no mood to move as I could feel her arms around my neck with her palm digging in my hair testing my ultimate patience.I was in a very wierd position, My two legs were on the ground while my upper body was twisted lying over her, however I still am
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Chapter 9: Regret
Eva woke up the next morning with a terrible pain in her back. She was not even able to wake up when she suddenly realized that she was completely naked. She looked around and there was no one, no one sleeping beside her but with that pain in her abdominal region she could interpret what exactly has gotten wrong.With that pain, she got up in shock and thought about it and the more she stressed herself, the more her mouth opened wide. It was so painful and shocking that her brain was numb."I had sex with Alan", Eva screamed on top of her voice.Hearing her Alan rushed back into the room. Eva's eyes were bulged open in shock, her mouth open and both her hands on her ears regretting her moves. However, what Alan saw was different. He noticed a naked woman wearing nothing have her sheets uncovered.He saw her plumpy boobs filled with bruises and red marks hanging in air. He realised that he had bit her almost at every inch of her body. He was completely focused on her naked body ignorin
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Chapter 10: Possession
Alan had work to do back in his country. Now that he have had Eva, he had already had her taste, teh obsession for her had faded. However, Alan wanted to test his dominating skills over Eva after all he has asked her to come and stay with him."Eve, I will be back in two hours. i think you should join me", Alan said.He started the conversation in a polite way so that he can know what Eva actually thinks."yes sure, I'll start packing", Eva said without a hinge of hestitation."after all, I have to move in already", Eva completed.Alan nodded and asked David to take Eva wherever she wants so that she can packup her stuff and get back to the plane. Alan then walked out of the room with an arrogabt victorious smile. The devil in him was screaming with the nude photos in his phone that can destroy Eva in milliseconds but Alan wanted to use her as far as he can.Alan noticed Eva when she got in his private plane. A woman with glitter in her eyes who almost jumped to get to her favorite pl
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