Reading Mr. Reed

Reading Mr. Reed

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When Lacy tries to break of her forced engagement things take a treacherous turn for the worst. Things seemed to not be going as planned until a mysterious stranger swoops in to save the day. That stranger soon becomes more to her but how will their relationship work when her fiance proves to be a nuisance? *****Dylan Reed only has one interest: finding the little girl that shared the same foster home as him so that he could protect her from all the vicious wrongs of the world. He gets temporarily side tracked when he meets Lacy Black. She becomes a damsel in distress when she tries to break off her arranged marriage with a man named Brian Larson and Dylan swoops in to save her. After Lacy and Dylan's first encounter, their lives spiral out of control and the only way to get through it is together but will Dylan allow himself to love instead of giving Lacy mixed signals and will Lacy be able to follow her heart, effectively Reading Mr. Reed?Book One (The Mister Trilogy)

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First Author's Note
Copyright©2019 anonymousgirl1206All copy rights of READING MR. REED belong to the author. There will be no copying or rewriting of this book. All places mentioned in this book are also purely fictional and that goes for the characters as well.Don't be afraid to comment your thoughts and feelings of the book and please vote. I'm really sorry that the first chapter is so short and has so many parts but from the second chapter onwards the length increases and the chapters flow steadily so please keep reading. This book is unedited so if there are any spelling errors or typos please bring it up in the comments and I will definitely correct it to enhance your reading experience.This book is part of 'THE MISTER TRILOGY' with this being the first book. The order of the books are as follows:• Reading Mr. Reed• Owning Mr. Churchill • Breaking Mr. BlackI hope you enjoy the book lovelies.
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01| Baby B
DYLAN"Baby B, this is for you," I told the little six year old as I handed her a stuffed baby bop toy.Baby B was the little girl I stayed with at the foster home the state dumped me in at the age of twelve. The day I turned eighteen I had to leave her all alone with those fucked up monsters. She was a pale skinned six year old with rosy cheeks. She missed two front teeth and every time she smiled she showed off her dimples that were indented in her cheeks. Her eyes, pure blue and sad. Sad from losing both her parents and now sad from losing me. I called her Baby B because she loved Baby Bop from Barney. I always found those dinosaurs the most creepiest shit I'd ever seen but if it made her happy then it made me happy. "Big brother, promise me you will visit," Baby B asked as a tear escaped her innocent eyes.
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02| Male Tramp
LACY "It's over, Brian," I gritted through clenched teeth, trying to use an inside voice.I had asked him to meet me here, in the park, because I didn't want us to blow out into a full blown argument about this. I figured a public place would prevent him from acting like a fully fledged psychopath."The fuck it is, Lacy," he yelled so loud that I jumped back in shock. My back collided with the hard, scaly bark of a tree, "This is over when I say it's over!"I swallowed the bile rising in my throat and mustered every bit of self confidence that I had before I said, "Oh, so I'm supposed to marry you even though you're out here being a male tramp!" My posture straightened as a sudden boost of courage and adrenaline coursed through my veins. I might be a woman but that didn't make me weak.Hell no!I stared Brian down until, to me, he seemed like a little
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03| Dingle Bats
LACYI scanned the small room. A double bed sat in the middle of the room with an oak headboard and pedestals. The bed was dressed neatly with a black and gold duvet but no throw pillows. He had floor to ceiling built in cupboards and even those were black with gold trimming. Dark black curtains hung over the windows stopping the harsh rays of the sun from protruding in. The floor boards were shinned till it could show someone's reflection but even those too were black.Was everything in this dark stranger's life black? He had a picture frame on the left hand side pedestal. I propped myself up on my elbows and analysed the picture.It was him, in his black attire, with a girl. A small girl around the age of five or six. He was carrying her on his back. The girl missed two front teeth which made her smile the most angelic thing I had ever seen, paired with the deep dimples on her
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04| Jack Shit
DYLANI rubbed my eyes furiously with one hand. My other hand seemed to be weighted down by something or maybe that part of my body hadn't woken up yet.I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. White curtains hung from ceiling to floor draping over an extremely long window. The ceiling above the bed was black with silver stars decorating it, giving it the appearance of a cloudless night's sky. The comforter I was under was white with purple butterflies and pink flowers.And then I looked to the side and saw what weighted my hand down.There slept a beautiful, crimson haired beauty with her voluptuous breasts pressing against my body.I must have fucked her last night. Why else would I be naked in her bed? But I did't remember jack shit about what happened.Ever since she left the apartment she was all I could think about.
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05| Virgin Mary
LACY"Hopeless! This is hopeless!" I whined, attempting to fit into one of the many dresses Macy owned. I hadn't been home since the day I called the engagement off. I've been trying to ignore my mother's phone calls and messages but she made it so difficult."Squeeze your fat ass into something!" Macy demanded as she fought the zipper of the dress, struggling to close it, "Who asked you to be so curvy? Damn you, woman!"Macy was as thin as a stick. If the wind blew strong enough I could have probably tied a string to her and flown her as a kite. However, her beauty made her fit to be a supermodel. She never thought she would meet the grade, her self confidence lacked in that way but I could see what she couldn't. I could see the beautiful, strong woman she had become over the years. "You think anyone in church would notice if I only zipped the dress halfway up?" She backed awa
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06| Goodnight Beautiful
LACYLucifer's eyes raked my body, taking in my ghastly appearance. I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of the shop's windows earlier. My mascara was smudged in black lines running down my face and my eye-shadow smudged into one big black ring around my eyes. My short hair that never seemed to be in a disarray somehow decided it would be appealing to stand on its ends. The dress I wore still looked presentable while my bare feet looked far from it.His eyes stopped at my bare feet and an arrogant smirk played on the rigid features of his face. He held his hand out holding a rectangular box wrapped in gift wrap.Unless he was stalking me, there was no way of him to know that my birthday was only a few days from now. I skeptically took the box from his hands and inspected it. The wrapping was neatly done with only a few pieces of tape used and Lucifer didn't look like the patient type to sit and w
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07| Red Bottoms
LACYI stood at the main entrance of the huge ballroom that was located in the left wing of the massive house owned by my parents. My date was cutely dressed in a navy blue suit, with a white dress shirt. He accompanied it with a red bow tie and pocket square to match and white chucks. I smiled looking down and the combination. It might have sounded off but it looked very, very dashing in my eyes.Sean, my eight year old brother, took my hand in his and showed off his pearly whites with the most adorable, innocent smile.Dean, Sean's twin, stood with Macy. From the moment my twin brothers could walk, Macy and I always made them accompany us as our dates to our so called 'birthday parties'. They, being the spawn of satan himself, always did it for a price.I did say that they were con artists!Dean wore a full black tux with a classic white dress shirt and
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08| Breathe Gorgeous
DYLANI placed her onto the bed. I didn't want to pull away from her but I had to. I had to lock my bedroom door. Conner and I agreed that we wouldn't bring any women back here but I brought her here twice now. To me, she was worth breaking every rule in the book for.I couldn't describe the feeling I got when I was near her. Just a simple touch of her soft, delicate skin sent waves of electricity through my body.The moment I closed and locked the door, I turned around and took in the sight of her on my bed. She looked so fucking fuckable in that dress she wore. She showed so much of her bare, tantalizing skin. I wanted to kiss her everywhere, to worship her entire body.I walked over to her, her gaze glued to mine.  Hovering over her, I let my eyes slowly travel her body. I wanted to rip that dress right off her and God knows I could.Instead, I just buried
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09| Dark Humor
LACY"You're a piece of shit, you know that?" Macy said as she straddled me on the bed, pinning me down. She was thin but she was also strong. She didn't have a black belt in karate for no reason. Her hands and feet could literally be classified as lethal weapons."Could you get off me?""No! Not until you tell me about mister tall, dark and mysterious.""There's nothing to tell Mace," I groaned, trying to wiggle out of her hold."Sure there isn't. You stayed the night there and didn't tell anyone.""Because I didn't have a phone.""That's no excuse, Lacy Black! Anyway, tell me what you both did! PLEASE!" she prolonged the please and fluttered her puppy dog eyes at me."Nothing special. We slept," I began, "But I took the bed and he took the floor.""I don't believe you.""Well, that's wha
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