Chapter 14

Two males, one female. The air of hostility surrounding them, was suffocating. They were here to fight, circling all his ways of escape. Female center, the two males angling towards the edges of the porch. All three were grey, with the same distinct black markings on their muzzles. Siblings, no less.  

Galen centered his concentration as the female shifted into her human form, his muscles tense with the urgency to shift. He could feel his incisors lengthening and his spinal cord straining against his flesh. His every instinct was to attack, before being attacked. 

The girl before him now, couldn't have been more than twenty. She observed him at an angle, in a crouching position, ready to shift if need be. Her body was covered in tattoos, or as Gustav would have said, her tramp stamps, Galen reflected grimly. 

"What do you want?"Galen asked, his gaze darting towards the snarling wolves on either side of him. They were

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